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Children that are not Reared

Children that are not Reared - from Tetrabiblos by Claudius Ptolemy

As the account of children that are not reared is still lacking in the discussion of matters related to the birth itseIf, it is fitting to see that in One way this procedure. is connected with the inquiry concerning length of life, for the question in each case is of the same kind; but in another way they are distinct, because there is a certain difference in the actual meaning of the inquiry. For the question of length of life considers those who in general endure for perceptible lengths of time, that is, not less than one circuit of the sun, and such a space is properly understood to be a year; but potentially also lesser periods than this, months and days and hours, are perceptible lengths of time. But the inquiry concerning children that are not reared refers to those who do not attain at all to "time" thus defined, but perish in something less than "time" through excess of the evil influence. For this reason the investigation of the former question is more complex; but this is simpler. For it is merely the case that if one of the luminaries is angular and one of the maleficent planets is in conjunetion with it, or in opposition, both in degrees and with equality of distance, while no beneficent planet bears any aspect, and if the lord of the luminaries is found in the places of the maleficent planets, the child that is born will not be reared, but will at once come to its end. But if this comes about without the equality of distance, but the shafts of the maleficent planets succeed closely upon the places of the luminaries, and there are two maleficent planets, and if they afflict either one or both of the luminaries either by succeeding them or by opposition, or if one afflicts one luminary and the other the other in turn, or if one afflicts by opposition and the other by succeeding the luminary, in this way too children are born that do not live; for the number of afflictions dispels all that is favourable to length of life because of the distance of the maleficent planet through its succession. Mars especially afflicts the sun by succeeding it, and Saturn the moon; but conversely in opposition or in superior position Saturn afflicts the sun and Mars the moon, most of all if they occupy as rulers the places of the luminaries or of the horoscope. But if there chance to be two oppositions, when the luminaries are at the angles and the maleficent planets are in an isosceles configuration, then the infants are born dead or half-dead. And in such circumstances, if the luminaries should chance to be removing from conjunction with one of the beneficent planets, or are in some other aspect to them, but nevertheless east their rays in the parts that precede them, the child that is born will live a number of months or days, or even hours, equal to the number of degrees between the prorogator and the nearest rays of the maleficent planets, in proportion to the greatness of the affliction and the power of the planets ruling the cause. But if the rays of the malefieent planets fall before the luminaries, and those of the beneficent behind them, the child that has been exposed will be taken up and will live. And again, if the maleficent planets overcome the beneficent ones that bear an aspect upon the geniture, they will live to affliction and subjection; but if the beneficent planets overcome, they will live but as supposititious children of other parents; and if one of the beneficent planets should either be rising or applying to the moon, while one of the maleficent planets is setting, they will be reared by their own parents. And the same methods of judgement are to be used also in cases of multiple births. But if one of the planets that two by two or in larger groups bear an aspect to the geniture is at setting, the child will be born half-dead, or a mere lump of flesh, and imperfect. But if the maleficent planets overcome them, the infant born subject to this influence will not be reared or will not survive.

Tetrabiblos - Table of contents:  

Book I

BOOK I - Introduction
Knowledge by Astronomical Means
That it is also Beneficial
Power of the Planets
Beneficent and Maleficent Planets
Masculine and Feminine Planets
Diurnal and Nocturnal Planets
Power of the Aspects to the Sun
Power of the Fixed Stars
Effect of the Seasons and of the Four Angles
Solstitial, Equinoctial, Solid, and Bicorporeal Signs
Masculine and Feminine Signs
Aspects of the Signs
Commanding and Obeying Signs
Signs which Behold each other and Signs of Equal Power
Disjunct Signs
Houses of the Several Planets
Disposition of Terms
According to the Chaldaeans
Places and Degrees
Faces, Chariots, and the Like
Applications and Separations and the Other Powers

Book II

BOOK II - Introduction
Characteristics of the Inhabitants of the General Climes
Familiarities between Countries and the Triplicities and Stars
Method of Making Particular Predictions
Examination of the Countries Affected
Time of the Predicted Events
Class of those Affected
Quality of the Predicted Event
Colours of Eclipses, Comets, and the Like
New Moon of the Year
Nature of the Signs, Part by Part, and their Effect upon the Weather
Investigation of Weather in Detail
Significance of Atmospheric Signs

Book III

BOOK III - Introduction
Degree of the Horoscopic Point
Subdivision of the Science of Nativities
Brothers and Sisters
Males and Females
Children that are not Reared
Length of Life
Bodily Form and Temperament
Bodily Injuries and Diseases
Quality of the Soul
Diseases of the Soul

Book IV

BOOK IV - Introduction
Material Fortune
Fortune of Dignity
Quality of Action
Friends and Enemies
Foreign Travel
Quality of Death
Division of Times