Astrological considerations on the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy  ·  October 4, 2023, 15:43 GMT
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Astrological considerations on the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy

Just after midnight, on June 5, 1968: Robert F. Kennedy celebrates the winning of the Democratic presidential primaries in South Dakota and California, boosting his chances of winning the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

After addressing his presidential campaign supporters, Kennedy is about to leave the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, when he is shot 3 times in the head and dies the second day of his wounds.

Although the assailant (Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian) was immediately detained, then later trialed and sentenced to life penalty, the event is well known to have given birth to many theories, involving CIA, LAPD, other governmental and underground structures such as the Mafia.

This link will give you an account of the current state of research on assassination of Robert F. Kennedy:

The astrological chart of the shooting is quite revealing and supports many of the theories presented on the above mentioned webpage.

June 5, 1968, 12:16 am PDT, Los Angeles, exact coordinates: 34n04, 118w17

Shooting on Robert F. Kennedy

The victim

As a Presidential candidate, a Senator, a former Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy is well described in this chart by Jupiter, ruler of the 10th house. He was celebrating his victory (Jupiter in Leo) with the crowd of campaign supporters (Jupiter in the 7th house) and was preparing to leave the hotel (Jupiter at the end of the sign).

The scapegoat

If the 10th house is assigned to Robert F. Kennedy, the opposite house, the 4th will offer information on the attacker(s).

I take the 4th house ruler, Mercury, to represent Sirhan. Mercury was located in Cancer, the sign ruling nationalism, the alleged motive for shooting to Kennedy. Sirhan was Palestinian said to be angered by Kennedy's declaration in support of Israel against the Arabs.

Mercury is located in the 5th house (=Kennedy's turned 8th house, the death house) and separates from an aspect with Jupiter, over the sign cusp. I take this aspect to represent the picture of Sirhan shooting at Kennedy but hitting only bystanders [Kennedy was shot from a short range and behind but he faced Sirhan all the time at more than 3 feet away]. Mercury doesn't receives Jupiter in any of the 5 essential dignities, so Sirhan didn't have any power over Kennedy.

There are accounts that Sirhan was mentally programmed under hypnosis to kill Kennedy. The astrological symbolism seems to support this theory as well: Mercury is in Cancer, a water sign, in square and mutual reception with the Moon, indicating excessive mental receptivity. Mercury's partile (=exact) square with Chiron indicates that Sirhan was used as the scapegoat in this story.

The truth

The 4th house cusp is in Gemini, a double bodied sign, it clearly suggests more than one attacker.

Actually there are 3 planets in the 4th house, pointing towards 3 persons involved in the attack: Venus, the Sun and Mars.

Two eye-witnesses (Vincent DiPierro, waiter, and Sandra Serrano, campaign worker) and a policeman (Paul Sharaga) described a woman in a polka-dot dress and another man who accompanied Sirhan prior to the shootings and afterwards left the scene in a hurry saying "We shot him!". I identify them with planets Venus and Mars, present in the 4th house. As Mars rules Kennedy's turned 12th house (12th house counted from the 10th, i.e. the 9th) and Mars is tightly square Pluto, fitting a murderer's profile, it reveals that the hidden assassin, who shot Robert F. Kennedy from the back was this unknown mysterious man. Mars receives Jupiter by term and face.

However, there is yet another person who was positioned half-beside the senator, half-behind him and who could have either seen the attacker either have shot on the senator, Thane Eugene Cesar, a security guard, which in the chart is probably represented by the Sun, ruler of Leo, therefore main dispositor of Jupiter.

There is an aspect in this chart which is both revealing and very telling of the entire police conspiracy/cover-up campaign surrounding this event: it's Lilith in exact square with Jupiter (orb only 9 minutes). Lilith is conjunct with Varuna (keywords: hierarchy, supremacy, unquestionable authority), therefore pointing towards the highest levels of the American power as the source of the conspiracy [more details here]. Varuna is a centaur, a cosmic body located in the Kuiper belt, whose astrological symbolism can be derived from the fact that it was discovered in December 2000, only a few days apart from the major electoral fraud at the highest level that led to the GWB presidency.

Another interesting observation is the void of course Moon in Virgo just separating from a trine with Lilith. Also, the Moon was void of course at the start of the 9/11/2001 event. I wonder what that means. As far as I know, in both cases the plan was completed successfully, although sensitive information on the operations did leak to the public.

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