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Astrological chart of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ


There has been a lot of debate on Jesus' true birth date - and there certainly isn't any consensus among scholars or astrologers.

In this article I'd like to give you what I consider to be as a reliable source of information, pointed out to me by the German astrologer Roland Pokorny.

The reference is in Jakob Lorber's book Great Gospel of John, book 19, chapter 34, paragraph 3:

Look, this Jesus of Nazareth, who according to your chronology is born in Bethlehem in the year 4151 after the existence of Adam, and more precisely at midnight on the 7th day of the month of January, is what concerns His external birth a Jew just like you.

You may know that Jakob Lorber was a 19th century mystic who wrote a books on spiritual subjects by automatic dictation - he heared a Voice, God's voice. For more information, read the Wikipedia page on his life.

So, the reference says that Jesus was born on year 4151 after Adam, but what year was Adam born? A quick search on the internet showed that of all theories on Adam's birth, only may be applied here - that is William Miller's - see this image below:

William Miller says Adam was born on year 4157 BC, which gives us year 6 BC for Jesus' birth (4157 - 4151 = 6).

Now, as for the exact time... What exactly could "midnight on the 7th day of the month of January" mean? Is it Jan 7, 12:00 am or Jan 7, 24:00 (European style), which is actually Jan 8, 12:00 am?

A quick glance at the two possible charts indicates that the main difference lays in Moon's sign. The first has the Moon in Leo, the second has the Moon in Virgo. Of the two charts, I would definitely choose the second, which has the Moon in Virgo, 10th house ruler, conjunct with Pluto. The Moon (the mother) represents Virgin Mary and it should be in Virgo.

There could also be another question whether "midnight" actually means 12:00 am or the astrological midnight, which is the Sun conjunct with the IC moment (12:11:28 am), although there is little difference between the two. Since the 12:00 is actually a human convention, an approximation for the true midnight (the Sun at Nadir, conjunct the Immum Coeli, the IC), I'll consider the second version then.

Last questions: the timezone choice - this is obviously LMT, Local Mean Time (timezones are a 20th century invention); the calendar system choice: Gregorian, which was in use at the time Jakob Lorber wrote the book by Divine inspiration.

So here it is, we have it: 8th January 6 BC, 12:11:28 am LMT, Bethlehem, Israel (35e12, 31n43).

Now, it's up to you to actually derive the divine side and the human side from this astrological chart...

For instance: the Moon is in Virgo, therefore disposed by Mercury, which is conjunct with Fomalhaut, one of the 4 most powerful, royal fixed stars, in relation with 1 of the 4 archangels, Gabriel. "Coincidently", the angel that announced Mary (the mother = the Moon) that she will have a divine child was actually archangel Gabriel (signified by Mercury, Moon's dispositor, conjunct Fomalhaut).

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