The Anaretic Degree in the Progressed Chart

August 18th, 2016


The anaretic degree is 29 degrees of any sign, the very last degree of the sign, and it’s a point of crisis energy. In the natal chart, it can show areas where you may struggle with issues that need to be worked through. In the progressed chart, when a progressed planet or house cusp are is at the anaretic degree, this means that the progressed planet or house cusp is getting ready to enter a new sign. This is often a period that is very important for you, and the time while the progressed planet or house cusp is anaretic can feel like you’re frantically trying to tie up loose ends, get things finished, or get things started “before it’s too late.” You can feel this push to do things because you can feel like you’re running out of time. That makes the period when your progressed planet or house cusp is at the anaretic degree one that is usually high energy and full of activity.

Because of the nature of the energy, you have to be careful that you don’t rush into something without thinking it through first and doing your homework beforehand. You can get yourself into a mess when you act impulsively, and that crisis energy kicks in and you create chaos. For some, the chaos may actually be necessary though, as it helps to stir you, awaken you, and force you to make the changes that need to be made when the progressed planet or house cusp enters the new sign. You’re embarking on a new journey with that planet or house cusp, and a purging is often necessary, however you come about it.

You can be much more emotional and stressed out during the period when your progressed planet or house cusp is anaretic. You can look back and reflect upon the period that is now coming to a close, and it can be an emotional experience. You may not feel like you’re ready to move on, like it’s being pushed on you, and you may want to fight it, but that doesn’t work out so well. Try to embrace it as much as you can.

Focus on what the planet or house cusp rules and the sign it’s anaretic in, and with the progressed planet, the houses in the natal chart and in the progressed chart the planet is in (though the focus of the energy tends to be more on the sign than the house location of the progressed planet). If you have any natal planets or house cusps at the anaretic degree, they can also be stimulated by the progressed planet or house cusp at the anaretic degree, and the progressed anaretic placement can help to push you to work on the natal anaretic placement.

For reference, the progressed Moon is anaretic for about one month; progressed Mercury, for less than a year; the progressed Sun and Venus, for about one year; and progressed Mars for about two years. If the outer planets are at the anaretic degree in the progressed chart, this can last for many years, so they may not trigger as much as the personal planets. The progressed house cusps are anaretic for about one year, and you’ll have two house cusps anaretic at the same time (since each house cusp has an exact opposite house cusp).

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