Financial Astrology - Payment habits by sign  ·  April 19, 2024, 22:35 GMT
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Financial Astrology

Financial Astrology

Payment habits by sign

The UK Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS) takes light-hearted look at consumer payment habits by star sign. New online guide on financial astrology reveals:
- Capricorns are the most financially astute
- Scorpios are the sign of the debit card
- Taureans are fairly meticulous in their financial management

APACS, the UK payments association, has recently published a new online guide, Payment Horoscopes, which provides a light-hearted look at the payment habits of UK consumers by star sign.

The guide, based on research among 2,000 UK consumers, shows interesting trends that distinguish the payment behaviour of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Aries - financially consistent

Ariens are reasonably consistent when it comes to financial management. They do let themselves down when it comes to checking their bank and credit card statements, and should try to check them more thoroughly to spot anything unusual.

Taurus - financially thorough

Taureans are fairly meticulous in their financial management, demonstrating solid and consistent organisational skills. However, they are let down by their shredding laziness.

Gemini - least financially organised star sign

Geminis fall below the mark when it comes to financial management, not quite hitting the spot when it comes to organising their bank and credit card statements.

Cancer - chequebook-loving

Cancerians adore their chequebooks, rejecting cash for this form of payment. They demonstrate a strong tendency to check their bank or credit card statements regularly, but are not so good at paying their monthly bills in full.

Leo - poor PIN managers

Leos are at the bottom of the pile when it comes to managing the PINs for their plastic cards. They should try to use different numbers for their cards.

Virgo - online-lovers

Virgos love to inspect their statements at least once a month, particularly online. They have a hoarding preference and shy away from shredding their financial documents.

Libra - financially slowest star sign

Librans demonstrate a distinct lack of interest and attention to detail when it comes to their financial management. They are slow to check their statements, and when they do get round to it, they are less likely to check the detail.

Scorpio - debit card-lovers

Scorpios are the sign of the debit card, displaying a strong preference for this form of payment. They are financially savvy and diligent and are particularly inventive with their cards!

Sagittarius - responsible yet financially disorganised

Sagittarians are not the most financially organised star sign, yet they are responsible when it comes to paying off their credit card bills and checking their statements.

Capricorn - financially astute

Financially responsible in most areas, Capricorns are the most financially astute when it comes to managing their finances. However, they let themselves down when it comes to paying their credit card bills.

Aquarius - keen cash and credit card users

Aquarians are keen cash and credit card users but need to improve the management of their statements.

Pisces - financially responsible

Pisceans are financially responsible, with the majority paying off their monthly credit card bill in full and demonstrating particular diligence when it comes to the management of their statements.

Sandra Quinn, director of communications at APACS, says:

"The financial astrology guide takes a humorous astrological look at our payment habits. However there is a serious point to be made. We all need to be conscious of our how we are managing our finances - it pays to make sure you are doing it well and there is no better time than at the start of a new year to review things.

We should all be: checking our statements promptly and thoroughly; shredding our financial documents when we throw them away; and having different PINs for each of our plastic cards."


For further information contact the APACS Cards Information Office:
T: 0870 420 3208 E:

ˇAPACS is the UK payments association. It provides the forum for the UK's financial institutions to come together on non-competitive issues, to develop banking systems for the future and to provide innovation and developments in payments. It is also the banking industry voice on payments issues such as plastic cards, payment fraud, cheques, electronic payments and cash and is the banking organisation that coordinated the UK chip and PIN roll-out.

ˇThe information presented in this financial astrology guide was obtained as part of RSGBs General Omnibus Survey in June 2006. The survey was based on a representative sample of c. 2,000 adults in the UK. Respondents were interviewed at home between 14 and 18 June 2006.

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