Being Martian

January 25th, 2018

375px-Ares_Ludovisi_Altemps_Inv8602_n2When you have a strong natal Mars, you may seem a Martian (no, not like an alien!). You may have a strong natal Mars if your natal Mars is the apex planet of a t-square, a singleton, the most or least aspected planet, at a critical or anaretic degree, conjunct your Sun, Moon, or an angular house cusps, or in the 1st house. You may also feel Martian with lots of planets in Aries or the 1st house, the sign and house Mars naturally rules.


Strong Mars in the natal chart can give you some impressive energy and drive. When you want to do something, you jump right ahead and do it! What’s the point in doing tomorrow what you can do today, or doing in an hour what you can do this minute? You can take the reins of life, and move forward with enthusiasm and zeal. You can pursue new beginnings with excitement, and rush to get started. While most people are scared of beginnings, they’re your favorite part. You can also be assertive and take the lead, and don’t want anyone to walk all over you or lead you down the wrong road. You trust your own instincts to guide you, and you’re the creator of your own life.


The downside of a strong natal Mars is you may be overly impulsive, impatient, and rash. It’s great for you to not be afraid of starting something or of taking initiative, but if you jump into everything you do without thinking first, doing some homework or research, you may be jumping into something you don’t really care for, aren’t prepared for, or isn’t what you think it is. This can cause you to start a lot, but not follow through on much, and rarely see anything finished. It’s important for you to take some time before rushing into anything to prepare. This can prevent you from getting into something you don’t want.


Mars is ruler of energy, so he also rules anger, frustration, and arguments, so being Martian can make you someone who is quick to get into a fight, to join other people’s arguments, or to become angered. The good thing is, you usually don’t stay angry for very long, and fights can be pretty quick, and you move on without holding much of a grudge. The problem is, that’s not the case for everyone else you’re getting into fights with and getting angry with, so you need to be more considerate before you get into it with someone. Sometimes it can seem like you do it for fun or sport, but you’re playing with people when you do that, and that’s not very nice, and makes more enemies than you need.


Once you can manage the Mars difficulties, you can be someone who is a great leader and pioneer, who takes action when others balk and who creates the life you want on your own terms. You can light the way for others, and assert your own power.

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