Power of the Aspects to the Sun  ·  June 19, 2019, 5:22 GMT
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Power of the Aspects to the Sun

Power of the Aspects to the Sun - from Tetrabiblos by Claudius Ptolemy

Now, mark you, likewise, according to their aspects to the sun, the moon and three of the planets experience increase and decrease in their own powers. For in its waxing from new moon to first quarter the moon is more productive of moisture ; in its passage from first quarter to full, of heat; from full to last quarter; of dryness, and from last quarter to occultation, of cold. The planets, in oriental aspects only, are more productive of moisture from rising to their first station, of heat from first station to evening rising, of dryness from evening rising to the second station, of cold from second station to setting; and it is clear that when they are associated with One another they produce very many variations of quality in our ambient, the proper force of each One for the most part persisting, but being changed in quantity by the force of the stars that share the configuration.

Tetrabiblos - Table of contents:  

Book I

BOOK I - Introduction
Knowledge by Astronomical Means
That it is also Beneficial
Power of the Planets
Beneficent and Maleficent Planets
Masculine and Feminine Planets
Diurnal and Nocturnal Planets
Power of the Aspects to the Sun
Power of the Fixed Stars
Effect of the Seasons and of the Four Angles
Solstitial, Equinoctial, Solid, and Bicorporeal Signs
Masculine and Feminine Signs
Aspects of the Signs
Commanding and Obeying Signs
Signs which Behold each other and Signs of Equal Power
Disjunct Signs
Houses of the Several Planets
Disposition of Terms
According to the Chaldaeans
Places and Degrees
Faces, Chariots, and the Like
Applications and Separations and the Other Powers

Book II

BOOK II - Introduction
Characteristics of the Inhabitants of the General Climes
Familiarities between Countries and the Triplicities and Stars
Method of Making Particular Predictions
Examination of the Countries Affected
Time of the Predicted Events
Class of those Affected
Quality of the Predicted Event
Colours of Eclipses, Comets, and the Like
New Moon of the Year
Nature of the Signs, Part by Part, and their Effect upon the Weather
Investigation of Weather in Detail
Significance of Atmospheric Signs

Book III

BOOK III - Introduction
Degree of the Horoscopic Point
Subdivision of the Science of Nativities
Brothers and Sisters
Males and Females
Children that are not Reared
Length of Life
Bodily Form and Temperament
Bodily Injuries and Diseases
Quality of the Soul
Diseases of the Soul

Book IV

BOOK IV - Introduction
Material Fortune
Fortune of Dignity
Quality of Action
Friends and Enemies
Foreign Travel
Quality of Death
Division of Times