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Chiron, the Mature Spiritual Warrior


Chiron, a supposed visitor to our solar system, is rather unique. It has an ice tail like a comet, its small (400 kilometres across), but is not an asteroid. It’s not a planet either. It travels in its own eccentric, individualistic and non-conformist orbit. It may have originated in the Kuiper Belt where Pluto resides – the birthplace of comets, and an area of the solar system that is capable of bridging the higher dimensions to Earth and the lower planes. Some say it was ‘captured’ by the gravitational forces of our Sun and is here to serve a specific purpose. One day it may become free of its orbit and travel the vast unknown. Being so relatively near to the Sun compared to other comets, its ice will melt away much quicker. This suggests that Chiron hasn’t been around all that long. Time frames such as these are measured in millions of years.

‘Planetoid’ Chiron was discovered on 1 November 1977, at 10:00 am PST, from Pasadena, CA, on the date the Celtic calendar’s Hallowed Mass when the veil between worlds is lifted. While being trined by Saturn of form, squared by Mars of activated energy and initiation, sextiled by Jupiter and the Moon and in opposition to wise Pallas and to the Sun conjunct Uranus (forming a few Feminine Wedges), Chiron in peaceful Taurus made a care giving, altruistic and reciprocating quatranovile link of harmonic 9's to the North Node in balanced Libra conjunct penetrating, deep natured Pluto. "A Native American prophecy states that when the planet of Healing is discovered in the sky, the ancient sacred warrior teachings will return to the Earth. Enter Chiron.

Chiron discovery chart

"Chiron is reawakening teachings that have their origins in antiquity." ( Thus was born the era of Chiron, the healing, multi-dimensional teacher, the sacred warrior and pioneering force that conjures up Divine knowledge through enlightenment and an acceptance of the present, the deeply meaningful truth. Chiron heals the rift between body and spirit. The timing of Chiron’s discovery in this final era on Earth is telling of his gifts. Many will fall short of comprehending, let alone perceiving or benefiting from his message, teachings and good will. Chiron is like Aquarius, being altruistic and free of ulterior motives. It is like Uranus, being eccentric and defiant of conformity, and like Saturn, being the teacher. Uranus and Saturn are the two ruling planets of paradoxical Aquarius. Like Mercury, Chiron is of communication, but speaks to a different part of Humanity. The Buddha principle of returning to heal, teach and guide are echoed in Aquarius, Mercury and Chiron. Now that Chiron is in the like-minded sign of Aquarius, he can get through to all Humanity on a conscious level previously unattainable.

Planetoid / Comet Chiron's discovery by Charles Kowal on 1 November 1977 in California, being its ‘birth’ into Human awareness, became an astrological adult on 26 August 2007 when Saturn returns back to Chiron's ‘natal’ position. Just as there are spirits/devas/elementals within physical form, there are spirits of seasons, ideas and energy profiles.What I refer to as the ‘Chiron chart’ is the chart of this energy profile that is Chiron’s influence on Humanity. It can be viewed in much the same way as a person’s chart. Once Saturn completes its 29½-year cycle in a Human, they become ready to spiritually mature, and this event gives Chiron, and its influence on Humanity, a complete embodiment of Chiron's nature. Essentially, Humanity will now be able to reap the matured fruits of Chiron's blessings that range from healing, introspection, helping others, teaching, solidifying selfless love and bridging the higher consciousness of mankind. Saturn is a teacher of lessons in life and Chiron is a teacher of the spiritual ways of the 'Sacred Warrior'.

Between them there is much to be learned. This will be brought to fruition with the Piscean Full Moon Total lunar Eclipse two days later, bringing focus to the evolution of mankind's spiritual relationship. Chiron’s influence has the Sun in Scorpio, allowing Chiron to deeply penetrate into the state of spirituality – the Human relationship with the innate spirit. Scorpio is also a Water sign and is fertile, nurturing, and transformative. With a Cancer Moon, the nurturing is profoundly entwined with the emotional aspect. With the Sun in parallel declination to Neptune, Chiron is able to connect with Humans in a deeper and subtler manner. Sun parallel Uranus makes for a restless, change orientated nature.

Mars, Moon and Jupiter all parallel make for an optimistic, progressive, assertive and highly enthusiastic nature, and Venus parallel north node creates a harmonious pattern of growth. Sun parallel Mercury places great importance on the mental faculty and the application of consciously directed developmental initiatives that offer others clarity of vision.

The 2003 pivotal Harmonic Concordance also had the penetrative Scorpio Sun in its ‘nativity’. On 20 April 2007, the spirit of the Harmonic Corcordance’s spiritually awakening influence on Humanity, which passively drifts in the ethereal body of Mother Earth, had its 2nd Mars return, re-igniting the essence of its powers. One month later was the Mayan Fifth Day midpoint – the ‘Breakthrough Celebration.’ On 28 March 2009, the day after Venus begins a new synodic cycle and resonates the Perfect Fifth (3:2), the most universally consonant (pleasing to the ear and emotionally peaceful) musical and energy harmonic and most durative (strong and long lasting compared to other harmonics which subside before the fifth), the 3rd Mars return occurs. One and a half months later is the Mayan Sixth Day midpoint – the ‘Rebirth Celebration’. On 31 March, with the progressed Moon in its home sign, Cancer, the ‘womb’, a Yod forms on manifestational Saturn from transformative Pluto and spiritual Neptune, a Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars Mystic Rectangle in nurturing and healing signs, and a Cradle of Sun, Jupiter, Moon and north node in fertile and stable Water and Earth signs, the Mars returns to the progressed Mars position.

At the time when Chiron was discovered it was retrograding through peaceful Taurus and connected Jupiter retrograde conjunct the Cancer Moon through a supportive sextile that trined the Scorpio Sun - Uranus (exalted) conjunction in loose opposition to Chiron, forming a Feminine Earth and Water Wedge. Regenerative Jupiter is exalted, and the Moon is in dignity in nurturing Cancer, the 'womb', and the passively persuasive Wedge had a stable, sensitive and nurturing effect combined with the essence of the Scorpio Sun's ability to penetrate through the polarized outer shell of conscious awareness and receptivity. Chiron was closely square the Leo Mars, which was loosely square the Sun in opposition to Chiron, forming a Fixed T-square on Mars. Chiron also trined Saturn in the critical 29th (Anaretic) degree of tropical Leo, while in less than half a degree conjunction with fixed star Regulus, the 'Heart of the Lion', the 'Law Giver' and 'King of the four Royals' of the zodiac. (The other three royals being Formalhaut, Aldeberan and Antares). Regulus lies on the ecliptic plane, the 'solar ring of power', and Saturn of 'law' and form crystallized Chiron's birth into the conscious minds of Humanity with its pillar firmly rooted in the foundations of Regulus. The Anaretic degree of a sign is the weakest point and is known as the 'destroyer of form'. Chiron has a subtle, yet profound influence on the Human nervous system, working on levels largely beyond the physically bound conscious realms. Both Regulus and Saturn in this package manifested Chiron's influence through an appropriate medium.

In the late 70’s, alternative forms of healing, medicines and typically Eastern forms of spirituality began to find recognition in Western societies that were predominantly physically and materially orientated and listened to what they were told to do by the ‘powers that be’. Chiron’s entrance into the energy fields of the Earth realm stepped up the pace of the ‘revolution’, as it were. In a comparative chart of the Saturn return, Uranus of revolution forms challenging and agitating aspects with Chiron. Natal Chiron is semisquare transiting Uranus in Pisces (0°53’ orb) and natal Uranus is tightly square transiting Chiron in Saturn and Uranus ruled Aquarius (0°02’ orb). Both Uranus placements are in a loose trine formation, providing somewhat of a harmonious blending to favour the independent theme of spiritual evolution.

Saturn manifests energies and both placements in exact conjunction are loosely trine natal Chiron and link natal Uranus with a stimulating quintile that serves to unite. Of the three planets mentioned, only transiting Uranus is not in a Fixed sign. The overall influence is therefore of an obstinate and resolute nature.

"Aldeberan (Eye of the Bull), and Antares (Heart of the Scorpion), mark the centre of their respective signs: 15° sidereal Taurus and 15° sidereal Scorpio. Aldeberan, Antares, Regulus (Heart of the Lion), and Formalhaut (the Fish's Mouth – not Pisces), are the Four Royal Architects, giving structure and order to the Heavens. Regulus is Chief or King of the Four Royals. It is the only one of the four lying exactly on the ecliptic plane. At 5° sidereal Leo, Regulus, or "the Rex" means the Law Giver - a clue to its influence as the Heart of the Lion.' ( At 23° tropical Libra (29° sidereal Virgo), Arcturus brings prosperity, honor and high renown. Revelation 4:6,7 - Speaks of four beasts the four zodiacs of Leo, the lion; Taurus, the bull/calf; Aquarius, the face of a man; and Scorpio, the Eagle. When the zodiac is viewed from a sidereal point, excluding Earth's wobble, the four royals of the heavens fall into the above-mentioned signs. The four fixed signs of the zodiac are determined, focused and don’t like change. Hebrews 1:8 & 12; Malachi 3:6 'unchanging God'. Revelation 22:2 “…12 fruits every month…” (12 zodiac characteristics found complete in the Divine nature).

An interesting point to consider is that when Chiron was first photographed on 18 October 1977, there was a Yod (Finger of God) configuration focussed on Chiron from Libran Venus and Sagittarian Juno. Venus was single-minded about initiating a relationship in the Cardinal sign it rules, and Juno in goal seeking Sagittarius of philosophical and religious pursuits was very resourceful in the inspiring Mutable sign while structuring and defining the parameters of Chiron’s imminent nativity. There was also a Feminine Earth and Water Mystic Rectangle blending the forces of Jupiter in Cancer of the home environment (Earth), Uranus in Scorpio, Moon in enterprise initiating Capricorn, and Chiron that created fertile ground for the Chiron ‘seedling’ through expansive regeneration and rebirth, and transformative liberation, guided through sensible initiatives. The Saturn return chart of the 18 October 1977 chart has the transiting Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Sun in a tight Stellium formation in Leo conjunct natal Saturn and fixed star Regulus, the ‘Law Giver’.

Incredibly, the Taurus Full Moon on 27 October 1977 was exactly conjunct Chiron and the two lights formed a Wedge with Jupiter! Admetos, the resolute ’brick wall’ and sharp focus energy centre was also conjunct the Moon – Chiron pair, and Vulcanus of compulsive power was conjunct the already expansive Jupiter. Venus, north node and Pluto were conjunct in Libra and all were sextile Neptune, causing a shift of sensitivity in line with Divine Will. To inspire breakthrough, a Scorpio Stellium of Sun, Mercury and Uranus was semisextile (growth providing) both Neptune and the Libran rebirth triplet. Cupido of unions was conjunct the Sun, and Apollon of growth and expansion was conjunct Venus and the rebirth triplet! The Taurus Full Moon is the fruition of light seen through the enlightened consciousness, and the mastering of desire – pure Divine desire.

Pluto, just past an exact conjunction to the lunar north node in balanced and relationship orientated Libra was bearing the fruits of a transformed and newly 'reborn' goal orientation that was supported through a sextile by the goal seeking and innately religious and spiritual Sagittarian Neptune, planet of spiritual sensitivity. Vesta of a core sense of identity, faithfulness to the Self and focus on devotional goals was closely conjunct Pluto and north node, with Venus near by, in dignity in Libra, creating an appreciative and cooperative atmosphere. Chiron, the Centaur, is the half horse - half man archetype of Sagittarius. Exalted Uranus of break-through and fundamental, sweeping change made a fated and growth orientated semisextile to both Neptune and the north node in two directions.

On 26 August 2007, as Saturn exactly transits Chiron's 'natal' Saturn, a Yod is formed on the natal Jupiter - Moon conjunction in Cancer by transiting Jupiter, very enthusiastic and faithful while in dignity in Sagittarius, and transiting Moon imbued with a stirring sense of collective aspirations in Aquarius. Transiting Pluto in Sagittarius and the Saturn conjunction with the health and healing conscious Virgo Sun in the vicinity of Regulus, all harmoniously trine the natal Chiron. The mixture of receptivity between Feminine Earth and Masculine Fire signs prevents this from being a Grand Trine. The transiting Chiron, however, makes an extremely close trine to transiting Mars and the natal Pluto - north node conjunction, forming an interactive and communal Air Grand Trine. This effectively becomes an assertive, active Masculine Kite focussed onto Mars by the opposition of a natal Neptune - transiting Jupiter conjunction in enthusiastic and self-sufficient Sagittarius.

Chiron's Saturn return chart on 26 August 2007 has four Mutable Grand Squares providing adaptability and integrating Chiron's mature nature poured out to mankind. To borrow the description from, “The Grand Square, also called Grand Cross, is an intensely dynamic planetary pattern - the activity and associations of any one planet in the pattern activate and affect the entire pattern, as well as issues and structures ruled by and aspecting the squaring planets. As such, the Grand Square can be an all-encompassing experience; it acts like a transformative cauldron in our personal lives and global developments.” The main planets are Uranus in Pisces, Jupiter in dignity in Sagittarius, Mercury in dignity in Virgo, and Mars in Gemini. There is a stirring up of spiritual sensitivity, optimism and faith with active and fertile minds in communion. Pallas of faculties and wise implementation of the consciousness conjunct Uranus is in a tighter formation than Uranus and is 3 arc minutes from exactly square Mars, made restless and engaging in Gemini, particularly since Pallas is retrograde and inspires a new approach to healing the rift of spirit and the 3 dimensional; body of physical, emotional and conscious capacity. Pallas is not about emotions, but being in Water sign Pisces it has the depth and versatility necessary to bridge all four aspects of the complete subtle being. Vesta in close conjunction to Jupiter expands on our self-awareness, and with Chiron's natal Juno, the process is structured, defined and kept within the bounds of the 'Merkabah' theme of mental focus that used to be achieved through pennants only, but is now more readily available to those that seek it. Providing a strong foundation to the resonating Grand Square is the conjunctions of two of the four royals, Aldeberan, and its opposing zodiacal foundation, Antares, to Jupiter - Vesta and Mars, respectively. Formalhaut, north node, Pallas and Uranus form a broad conjunction that could be viewed as a pseudo-stellium in Pisces. The converging energies from all four elements, both Feminine and Masculine receptivities, and the inner planets Mercury and Mars, the bridging Jupiter, and outer planet Uranus all serve to achieve union of the introspective inner nature with the collective aspirations of universal awareness. Natal Chiron and Saturn are in a close parallel orbit in both the natal and transiting charts, further solidifying Chiron’s complete influence on Humanity. Both the heliocentric charts have Chiron in parallel declination with the Earth, and the natal Earth is parallel natal and transiting Saturn. The late May 2007 Mayan Fifth Day midpoint 'Breakthrough Celebration' will have 'spread its wings' by this point.

Here's the crunch - Chiron transiting through Fixed, yet progressive Aquarius makes very tight aspects to all four corners of the Grand Square. To Pallas is an exact semisextile, to Jupiter and Vesta is a sextile, to Mercury is a quincunx / inconjunct, and to Mars is a trine. Between them there is much opportunity for harmonious, supportive growth. The previous New Moon is in Leo, and its fundament is self-confidence, right choice and wise action. Two days after the Saturn return comes the opportunity to harvest these energies with the Pisces total lunar eclipse on 28 August 2007. Pisces is the working out of human evolution back to its source and adherence, obedience and purity through virtue are the themes. The Mutable Grand Square still exists and the Moon is in close conjunction to both the north node and Formalhaut, while square Jupiter, conjunct Vesta and Antares, and quintile Pluto. The quintile aspect unites through energies of bringing together the male and female within an individual, thus indicating marriage and creativity. Chiron and Humanity can achieve balance, while Pluto is on the march back to a conjunction with the galactic centre, the ‘Throne of God’, in late October 2007, and a transit of the sidereal ‘Gate of God’ in late January 2008 while semisextile the new Aquarian Sun and in an extremely close trine to Regulus, the ‘Law Giver’. The following day is the Leo Full Moon, bringing fruition to Capricorn’s determined and constructive New Moon. Mars is slowing down in preparation for its direct station, allowing for a timeous release of tension.

The real fruits of the harvest will be attainable as Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter come into very close proximity in Aquarius around the middle of 2009. This Stellium formation will coincide with two simultaneous Cancer New Moons divided by a Capricorn partial lunar eclipse in preparation for the spiritual rebirth of the total solar eclipse in Cancer that is followed by an Aquarian partial lunar eclipse. The ruler of spiritually attuned Sagittarius is Jupiter, and Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces, currently ruled by spiritually sensitive Neptune. Chiron is the archetype of Sagittarius, and the Aquarian theme of cleansing Humanity is reflected in Chiron. This Stellium of global spiritual awakening will be supported through a sextile to Pluto still near the ‘Gate of God’, and recently conjunct the galactic centre. This will form a Yod on the Cancer total solar eclipse of the Saros series. In Greek Mythology, Chiron was the son of Kronos and Philyra, the sea nymph. Kronos is likened to Saturn, and Philyra to Neptune. In Uranian Astrology, Kronos is a trans-Neptunian gravity centre that influences mankind from a position of ultimate authority and undisputed expertise. In the comparative Saturn return chart, natal Kronos is conjunct Aldeberan and transiting Mars, and transiting Kronos is conjunct natal Jupiter, Moon and Vulcanus (powerful and compulsive energy). As Christ is a visitor to this universe, and specifically on Earth, so Chiron is a visitor to our solar system. The common themes of Sagittarius, Aquarius (Aquarian Age), Pisces, Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter are all in line with the Christ – Buddha principle. Neptune is also described as having an influence that instils confusion. Sahaja Yogis are the only people who have the opportunity to possess pure Divine knowledge, and upon that success, being in immune to this resultant influence. Neptune also drives the imagination, which is a far more frequent energy than the current reality in this stagnant stodgy 3rd dimensional consciousness and is the tool that must be employed to begin freeing the individual from his/her un-enlightened reality.

As we change the way we view reality we change the essence of reality itself, and piece-by-piece God can enter it more and more. it is then that we begin to 'swim' through the quickened 'pools' of God's reality. The Stellium mega planet of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius is the power to bridge ourselves to this Divine reality. This is when Chiron will have fulfilled his quota, his purpose for being in our midst, bestowing upon us a love so pure it’s as if God Himself chose to be a planet.

In the Secondary Progression chart, Chiron’s Sun is in none other than Sagittarius! The Moon is in romantic Leo conjunct Mars and trine the Sun, there are two Feminine Cradle configurations that involve – 1. Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn (now in Earthy Virgo), and Vesta with the two opposing bodies in Fixed and resolute signs; and 2. Jupiter, Saturn, Vesta, and Mercury (in the 1st arc minute of Capricorn). Within these Cradles is formed an Earth Grand Trine that becomes a Kite of Mercury and Saturn directed onto Chiron from the opposition of Vesta, all helping to ground the energy of Chiron. Chiron and Jupiter form a Yod onto Ceres in Sagittarius, inspiring spiritual renewal that is bolstered with the conjunctions of the Uranian Admetos of unyielding, sharp focus with Chiron in unyielding Taurus, and Vulcanus of powerful and compulsive energy with expansive Jupiter in homely Cancer, which are both in a foundational square with Apollon of expansion and growth! Vesta, the load point of the Feminine Kite on Chiron is conjunct Cupido of unions and ‘marriage’, while several Fixed T-squares are formed on the Mars – Moon conjunction from Chiron – Admetos in opposition to Vesta – Cupido, and Pallas – Uranus. Apollon is expansive on the goal orientation with a conjunction to north node.

In a 1 degree orb comparison between Chiron’s natal and secondary progression charts has natal Pallas conjunct progressed Vesta opposite progressed Chiron, natal Juno conjunct progressed Sun that are both quincunx / inconjunct natal Moon. The natal moon is semisextile the progressed Moon and Mars, providing vibrant growth stimulation, the two Sun placements are also semisextile, and progressed Jupiter is sextile natal Chiron, providing support. The progressed Sun and natal Juno stimulate both Chiron placements through Biquintile aspects. The quintile is derived from the 5th harmonic – the 360-degree ecliptic divided in 72-degree sections. According to Nick Fiorenza of, Five, begotten by none, is sacred. Of itself 5 is the pent, the grand quintile, unique, different from all that has been before.

Five is of transmutation and transformation. Five allows freedom from lower three-dimensional form, from being locked eternally in a cyclic square of time. Five leads to Phi (1,618 - the Golden Mean), the golden proportion/ratio/relationship.

Five and Phi build and permeate the spiral of life. Phi is unconditional acceptance of all experience, holding no resistance, and passing no judgment, seeing only beauty to become. Phi seeks not to amass, but always gives more than it takes, because Phi is not a division of equality but of perfection - the harmonious path (proportion) of love and compassion. Five is the number of incarnate human - the "number of man". The number 5, Phi, 3:2 - the Perfect Fifth, the most universally consonant (pleasing to the ear and emotionally peaceful) harmonic and most durative (strong and long lasting compared to other harmonics which subside before the fifth). This is the pentacle synodic cycle ratio between planets Earth and Venus.

Chiron’s progressed Moon will be in Leo, creating a desire for confident self-expression and creativity in an extrovert manner. By mid 2009, the progressed Moon will be in Virgo, creating a desire for dedication in perfecting the healing and spiritual bridging process through introspection. The progressed Sun parallel Venus creates a nature of deep love, positive aspirations and a desire to create harmony. The Mayan Tzolkin Day Signs of 18 October 1977 photographing of Chiron was 'The Road' - Relaxed, courteous, careful and useful. On 27 October, the Taurus Full Moon, the Day Sign was 'Alligator' - Energetic, creative and initiating, and 1 November 1977, when Chiron was discovered, the Day Sign was 'Death' - Security conscious and helpful.

The numerological Life Path of 1 November 1977 is a 9, which is humanitarian, altruistic, sensitive, deeply understanding, generous, compassionate, responsible, attractive and magnetic personality, non-materialistic, spiritual guidance orientated, helper of the underprivileged or underdog, optimism and faith (characteristic of Chiron’s progressed Sun in Sagittarius since late 1998), suffering, self-sacrifice, enlightenment, Divine Wisdom. This sounds like Chiron to me!

The Sabian symbol for the position of progressed Saturn at 0Virgo27 is ‘A Large White Cross Dominates The Landscape’. The following degree relates to the position if it is into 1 arc minute of a degree onwards. The progressed Sun is of ‘A Theatrical Representation Of A Golden-Haired Goddess Of Opportunity’. Natal Sun is of ‘A Fellowship Supper Reunites Old Comrades’, and natal Chiron is of ‘The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow’.


Peace and love to all mankind.

Richard Embleton

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Chiron's Saturn Return Chart – 26 August 2007 – Taken from LA, California, USA

Note the pertinent correlation between: lunar nodes, angles, the Sun, the Moon, Chiron, Saturn and the outer planets.

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