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Sabian Symbols on the map

sabian symbols

Astrology and geography

There are 360 symbolic images, known as the Sabian Symbols, associated to each of the 360 degrees of the zodiacal circle. They were given birth in San Diego, California, in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler, an extraordinary clairvoyant. Today, the 360 symbols are widely used in astrology in order to gain a deeper understanding of the influence of a planet located at that degree.

Yet, the Sabian Symbols reserve us a lot of surprises. One remarkable way is to use them as an Oracle, either extracting a 'random' symbol by using a computer, either by using a set of cards. Developped by Lynda Hill from Sydney, Australia by the writing of a book of deeper insight on each symbol, the Sabian Symbols Oracle has become a full divinatory art comparable to the tarot, i-ching or the runes.

Astrology and geography

Another interesting method is to correlate the 360 symbols and the 360 degrees of longitude of the globe. This way, each location on the globe has an associated Sabian Symbol. As you may see in the image below, the entire globe may be partitioned in areas, each one associated with one of the 12 zodiacal signs.

world map

The Sabian Symbols on the map

This is how to calculate the correct Sabian Symbol degree for a given location: As a rule, if the location's longitude is East, then just read the symbol of the next degree. For someone located in a place whose longitude is West, then the person should substract the coordinate from 360 in order to get the correct degree.

Examples of using the Sabian Symbols on the map:

  • East longitude - the longitude for Sydney, Australia is 151e13 - the next longitude degree is 152 - so we read the Sabian Symbol for 2 Virgo: A LARGE WHITE CROSS-DOMINATING THE LANDSCAPE-STANDS ALONE ON TOP OF A HIGH HILL.
  • West longitude - the longitude for Brooklyn, New York is 73w53 - so one should read the symbol for the 287th degree (360-73=287). The symbol is: A GIRL SURREPTITIOUSLY BATHING IN THE NUDE.

A couple of more examples will show you the value of this method, some places on earth were destined to become significant in a certain domain of life:

  • Lhasa, Tibet (91e09) - reading the 92nd symbol for 2 Cancer - A MAN ON A MAGIC CARPET OBSERVES VAST VISTAS BELOW HIM - this clearly symbolises the spirit of Tibetan Buddhists meditating on life from the altitude of the Himalaya mountains.
  • Jerusalem, Israel (35e) - reading the symbol for 6 Taurus - A BRIDGE BEING BUILT ACROSS A GORGE. - Jerusalem is a place where three of the main religions of the world meet (christianism, judaism, islamism). It may become in time a bridge
  • Hong Kong (114e09) - reading the symbol for 15 Cancer - A LEADER OF MEN WRAPPED IN AN INVISIBLE MANTLE OF POWER. - Hong Kong is an important economical and political center.
  • Pearl Harbour, Hawaii (157w56) - reading the symbol for 23 Libra - CHANTICLEER'S VOICE HERALDS THE RISING SUN WITH EXUBERANT TONES. - Pearl Harbour is known worldwide as the location of the Japanese surprise attack in World War II. Japan means litterally "the Land of the Rising Sun".
  • Easter Island, Pacific Ocean (109w29) - reading the symbol for 11 Sagittarius - THE LAMP OF PHYSICAL ENLIGHTENMENT AT THE LEFT TEMPLE. - Easter Island is renowned for the huge statues which once lined the island's shores gazing inland, archaeological remains that represent haunting reminders of the Pacific's most powerful ancient civilization.
  • Chichen Itza, Mexico (88w34) - reading the symbol for 2 Capricorn - THREE STAINED-GLASS WINDOWS IN A GOTHIC CHURCH, ONE DAMAGED BY WAR. - Chichen Itza is a sacred city of the Maya civilization (around 10th century A.D.), later abandoned after the invasion of the Toltecs.
  • Taj Mahal, India (78e01) - reading the symbol for 19 Gemini - A LARGE ARCHAIC VOLUME REVEALS A TRADITIONAL WISDOM.

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