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Online astrology books for you

A very useful online resource for the astrology student is Google Books ( In case you didn't know that, Google Books is a huge database of scanned books available online fully (if they are in the public domain) or only snippets of them (as agreed with the copyright holder).

Just visit their website ( and type in the field of astrology you are interested in. A quick browse through the results will allow you to find great astrology books like these ones:

Astrology & Relationships: Techniques for Harmonious Personal Connections

by David Pond

Most of what is published about astrological relationships covers the same ground. We've all read that Libra gets along well with Leo, Aries is bound to clash with Capricorn, Pisces and Scorpio are natural lovers etc. It all sounds like a pretty well-worn formula, but there's one problem, people are not that simple, neither are their relationships.

Astrology and Relationships takes a more satisfying path showing you how astrology can improve all your relationships. It addresses the complexities of rela relationships by revealing the essential nature, needs, strenghts and challenges of every combination. Then it takes the unique steps of offering exercises that will help you manifest the true potential that exists between each of the signs. (Back Cover excerpt)

The Art of Predictive Astrology: Forcasting Your Life Events

by Carol Rushman

The techniques presented in The Art of Predictive Astrology show you how to forecast upcoming trends and life events for yourself, friends, family and astrological clients. Author Carol Rushman, a practicing astrologer for over 30 years, shares her method for astrological prediction, including: the natal promise of the natal chart, secondary progressions including the secondary progressed Moon and progressed house cusps, transiting planets, lunations and eclipses.

After reading this book you will be able to predict major events such as marriage and minor events such as receiving a gift. Real life examples are drawn for author's experience show you first hand how to practice the art of predictive astrology.

Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark

by Bernadette Brady

This ground breaking book withj its many techniques and concepts brings predictive astrology into a world of its own. Time maps encompasses the author's approach to fate and transits, and new methods are suggested for calibrating and filtering progressions, returns of all kinds, eclipses and planetary arcs. As you blend all these techniques, the author promises you can reveal the future and put various aspects of your life into perspective.

A totally new - the delineation of eclipses - removes their mystery and apparent random effect in the world of prediction. The eclipse data section, along with Saros Cycles, midpoint trees and zodiacal degrees listings, will interest any serious astrologer.

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