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Converse Directions

Converse Directions - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Converse Directions Those computed opposite to the order of the Signs. Some authorities appear to question the validity of Converse Directions. It is true that in a birth Figure aspects are deemed to be formed only by a faster moving planet to a slower moving; but this does not apply to Directions in which the directed planet aspects all natal planets. If there is any validity in either Directions or Progressions the probability is that they are based upon a moving Ascendant which carries with it the entire Figure. In that event it would make no difference which one of two planets is directed to the other; for whether the one moves forward or the other moves backward, a contact between these two planets will result in either case, and which one is deemed to be the birth planet and which the directed planet is of relatively minor consequence. Since transits are the actual rather than theoretical or symbolic motions of the body of the planets in the order of the Signs, forming aspects to the birth places of planets - their own as well as those of other planets - there can be no such thing as Converse Transits.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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