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Definition of Face There is so much contradictory testimony with reference to this term that the entire subject has been ignored by many modern authorities.

(1) As employed by Ptolemy, a planet in a House that is distant counter-clockwise from the Moon, or clockwise from the Sun by the same number of Houses as the Sign, is in its Face. This means that Mercury is in its Face when in a House preceding that of the Moon, or following that of the Sun; Venus, when two Houses preceding or following; Mars, three Houses; Jupiter, four Houses; or Saturn, five Houses - duplicating in Houses from the actual Sun and Moon positions, the scheme of Sign-Rulership from Cancer and Leo, around to Capricorn and Aquarius.

(2) James Wilson gives a series of 10 Faces which are merely the scheme of Decanates with their Rulers according to one of the ancient Systems. Since this is only a distinction of terms without a difference in meaning, the employment of the term Face in this sense is confusing and unnecessary.

(3) Alan Leo defines a Face as one of a series of 5 subdivisions of a Sign. His fondness for symbolism is reflected in the interpretations which he applies to those who have a rising Degree in each of the 72 arcs in this series of what might better be called demi-Decans. v. Signs, Subdivisions of.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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Face · Astrological definition of Face · Astrology Encyclopedia