Under the (Emotional) Influence

April 30th, 2019


Every one of us has an emotional side, and astrologically, this is seen through our natal Moon, the natural ruler of our emotional selves. But some of us can be much more emotional than others, and this is usually thanks to strong water influence in the natal chart. The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, and the more you’ve got them in your natal chart, the stronger your emotions can be. You may also find this to be the case with many planets in the houses these signs naturally rule (the 4th, 8th, or 12th houses), or with a prominent natal Moon (ruler of Cancer), natal Pluto (ruler of Scorpio), or natal Neptune (ruler of Pisces).


When you have a lot of water influence, your emotions can get the better of you at times, and it can happen in a hurry. You can grow emotional over little things, big things, and anything in between. Sometimes, you may try to hide it (especially with Scorpio or 12th house influence), but it can often be difficult to do, and just makes you even more emotional.


We’re often told that we shouldn’t cry, or get upset, or to calm down the hysterics when we’re growing up, and we easily fall into the trap of thinking that our emotions are a bad thing. But when you have a lot of water influence, your emotions can be a source of power for you. This isn’t necessarily something you need to reject. The better thing to do is to embrace the energy as a part of who you are and use it to your advantage. But the negativity that you encounter due to your emotions growing up can often act to create blocks that prevent you from doing that.


Water signs are highly sensitive, and wounds can have a longer-lasting and deeper impact because of that. It’s very easy to be a wounded water sign, and some may use that as an excuse to not have to deal with life and their emotional selves. That ain’t gonna work! It’s important to focus on those wounds, and to work through them to heal and grow. Healing can be a powerful thing when you have a strong water influence, and it can turn your emotions into your arsenal.


The fire signs are often seen as the active ones full of energy and drive, but you can use your emotions to energize you and drive you too. Your feelings inspire you, push you, provoke you, spurn you on. This can be a great asset if you can learn to work with it, not reject it, and channel it in positive ways instead of letting it run your life or run all over you.


Your emotions don’t need to be a shameful thing. A feeling, in and of itself, is neutral, natural, and only made positive or negative by what we do with it. If you’re a strong water god/goddess, take those feelings and show the world the magic can come from them.

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