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Eleveation by House Position

Eleveation by House Position - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Eleveation by House Position That one of the Ascending planets which is nearest to the cusp of the Tenth House, the Midheaven or highest point in the map, is said to be elevated above the others. Loosely applied to any planet that occupies a position above the horizon in a geocentric chart. Elevation is one of the Accidental Dignities. (v. Dignities.) A malefic in elevation above the luminaries, especially if in the Midheaven, indicates much adversity - unless mitigated by strong and favoring aspects. If the malefic is anareta, it presages a violent death; if it be elevated above a benefic, the benefic will be powerless to prevent; but if the reverse, the benefic will moderate the anaretic tendency. If either of the luminaries is elevated above the malefics, their power to harm will be greatly lessened.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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