Soul Connections in Synastry

September 8th, 2017


Sometimes, you meet someone, and it feels like you’ve known them before even though you just met. Sometimes, you’re with someone, and you swear there’s baggage between you that you did not develop in this lifetime. Sometimes, it feels like the person in your life is here for a reason. You can see much of this astrologically by looking at your lunar nodes, Neptune, and asteroid Chiron.

The lunar nodes are the points in the Moon’s orbit where the Moon crosses the ecliptic, and there are two of them in opposing locations, a North Node and a South Node. The lunar nodes are karmic and spiritual in nature, with the North Node representing what you should grow into, and the South Node representing what you come into this life with. When you encounter someone who has something in their natal chart conjunct your South Node (usually a personal planet – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars – or an angular house cusp), this can bring a strong feeling of familiarity, and it seems like you’ve known each other forever. There’s some belief that you actually did, and are carrying with you the knowledge of your time together in your past lives. That also comes with the baggage you accrued together in your past loves though, so you can come together with comfort and familiarity, but also have to deal with the issues your created together in the past. This can be difficult to overcome, and requires a lot of effort on the part of each of you. Often, this kind of connection can be for a reason, but may not be one that lasts a lifetime.

When someone has something in their natal chart conjunct your North Node, there can be a strong connection but it’s unfamiliar and therefore scary. We can be tentative and hesitant when we encounter someone who falls on our North Node. This is because we haven’t developed our North Node energy yet, so the person is challenging us to go into the unknown. These connections lack the baggage of the South Node connection, and can be for a reason, but have a better chance of lasting a lifetime since this is energy we’re supposed to have in this life if we don’t run from it.

Neptune rules spirituality and soul connections, so we can often feel a soul link to someone who has something conjunct our Neptune. The problem with Neptune is that we tend to not be realistic, seeing people as we want to see them or expecting something of them that isn’t possible and setting ourselves up for disappointment. When you have this kind of spiritual connection, you need to work on being more realistic so the pairing isn’t doomed to fail. This connection does offer perhaps the greatest potential for a real soulful exchange though.

Chiron is an asteroid called the “wounded healer” who can sometimes create a soul connection in synastry as well. Chiron rules our greatest wounds, and when someone has something that conjuncts our Chiron, this is stimulated. It can dredge up all sorts of issues from the past, but also stimulate healing energy to help us heal and grow. This connection offers the biggest opportunity for the partnership to help you move on from issues of the past and heal the wounds that have held you back, but sometimes, this connection is only for the reason of helping you heal, and you move on once you have.

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