Japanese kamikaze plane attack - astrology chart  ·  July 14, 2024, 10:19 GMT
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Japanese kamikaze plane attack

Astrology charts the first kamikaze attacks

Introduction to kamikaze attacks

Although suicide attacks occured from time to time on both sides when the plane was irreversibly damaged and pilot's death was imminent, the official use of planes as missile in suicide attacks occured towards the end of World War II. The Japanese organized units of young pilots who deliberately flew their aircrafts into Allied targets, usually ships.

First kamikaze attack

There are sources that affirm there were Japanese planes crashing into the USS Indiana and USS Reno in mid-late 1944 as the first kamikaze attacks of World War II. However, there is little evidence that these hits were more than accidental collisions, of the kind likely to happen in intense sea-air battles.

According to eyewitness accounts by Allied naval personnel, the first kamikaze attack was carried out by an unidentified Japanese pilot and plane. On October 21, 1944, at 6:05 am, the flagship of the Royal Australian Navy, the heavy cruiser HMAS Australia, was hit by a Japanese plane carrying a 200 kg (441 pound) bomb, off Leyte Island. The plane struck the superstructure of the Australia above the bridge, spewing burning fuel and debris over a large area. However, the bomb failed to explode; if it had, the ship might have been effectively destroyed. At least 30 crew members died as a result of the attack, including the commanding officer, Captain Emile Dechaineux; among the wounded was Commodore John Collins, the Australian force commander.

Here is the astrological chart for that moment:

first kamikaze attack
First kamikaze attack - October 21, 1944, at 6:05 am CCD (-9:00), Leyte Island, Philippines

This chart has some interesting features in common with the 911 WTC plane attack: Libra rising, Mercury in the 1st house, Saturn in the 9th house. Libra is a cardinal air sign, Mercury represents the planes, so everything makes sense.
The Moon is conjunct Antares, a fixed star associated with violence, aggressiveness, strategic ability and courage.

If we think at the US Sibly chart, with 12 Sagittarius rising, Uranus from the Kamikaze chart is smack on the US Descendant, representing the surprise element of the enemy kamikaze attacks.

First organized kamikaze attack

Yet, the first organized kamikaze attack by a unit composed of 24 specially trained kamikaze pilots occured 4 days later, on October 25, 1944.
At 10:53 am, a Japanese plane hit the flight deck of USS St. Lo and exploded her torpedo and bomb magazine, mortally wounding the gallant carrier. St. Lo was engulfed in flame and sank half an hour later.

kamikaze plane crashed into USS St. Lo

This is the astrological chart of the moment:

first organized kamikaze attack
First organized kamikaze attack - sinking of USS St. Lo - October 25, 1944, at 10:53 am CCD (-9:00), Leyte Island, Philippines

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