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Definition of Ascendant The degree of the Zodiac which appeared on the eastern horizon at the moment for which a Figure is to be cast. It is often loosely applied to the whole of the Rising Sign and to the entire First House as well as specifically to the exact degree on the horizon. With reference to a Birth Figure it signifies properly the east point of the same, placed at the left thereof (v. Map of the Heavens); hence the Sign and the degree thereof are distinguished as the Rising Sign (q.v.) and the Rising Degree. A planet between the lower meridian and the eastern horizon is ascending by virtue of the Earth's rotation, but it does not arrive at the Ascendant until it reaches the last degree of the nocturnal semi-arc.

Old authority speaks of the Ascendant as the Horoscope, and of all planets in the eastern segment of the Figure as Ascendant planets since all are actually rising, but in course of time this term has become obsolete. Only those planets that are within orbs of a conjunction with the Rising Degree, or that are in the First House, are said to be in the Ascendant. Some authorities deem that a planet in the last 12 degrees of the Twelfth House should be interpreted as a First House planet.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)

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