Moon Tides, Soul Passages - review - Maria Kay Simms  ·  July 21, 2024, 17:17 GMT
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Book Review

Moon Tides, Soul Passages

book by Maria Kay Simms

What could I tell you about this book without being subjective? I was born with the Moon in Cancer; the author, Maria Kay Simms, was born with the Moon in Cancer; and I picked up the book from the post office and started to read it while the Moon was in Cancer. It was therefore natural for me to feel in tune with this book, with its rich content in Moon symbolism.

But there is more meaningful lunar symbolism at work: I was born during a Last Quarter Moon Phase, a period described in this book as "the crisis of consciousness", a time when contemplation of life mysteries is required in order to determine the inner changes which will ultimately set the stage for the emergence of a new cycle of experience. This book was published during a Last Quarter Moon Phase (it was released on Nov.4, 2004) as it serves to feed our consciousness in order to reflect on our life cycles in correlation with Moon's influence. Also, when the book was published and currently Maria Kay Simms herself is passing through a Last Quarter Progressed Moon Phase.

This book opens with a call on experiencing astrology by direct observation of astronomical cycles and ritual celebration. With all the available technology it is easy to forget that astrology is much more than computer generated charts and mathematically precise planetary positions and aspects, but a part of the world, just as the day - night cycle, the seasons, the weather, the nature.

When the smog and the light pollution dim the light of the stars and make direct astronomical observations impossible, one can always watch the Moon's phases go by, on and on.

The Moon's cycle powerful symbolism is correlated with the seasons' passing, starting on winter solstice, or with Pagan spirituality, which sees God-Goddess, by any name called, not as a transcendent entity set apart from the Nature, but rather as immanent with the life force.

The book goes in depth explaining this symbolism, the Wiccan Wheel of the Year and the eight Sabbats as correlated with the eight Lunar Phases.

Then it offers insight on the Moon in the 12 zodiacal signs, ordered by element and mode, and the associated mythological Goddesses from different ancient cultures, such as Babylon, Celtic empire, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt and others. It passes to describe the Moon in the 12 astrological houses with modern examples.

The progressed Moon cycle represents the core of this book. As the author explains it: "the seasons of your life - constantly changing seasons - are marked by the phases of your Moon. The phase you were born with has a life-long theme for you that is as much a part of your soul as your Moon sign or Sun sign. I hope to provoke you to think about your birth phase and how your life expresses it".

This is where beginners in astrology and advanced practitioners will benefit alike from the detailed description of the influence of each Moon phase, both at birth and by progression, with many examples and stories.

The last part of the book is focused on living with the Moon in daily life, information on transiting Moon in each sign or phase: keywords, general mood and activity descriptions, tips for buying, selling, trips, food, dos and don'ts.

An experienced Wiccan priestess, the author offers at the end, simple rituals of the "self-help" exercises type, for experiencing the Moon, invoking her energy, which are available for anyone, even for those with no connection to Wicca at all.

Together with the book, one finds a CD with small neat program designed specifically for this purpose, which calculates the birth and progressed Moon phases for the entire lifespan as well as the transiting lunar phases for the year ahead.

So, as far as I am concerned, this is a complete Moon book: symbolism, mythology, interpretation by sign and house, progressed phases, transits, rituals and software, this book has it all.

In the image below, it's me, reading the book :))

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