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An astrological guide to Romania

History of the Romania

Horoscope of Romania

February 5, 1859 GC at 2:41:25 pm LMT (12:56:50 pm GMT) - rectified time

A sketch of the history of the Romanian people

The origins

As a non-migrating people, the Romanians were traditionally a people of farmers and shepherds. The roots of this people go far back in human history, well into the European prehistory, very old mines and other archaeological elements of civilization having been found on this territory. For instance, an artifact (a clay tablet) found in Romania represents the first written message in the history of the mankind, dated 5100-5300 BC (more than 1500 before than the Sumerian civilization).

The recorded ancestors were the Dacians, who formed a powerful and rich country, a threat and a strong rival of the Roman Empire.
In 106 AD, after several battles the Romans managed to conquer a part of Dacia, including the capital which they destroyed, captured a huge fortune and got control of its rich mines and other natural resources. Astrologically, this dramatic event that changed the course of history for the local population, is represented by the transit of Pluto over the Midheaven of the current natal chart of Romania [yes, astrology charts do react to past transits when these represent major events]. Dacia remained a part of the Roman Empire for 171 years.

For the next hundreds of years, successive waves of migratory peoples passed over this territory, fought its inhabitants and were eventually assimilated.
This situation impeded however the formation of the three main Romanian principalities, Moldavia, Walachia and Transylvania until the Middle Age (the latter under Hungarian or Austrian occupation until 1918).

The Fourth Crusade, representing the Latin Crusaders’ disgraceful conquest and sack of Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire and of Eastern Christianity (Orthodoxy), instead of attacking the Muslims, although not directly related to Romania’s history, is well marked by major astrological transits to the current chart of Romania, including the transiting Neptune on the natal MC and transiting Uranus on natal Saturn. This astrological burden indicates that it had a major influence to the subsequent historical destiny. Constantinople was not only the siege of Christian Orthodox faith, but also a depository of historical archives, including many referring to a period that is currently in a total void of historical recordings on the Romanian’s people for almost a thousand of years, starting with the Roman conquest of Dacia and ending with the reemergence of strong principalities in the 14th century.

The Middle Age

The outstanding event which marked the moment when the he medieval state of Walachia started to play a prominent role in its geographic area was the victory of November 1330 when its ruler, Basarab I, who defeated the army of the Hungarian king, Carol Robert of Anjou. It was the time when Pluto was once again transiting the Midheaven of the current chart of Romania.
Aquila So, there is the same Pluto transit for two major events which marked the destruction and the rebirth of an independent Romanian state of Walachia. The traditional heraldic images representing Walachia contain an aquila, which is traditionally associated with the zodiacal sign of Scorpio.

Some time later, another ruler of Walachia, Vlad Dracula, surnamed the Impaler (Tepes), incarnated the Scorpio symbolism into his dramatic life. Impaling through the anus (Scorpio-ruled body region) was his preferred death method for thieves, burglars or political enemies. The popular connection to Bram Stoker’s novel titled “Dracula“ and the vampires has no historical background, although it proves to represent however a tourist attraction.

Wisent's Head The other main independent Romanian principality in the Middle Age was Moldavia, whose heraldic symbol was made of a wisent’s head, obviously related to the zodiacal sign of Taurus.

The most successful ruler of Moldavia was Stephen III, surnamed the Great, whose rule lasted for very long period of 47 years, starting on a powerful Uranus-Pluto-Chiron conjunction in Leo in opposition with the natal Sun of Romania’s chart.
He was recently sanctified by the Romanian Orthodox Church for defending the Christianity against the Ottoman Turks and building tens of monasteries and churches.

A special moment in Romanian history was in May 1600 when during a Saturn-Pluto opposition, Michael the Brave, managed to unite the three main Romanian principalities (Walachia, Transylvania and Moldova) in a single state. However, this union didn’t last long due to political conflicts with the surrounding countries and other strong interests, as expected during a Saturn-Pluto opposition, which didn’t affect on any particular sensitive point in the current chart of Romania. It represented however a breakthrough and Michael the Brave is considered as one of the greatest national heroes.

The 3 Romanian principalities at 1600
The 3 Romanian principalities at 1600

The Romanian state

Flag of Romania The founding of the modern Romanian state didn’t happen until 1859, when the two independent Romanian principalities, Moldavia and Walachia, united by electing the same person as their ruler.
The natal chart of Romania is set for this event, on January 24, 1859 by the Julian calendar, or February 5 by the Gregorian calendar (currently in use). The only source of the time of this event is the investigation made by the Romanian astrologer Armand Constantinescu who lived about 70 years ago and had access to original historical documents. He gave 2:38 pm LMT for the exact time of signing of the Union documents. Further chart rectification made by the author of this article determined the correct time as 2:41:25 LMT or (1250 pm GMT).

The union of the remaining principality, Transylvania, with Romania, was performed in 1918, after the defeat of the Central Powers in First World War, which disintegrated the Austro-Hungarian Empire and allowed the compounding nations to become independent, under a Saturn-Uranus opposition in transit on the nodal axis of Romania’s chart.
Almost in the same time, Bessarabia, the eastern part of Moldavia taken by Imperial Russia in 1812, united with the rest of Romania.
This represented the fulfillment of the historical national dream – the reunification of all territories inhabited by Romanians.

The next major series of events took place in 1940, at the beginning of the Second World War, when under huge political pressure from Germany and Russia, Bessarabia and northern Bukovina were annexed by Soviet Russia and northern Transylvania was annexed by Hungary, Germany’s ally. Romania had to accept the loss of these territories, under the threat of imminent invasion.
The astrological forces were unfriendly as well – there were major transits involving Jupiter-Saturn over natal Pluto, then square the natal Sun, transiting Pluto square natal Pluto, transiting Neptune in opposition with natal Neptune and the MC.
In an attempt to recover lost territories, Romania, allied with Germany against Soviet Russia, which seemed to be the future winner of the war, but that proved to be a bet on a losing hand several years later.

In 1946, after rigged elections, the Communist regime was installed in the country, until December 1989 which marked the fall of Communism and the killing of the incumbent president Nicolae Ceausescu, after a false trial. The astrological transits clearly show the two sides of this story. The events then were described as a Revolution (transiting Uranus trine natal Pluto), but they could be just as well described as a coup d’etat organized by several secret services (including the KGB, CIA, AVO), which brought to power former Communists (transiting Pluto square the natal Sun).

The post-1989 era represents a foggy, sometimes tumultuous period, of a people trying to regain its identity and role in history, but doing it quite badly, under the pressure of a turmoil of political and economical foreign interests.

The last few years marked important events such as joining NATO in March 2004 and the European Union in January 2007. However, as Romania underwent major astrological influences during this time, such as Pluto square the natal MC and Neptune conjunct the natal Sun, it is probable that these events were more like imposed on the Romanian people, rather than a conscious choice or achievement. Joining the European Union actually means giving up country’s sovereignty for economic benefits (transiting Pluto square the MC) while the common people feel quite happy about it (transiting Neptune conjunct the Sun).


In summary, Romania’s historical destiny is that of a people, formed in the geographic area surrounding the Carpathian Mountains, trying to defend themselves against inimical nations permanently threatening its territory.
There were no offensive wars in 2000 years of recorded history. The triad - Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer rising - stands as testimony for the peaceful character of the Romanian people, with no ambitions whatsoever of conquering other people’s territories, but only to preserve its national identity and territory.

National tendencies and patterns

Probably due to the everlasting historical fight for survival in a resource-rich geographic area, the Romanian psyche retains some form of victimization, an expression of the Sun-Chiron conjunction in the 8th house.
This aspect is perfectly incarnated in an old pastoral ballad, Miorita (translation: the ewe lamb), considered as one of the most important pieces of the Romanian folklore. In this ballad, the a shepherd’s ewe lamb witnesses the plotting of its master by other shepherds and looting of its belongings and alerts the master about it, but this one instead of deciding to fight, is totally resigned to his fate, and considers the death as the marriage with nature, with the universe.

There is a second part of the series of article forming the Astrological guide to Romania: Spirituality in Romania
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