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911 Prophecy · 911 Prediction

This article presents the astrologers who foresaw the 911 events.

Lynne Palmer · 911 Prophecy · 911 Prediction

lynne palmer

Lynne Palmer, the astrologer considered to have most accurately predicted 911, is a professional astrologer since 1957, living in Las Vegas.

"Avoid terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001" - these are the exact words of the 911 prediction from Lynne Palmer's book, Astrological Almanac for 2001, printed and released to bookstores in July 2000 (Star Bright Publishers).

The 911 prediction is written on page 95 of the book, buried among advice on the best days to go to the movies and worst days to lend people money.

Also, on another page, she states: "These are the days when terrorist attacks are most likely to occur. Sept 11-13, 2001".

Lynne Palmer is also known to have predicted the astrological conditions associated with the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster of February 1, 2003. Her Astrological Almanac for 2003 specifically listed February 1st as a date to "AVOID: TRAVEL BY AIR" and is underlined, which is a mark of increased danger.

Robert Zoller · 911 Prophecy · 911 Prediction

robert zoller

Robert Zoller, a well-known astrologer, practitioner of medieval astrology, made the following statements, that we may qualify as fairly accurate 911 prediction, in the August 2000 issue of his monthly newsletter Nuntius about the year to come 2001:

"From September we are entering a period of increased danger to us in the West. In an earlier Nuntius I said that there is an increasing threat to the US citizens and this is particularly so on the Eastern sea boarder [sic]. I have also said that this threat is linked not so much to a new boldness in terrorist planning but more to US incompetence. At that time I couched those remarks as being non-astrological so as to play down the warning but I say again as was said in the July Nuntius if the US does not cease acting incompetently, it will invite the depredations of adventurers such as Osama bin Laden and Saddam. This is a wake up call. Our way of life and cultural values (& our lives) are at stake."

"As the next 12 months unfold we will see increased tension in those countries that fell under the path of the August 1999 eclipse but after the end of August 2001 this will take on a new twist and it will be the last 6 months of the eclipse effect that will be the worse."
"After September 2001 when the first big crisis will have hit the US we will never be the same again"

Jim Shawvan · 911 Prophecy · 911 Prediction

jim shawvan

Jim Shawvan is an astrological teacher and advisor, specializing in relocation and travel as well as predictive techniques.

In the April/May 2001 issue of The Mountain Astrologer, Jim Shawvan pinpointed the area of the world where President Bush was likely to be engaged in conflict – Afghanistan and Pakistan. Jim Shawvan wrote of "something sudden" about to occur, "a surprise attack, a terrorist bombing." He continued, "Civil wars and conflicts in the Third World often build up slowly, with many warning signs; however, when the only remaining superpower is attacked, the preferred approach seems to be terrorist action with no warning." Shawvan also wrote that "[Bush] may judge it necessary to threaten or even use force in Afghanistan or Pakistan or both."

In the simplest terms, Shawvan reached his conclusions by observing the overwhelming presence of Mars — the planet of conflict and strife — in astrological charts he had drawn up for Bush. There was also, on the astro*carto*graphy map, a Mars line going through a map of Afghanistan. With this knowledge in hand, he deduced that there’d be the potential for America to go to war with Afghanistan. Shawvan called his predictions "purely an intellectual exercise." He added, "You use your knowledge of the facts and then put things together."

Robert Hand · 911 Prophecy · 911 Prediction

robert hand

Another famous astrologer, Robert Hand, made more general predictions, from a more psychological viewpoint, about an event expected to happen between August 5, 2001, and May 26, 2002 .

In the Aug./Sept. 2001 issue of The Mountain Astrologer, Robert Hand picked the Saturn-Pluto opposition of 2001-2002, especially the quarter starting with the Libra equinox 2001 and/or the Aries equinox 2002, as times that are more likely to lead to a US military engagement in the Middle East.
"Only one person predicted the date of the attacks, and that was Lynne Palmer," said veteran astrologer Robert Hand, a relatively highbrow practitioner of the art. "I don’t know how she did it. Things looked chaotic, but I could not have foreseen September 11. I looked and looked and I don’t know how anyone could have predicted it to the day."

Gayatri Devi Vasudev · 911 Prophecy · 911 Prediction

Gayatri Devi Vasudev

Gayatri Devi Vasudev, Vedic astrologer, editor of The Astrological Magazine, wrote in the January 2001 issue an astrological analysis predicting the world trends in the upcoming year.

Exerts from this magazine:

-"The Sun, as ruler of the lunar year, is ascribed certain specific results in classical works, such as: Kings will be in bad temper, engaging themselves in destructive attacks and invasions and in mindless violence. Rulers armed with mighty bows, swords and staves, will go about destroying countries in wars."
-"July 9, 2001 Jupiter enters the constellation Aridra which he transits until Sept. 17, 2001; "this period may see a religious or cult leader exposed."
-"Mars will be in opposition to Rahu on Sept. 14, 2001 and warns against a nuclear disaster or gas tragedy ... disasters ... fire break outs are also supported by such a disposition of Mars (around that time)."
-"Mars aspects Saturn (Retrograde) on Dec. 22, 2001. The United States may find itself forced into military action either in the Gulf or in a neighboring state."

Natal charts of these astrologers

Birth data and natal chart of Lynne Palmer
Dec. 14, 1932, 11:30 pm PST, El Centro, CA, USA
lynne palmer

Birth data and natal chart of Robert Zoller
Jan. 25, 1947, 8:59 am, Mt. Vernon, NY, USA
robert zoller

Birth data and natal chart of Jim Shawvan
Jun. 24, 1942, 4:30 am, Chicago, IL, USA
jim shawvan

Birth data and natal chart of Robert Hand
Dec. 5, 1942, 23:30:11 UT, Plainfield, NJ, USA
robert hand

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