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An astrological guide to Romania

Spirituality in Romania

Horoscope of Romania

February 5, 1859 GC at 2:41:25 pm LMT (12:56:50 pm GMT) - rectified time


Spirituality is important for Romanians, as testified by the Ascendant ruler, the Moon, in the 9th house and Pisces, Neptune culminating - on the Midheaven, Aquarius Sun conjunct with Chiron, the North Node on the edge of Aquarius/Pisces.


Currently there is a rebound of spirituality in many forms, mostly organized religion (Orthodox Christianity), after being suppressed under the Communist regime.
People go to churches in large numbers (Moon in Pisces and the 9th house), new ones being constantly built since 1989. Bucharest is the European capital with the highest number of churches per 100,000 inhabitants. There is even a village with a record-number of 26 churches, 1 church for each 11 families. Historically, some ancient rulers had a habit of building a church or a monastery after winning an important battle, as a way to celebrate and thank God for the victory (all these are manifestations of Neptune on the MC).

Recently, the very powerful Jupiter-Pluto transiting conjunction in Sagittarius of 2007 (in square with Romania’s Midheaven) brought about the start of a project, a 140 year old dream, the building of a national cathedral in Bucharest. This very costly project (about 400 millions euros) will be located near another very prominent building, the People’s House (Casa Poporului), the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon (which is actually a complex of buildings) – in tune with Saturn in Leo (huge buildings).
Sure, the attachment to traditions is high, even when it comes to spirituality, as 87% of Romanian are Orthodox Christians – the Sun in opposition with Saturn, with mutual reception.

Other forms of spirituality

The situation of Oriental forms of spirituality has particular aspects in Romania. In 1982, coinciding with Neptune’s transit in square with the Midheaven, after a scandal involving a group of Transcendental Meditation practitioners, persecuted since then by the Communist regime, the practice of yoga and other forms of spirituality originating from the Orient were forbidden, until the regime change in 1989 (a situation unique in the world).
Soon after, a yoga school was founded (the Spiritual Movement of Integration in the Absolute - MISA - it's founding chart features a sling configuration with Jupiter exalted in Cancer as the key planet) which grew and extended worldwide, becoming as the largest yoga school in Europe. This particular yoga school has been the subject of continual political harassment, culminating with the exile of its spiritual leader in 2004, who was granted political asylum in Sweden.

The spiritual future of Romania

There have been prophecies by different mystics (Sadhu Sundar Singh, St. Seraphim of Sarov, others) on a bright spiritual future of Romania, as country allegedly chosen by God to start the re-spiritualization of the world, for its humbleness and peaceful character. Some have drawn a parallel between the huge building called the People’s House in the center of Bucharest and the biblical House of the Peoples described in the Apocalypse. Pope John Paul II at his 1999 visit in Romania called this land "the Garden of the Mother of God".

Sure, there is a tendency of every people to feel very special about themselves, and arguably this is also the case here. For the purposes of this article, it suffices to say that there is a certain Romanian messianism especially in different spiritual groups.

From an astrological point of view, there are several elements that pointing towards a spiritual function: in Romania's chart, Neptune culminates in its own sign, Pisces, the Aquarius Sun is conjunct with Chiron and the Moon’s North Node position is located at the end of Aquarius, somewhere in-between Aquarius and Pisces, like the current situation of passing from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

An important step towards this hypothesis of Romanian messianism should be happen during the upcoming Neptune transit over its natal position and the MC in 2021-2023, that is 13 years from now.

A short glimpse in the past transits of Neptune’s cycle will help understanding why this upcoming conjunction is so important:
- transiting Neptune in opposition with the natal Neptune and MC (1938-1941) – the culmination of an ultranationalist movement with a high emphasis on religion named the Iron Guard or the Legion of the Archangel Michael; this political movement achieved forming a “national legionary” government in late 1940 during a crisis situation for the country, but overplayed their role and were forced out of the government after attempting a military coup.
- transiting Neptune in trine with the natal Neptune and MC (1966-1968) – this represented the golden period of the Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu (who ruled Romania between 1965-1989) when from a neutral position promoted international peace by ending Romania’s active participation in the Eastern Bloc military alliance named the Warsaw Pact and openly condemned the Soviet-lead invasion of Czechoslovakia of August 1968; also during the 1967 Israeli-Arab war, Romania was the only country in the Eastern Bloc to maintain diplomatic relations with both Israel and Arab states.
- transiting Neptune in square with the natal Neptune and MC (1981-1982) – a scandal surrounding a transcendental meditation experiment to positively influence the mankind (the Maharishi effect) lead to the total ban of any Oriental-flavored forms of spiritual practice in Romania, including yoga and other meditation techniques.
- transiting Neptune in sextile with the natal Neptune and MC (1994-1996) – nothing in particular that comes to mind…

This remains an open end article as it the future is certainly full of surprises and mainly unpredictable. The author of this article hopes improving and continuing it as his own understanding of this topic will improve.

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