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Astrology and graphology together: Astrographology

The astrology is an extraordinary tool that gives insight on one person's character and personality, potential and destiny. However, the tough part in astrology is to determine where an individual as arrived as a result of the more or less conscious choices made in life so far. How does that individual use the natal potential? Is he or she going to overcome the difficulties and be successful or is still living in frustrations? Is he or she consciously undertaking a transformation process that ultimately will lead to improve living and character?

This is where some other sciences come in handy. One of these is graphology, the science and art of analyzing one person's writing and revealing his/her personality and behavior. The graphology gives an answer to the question how is that person today.

Astrology and graphology are complementary to each other. The first one defines the character and destiny, the second one finds out in what way this potential is realized. Astrology shows the path, graphology shows the location where we are now.

I became aware of the importance of this new branch of astrology, the astrographology, the combined use of astrology and graphology, or analyzing the writing using the natal chart and the other way, by reading a book by Sylvie Chermet-Carroy, "L'astrographologie facile" (Edition Marabout, France, 1992).

The letters are not simply shapes, they represent sounds, which are vibrations, grouping them into words to express concepts and thoughts represents even more complex vibrations. So the writing is actually a living symbol of the subconscious.

Studies have demonstrated that inner transformation is preceded by multiple tiny changes in handwriting. So analyzing the writing helps tracking down the progresses made in any therapy that addresses to soul or mind. The natal chart shows the main issues in life, while the writing at one moment in time shows where the individual had reached.

People who enjoy delving deeply into psychological astrology will find the combined use of graphology in their practice incredibly helpful. There is a lot to study and to learn from it, so this is surely going to be very rewarding.

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