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Books published in December 2007

Here is a list of the newest astrology books to be published. Be among the first to read them and expand your knowledge!

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Darkside Zodiac in Love

Who you should flirt with, who you should marry, and who you should avoid!

Stella Hyde urges readers to take no notice of any of those cozy compatibility charts found in magazines. No one is actually compatible with anyone else; we just all get swept away by lust or, deafened by the thrash-metal tick of the biological clock, shut down all critical facilities.

Part 1 of Darkside Zodiac in Love is "I'm Your Venus," which is all about the planet of L.O.V.E. and Libra and Taurus--the signs it rules directly--and the havoc they can play in our lives. Part 2 shows how love hurts all the way around the zodiac. It identifies the cheaters, describes how members of each sign conduct themselves on dates and perform in bed, and provides compatibility charts and blind-date guides.

Darkside Zodiac in Love will help readers take a cold, hard look at all the shabby tricks, manipulations, lies, and cruel intentions each sun sign tries to hide. It won't mend a broken heart, but it will tell readers who they are compatible with and who is likely to murder them in their sleep! It also tells readers what conniving, two-timing, icy-hearted little love rats they really are, but then nothing comes for free, does it?!

* Snarky, snarky--we all take love too seriously and astrology not seriously enough.

About the Author: Stella Hyde is the author of Darkside Zodiac, Darkside Zodiac at Work, and Snarling Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and has always felt that zodiac groupies get off too lightly. She thinks everyone should confront their evil twin. Hyde is a grudge-bearing Cancer who resides in England.

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The Spiritual Hierarchies And the Physical World: Zodiac, Planets & Cosmos (Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner)

What's new in Astrology?