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World history time line

(article written in 2004, updated in March 2009 with information on the Taurus age, as the evolution of the events confirms the theory)

The human civilization along the zodiacal ages

Taking a closer look at the history of the humankind, an attentive observer may identify historical ages that may be correlated with the twelve zodiacal signs, beginning with Pisces and going back to Aries. According to my theory, the Pisces age started at the beginning of the human civilization, thousands of years ago, passing then through ages successively decreasing in duration, until nowadays when we currently live in the Gemini age.

These zodiacal ages represent general influences over the humankind, with no strict delimitation from one to another.

World history time line

The PISCES age - lasted until around the year 4500 B.C. It is the matriarchal period of the history of the humankind after the mythical Flood, when the people had a peaceful tribal organization, ruled by women, worshipping the maternity and the Neolithic art and spirituality in Europe was blooming.
The AQUARIUS age - from 4500 B.C. until around 1500 B.C. This is the time when the Egyptian civilization was at its top, the pyramids were built, the period of some of the most important human discoveries such as the writing, the medicine, the astrology, the alchemy, the philosophy. Hermes Mercurius Trismesgistus (around 2000 B.C.) was the most representative figure of this period. He was considered as the “divine intellect”; therefore he might be associated with the superior level of Mercury, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius.
The CAPRICORN age - from 1500 B.C. until 200 A.D. This is the time when the Great Masters of the humankind Zarathustra (for the Mesopotamians), Moses (for the Jews), Zamolxis (for the Thracians) received from God a set of rules of living for their people, for them to obey and respect. Moses brought to the Israelis the Decalogue containing the 10 laws (Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac). This is also the time of the great empires of the antiquity (the Roman, the Macedonian, the Thracian Empires).
The SAGITTARIUS age - from 200 A.D. until 1000 A.D. This is the era of the great migrations from Asia to Europe, the epoch of the dissemination of Christianity and the birth of the second largest world religion, the Islamism (year 632 A.D.), the foundation of the monastic community of Mount Athos, now in Greece, the
The SCORPIO age - from 1000 A.D. until 1500 A.D. This is the “dark period” of the Middle Age, of the crusades and the inquisition, of the proliferation of the magic practices, the witchcraft and the alchemy. A representative figure of this period was the legendary Dracula, on his real name, Vlad the Impaler. He was always represented wearing an 8 point star (Scorpio is the 8th zodiacal sign) and is renowned for his favorite way to punish the convicts - by impaling them into the anus (which astrologically corresponds also to Scorpio).
The LIBRA age - from around 1500 A.D. until 1800 A.D. This is the period of the Renaissance, of the flourishing of the arts and the culture, of the French Revolution with its slogan “liberty, equality, fraternity”, of the American Revolution and the basis of the modern democracy.
The VIRGO age - from 1800 A.D. until 1948 A.D. This is a period of accelerated development of all sciences, such as the mathematics, the physics, the chemistry, and the modern medicine, the boom of the communications and of the industry. This is also the period of the Jews’ holocaust and the foundation of the Israeli state in 1948 (the Israeli national symbol is the 6 point star - Virgo is the 6th zodiacal sign).
The LEO age- from 1948 until 1989 This is the Cold War period, the ego war between the two superpowers, the USA and the Soviet Union (symbolized by the red 5 point star - Leo is the 5th zodiacal sign), the nuclear arming race, the dictatorial regimes of Stalin, Mao, Ceausescu.
The CANCER age - from 1989 until 2001 This is a period of increasing nationalist agitation (the Palestinian uprisings against the Israelis, the war in Bosnia), of an important international role of NATO (symbolized by the 4 point star - Cancer is the 4th zodiacal sign), the creation of the European Union as a big family of the member states.
The GEMINI age - from 2001 until 2008 This period began with the plane attack to the twin towers of WTC (keywords for Gemini: plane, aerial, twin, trade center).
The TAURUS age - from the year 2008 This period began with the global economic crisis: property (= earth, Taurus is an earth sign) devaluated, bank system well shaken. This is the age we are living right now.

The sages of India and Tibet affirmed that the evolution of the life is not chaotic or linear, but it is cyclic, passing to a superior level after completing the previous cycle. They also said that we are living the blackest age of the humankind, called Kali Yuga, characterized by spiritual ignorance and moral degradation, after which a spiritual rebirth would occur with the return to the spiritual values.

Time is running out ! We see the end of this zodiacal cycle approaching fast, the ages getting shorter as they pass. The remaining two ages, TAURUS and ARIES, will last probably at most a few years each. The end of this cycle is expected in 2011 - 2012, when Neptune passes to its domicile, Pisces.

Will that date be the beginning of the New Age?

We surely hope so...

One reader asked me some questions on this article (world history time line) and below is my answer, which I think will be useful also for others.


Thank you for your message.

First of all it is important to say that these ages (world history time line) I am describing are not linked in any way to the Pisces age we aould live in or the Aquarian age we are about to pass to.

It's just a completely different allocation of the zodiacal signs for periods of time from history.

They are based on empirical observations - actually they came to me by inspiration - yet they are clearly marked by the events of the history.

Why they get shorter ? There is no other explanation than just that this is how they are. Seems like this zodiacal ages cycle isn't just a repetitive cycle as the transit of the planets throughtout the zodiac - again and again, continously - but rather a one time cycle that looks like a whirlpool of the history and we are being very close to its center...

The zodiacal ages getting shorter are just the result of the observation of the events in history - 'the world is spinning quicker and quicker' - the events are precipitating - and the end of the cycle is near ...

Seems like the other predictions about the end of the world (the Malachy prediction about the Popes, the Mayan prediction etc...) are right and go along very well with this theory.

Mind you, since Sep 2001, when the Gemini period began, 3.5 yrs have already passed - so I would expect a big Taurus event in 2005 (at most 2006) and then the Aries event in 2009-2010 and boom !

I don't know how it's gonna be. It is weird but I am not afraid ... if we are all to die in a catastrophic planetary event - that's it.

If we are to pass into a better world after 2012 - that would be best, because I really cannot understand why God allows now so much unjustice and sufferance...

So, there is no relationship at all with dwads or other astrological technique on the world history time line, other than the 12 zodiacal signs - at least none I could think of.

Please let me know if this message was clear enough - for any other details please email or message me.

Have a nice day.

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