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Presidential astrological cycles

Progressed Moon in declination cycles

This is a catchy title, but the cycles referred to in this articles are not limited to presidents. They work on regular people as well, even better.

I first became acquainted with the progressed Moon in declination cycles by reading Karen Christino's article and I further explored this interesting technique. I am particulary fond of it, as it represents a simple, yet effective astrological tool.

What is the progressed Moon in declination cycle?

The secondary progression is a standard predictive astrology technique based on the symbolic correspondence between the Earth's daily rotation around its axis and Earth's yearly rotation around the Sun. Based on this day-year correspondence, an astrologer can study the unfoldment of one's life year by year as the planets move day by day from their position at birth. Basicly, the planetary movement in the first 80 days of life will describe an entire lifespan (of 80 years).

The planets move not only in longitude (passing through the 12 zodiacal signs), but also in declination (think at the Sun, it raises on the sky more in summer, than in winter).

The technique I'm referring to in this article combines the two above concepts and is restricted only to progressed Moon's movement by declination.

Using a specialized astrological software (I used Winstar), this movement may be represented on a nice graphic, easy to understand and to study.

How to interpret this graphic?

This sinusoid-like function is divided into 2 parts: an upper curve and a lower curve, each one corresponding to a period of life that spans over approx. 14 years, separated by the intersection of the function with the horizontal axis (0° declination) - representing a moment of great change in one's life.

One's life during the period of 14 years represented by the upper curve is usually better. In case of a politician, it means increased popularity and social success. Ordinary people may feel more at ease, be drawn to more spiritual matters or see their lives going for the better as a whole, from an inner point of view. When one's life passes through the lower curve period, it usually means more work or life situations that the individuals doesn't enjoy that much. For politicians, it indicates less popularity, yet that doesn't mean that they won't get elected. It's just that they'll have to work more for that. In the following example you will see that both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were on their lower curve when they got reelected and indeed they were much less popular at that time, yet this didn't mean they didn't get a second term, because of many reasons.

Whenever the graphic intersects the horizontal axis, life changes drastically. The nature of this change depends on each one's set of values. For a politician running for president the most relevant change is winning the elections or, if incumbent, losing them. This is was constant result in my study. In case of ordinary people, it may mean a very significant relationship or a divorce.


George W. Bush

He got elected in December 2000, when descending line of the graphic intersected the horizontal line (big change).

John Kerry

In 2004, John Kerry was quite popular (upper curve), yet he didn't manage to win the elections (no change in life).

Al Gore

In 2000, Al Gore was in his lower curve period, no change yielded in the graphic.

Bill Clinton

As we may see from this graphic, Clinton had a hard time as a president (lower curve), the big change came throughout 1998 when he was involved in the Lewinsky scandal. Curiously, this affair didn't affect his reputation that much, so that he became increasingly popular after leaving the presidency.

Bob Dole

The 1996 presidential elections represented a moment of high popularity for Bob Dole. He won the Republican Party nomination, fighting off 9 other Republican challengers, although he lost the elections afterwards.

George H.W. Bush

The moment of change in George HW Bush's life came in late 1990 - early 1991 when he lead the United Nations coalition in the First Gulf War.

I live in Romania and also have applied this technique on Romanian politicians, getting great results. However, as most visitors of this website come from the US and are not familiar with these politicians, I didn't include their examples in this article.

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