John McCain's natal chart according to his birth certificate  ·  June 22, 2024, 19:37 GMT
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John McCain's natal chart

Official birth time for John McCain finally revealed

An official birth certificate is the best friend of an astrologer searching for truth. Here is the long awaited birth certificate for the Republican candidate, John McCain.

The birth certificate was published on a forum, by a guy named Steve. Excerpt from the forum page: "I have secure the attachments from the U.S. District Court of New Hampshire under the Documents file of case number 1:08-cv-00009 for Fred Hollander vs. McCain and RNC. You have to have a pacer file number to go into the file which can be secured at For Account Information: and then you can go into the website and then go down to document twenty. Open them up for view instead of downloading immediately.Otherwise, you will get a zip file. After, you open them up for view then download last 4 pages and then save. Now you will get a pdf file of McCain Birth which consists of 1 page in English, one page in Spanish and two page of confirmation proof."

John McCain's birth certificate

So here it goes, John McCain's natal chart, set for Aug 29, 1936, 6:25 pm EST, Colon, Panama:
John McCain's natal chart

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