Being Neptunian

October 2nd, 2017

Jacob_Jordaens_-_Neptune_Creating_the_Horse,_1645You may be Neptunian if you have a strong natal Neptune. This may be the case if your natal Neptune is the most or least aspected planet in your natal chart, is a singleton, the apex planet of a t-square, is at a critical or anaretic degree, if conjunct your natal Sun, Moon, or angular house cusp, or is in the 1st house. You may also experience being Neptunian if you have lots of planets in Pisces or the 12th house, the sign and house naturally ruled by Neptune.

Strong Neptune in the natal chart can make you someone who is very sensitive, sweet, kind, and caring. You handle people with a gentle touch, and want to be there for anyone in need and everyone you care for. You can be incredibly compassionate, and when someone is hurting, you hurt too. Your empathy cannot be rivaled, and you can pick up on what other people are feeling quite easily, absorbing them as if they are your own. If you could, you’d absorb all of the bad in the world to save everyone. Your intuition can be very strong as well, and you can be in tune with the subtle vibrations of the Universe. You can channel your delicate emotions and energy sensitivity into the arts and creativity, and your imagination can be quite active.

The downside of being Neptunian is you can have difficulty with reality. You feel so strongly, so powerfully, that you often need to find some sort of escape. For some, this can be in your imagination, and you can get lost in your head, dreaming up worlds that lack any kind of grounding. For others, this can be through risky behaviors, and you can use them to distract from what you’re feeling.

It’s important for you to find a healthy outlet for escape when you have a strong Neptune. The arts and creative ventures can often be the vehicles you need for that, and Neptune can help you create incredible beauty. Neptune is ruler of spirituality, so it’s also important for you to forge a strong connection to your soul, to the vibrations around you, and to get control over this rather than letting it control you and throwing you this way and that. When you feel buoyed and grounded in your soul, you can feel less of a need to escape. You can be less overwhelmed by emotion, and more secure.

Insecurity can often plague those of you with a strong Neptune, so you have to work on the cause of that. You can get really down about yourself, beating yourself up constantly, and you’ll keep all of your pain and anguish to yourself, not wanting to burden anyone else, or you can open up to the wrong person, subconsciously wanting someone to tear into you. You have to work on improving your confidence and finding your self-worth.

When you can work through the difficulties of Neptune, you can be a powerful Neptunain force, someone with deep empathy and understanding, charismatic and buoyant, and a beautiful mystic.

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  1. David Adam on October 16, 2017 5:46 pm

    Hi Nic..To begin..HOW do I request a Natal/Progressed/transit reading done by you and Not a program on software …? Now;Mercury@ 3+°♎,Sun 5::30+°♎, Neptune 6+°♎and Jupiter 7+°♎…a “Combust”situation….Mercury on one side of Sun and Neptune on the other”expanded”by it’s proximity to Jupiter… I keep the basics of in my head so I can follow my transits more regularly and,with more pertinence..?

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