Asteroid Juno in the Signs

December 10th, 2016


There are many asteroids (thousands of them!), and asteroid Juno is considered one of the more important ones. Juno is often associated with relationships, ruling commitment in a relationship, the wife in general (your wife – if you want to be/are married to a woman, or being the wife – if you’re a married woman), and the kind of partner you need. Juno is similar to Venus.

Juno in Aries:
You either want to have independence in a relationship or attract someone who does. You may want to have an active relationship, which can make it exciting and adventurous, or chaotic and angry.

Juno in Taurus:
You either want to have a stable and secure partner, or are the stable and secure one in a relationship. Sensuality, loyalty, and affection can be important for you. Watch for you or your partner acting as possessive, jealous types.

Juno in Gemini:
You either want to have a partner who stimulates your mind, or you’re the one with a mental approach to relationships. Variety may be important in a relationship. Open communication must be achieved or you can be anxious.

Juno in Cancer:
You either act as a nurturing, mothering force in the relationship, or attract someone who does. An emotional connection and understanding can be critical for you. If you don’t feel supported, you can be emotionally difficult.

Juno in Leo:
You either bring the romance or attract a romantic partner. One of you may want all of the attention, but can also be very generous. One of you is likely going to be very showy, and you can attract a lot of attention in a relationship.

Juno in Virgo:
You either are a perfectionist about relationships or attract someone who is. You can challenge each other to be better, but you need to not expect so much and set yourselves up for failure. You can work well with a partner.

Juno in Libra:
You either want someone who is attractive and charming, or you don’t want anyone at all. You crave complete equality in relationships with someone who will share all responsibilities equally with you. Watch for feeling unbalanced if things aren’t going well in a relationship.

Juno in Scorpio:
You either are very passionate or want someone who is. You can have intense relationships, and need to watch out for obsessive, controlling behavior by you or your partner. Loyalty can be very important to helping you or your partner feel secure.

Juno in Sagittarius:
You either want freedom in a relationship or attract someone who does. This might make real commitment difficult to have at times, and a balance must be struck. You may want someone of a different background from your own.

Juno in Capricorn:
You either are traditional in relationships or attract someone who is. You can be responsible and mature in relationships, and you may be attracted to those much older and more successful than you, or you take on that role yourself.

Juno in Aquarius:
You either are unconventional in relationships or attract someone who is. You can be interested in different types of relationships with different kinds of people. You may need too much independence.

Juno in Pisces:
You either want to rescue someone or want someone to rescue you, so you have to work on not going for that kind of thing. Instead, opt for a spiritual bond and craft new fantasies and worlds with your partner.

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