Janus 4 - new version of an already perfect astrology program  ·  June 18, 2024, 23:56 GMT
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Janus 4

the new version of an already perfect
astrology program

Quote: The Janus Astrology Software is the most user-friendly astrological software I have encountered. (Robert Zoller, astrologer)

This is to announce the release of a new version of Janus, a high quality professional astrology software. You may try a fully functional version for 30 days, which you download from www.astrology-house.com

Janus has been my favorite astrology program for many years and has been used for generating most of the astrological charts displayed on AstrologyWeekly.com. It was chosen for its simplicity of use, highly accurate calculations, complexity of features and nice graphical output. The new version (Janus 4) comes with even more options and features, which make astrological computing a quite pleasurable activity. Astrology fans may find inside all kinds of unthinkable features that will keep the busy to discover for many nights to come.

A more thorough review of the new version of Janus will take some time to write, as it'll be without doubt quite lengthy due to the number of widgets to be covered.

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