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2006 Mid-year Predictions

by Raymond J. Sette,
guest writer

In the past, I have only posted predictions for the upcoming year at the end of each year. However, I foresee many significant events that have the potential to unfold through the remainder of this year and possibly into the next. Therefore, I have decided to make midyear predictions for the last half of 2006.

I began receiving insights into the coming months early in May. It is now mid-June 2006 as I complete my thoughts on those visions and potentials. One significant astrological phenomenon I would like to touch upon that will be exact on December 28, 2006, and continue through 2007 is Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center refers to the rotational center of our galaxy (the Milky Way) and is about 26,000 light-years away from the Earth in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius, where the Milky Way appears brightest.

The center of any "thing" is considered to be its strongest point. A perfect example of this is the eye of a hurricane. Though the eye is the calm center, the eye-wall of a hurricane that surrounds the eye of the storm is where the strongest winds, densest clouds, and heaviest rain occur.

Just as the Earth receives nourishment and energy from our Sun, which is the center of our solar system, could not our Sun, along with its children, the planets, receive energy from the center of our Galaxy? And if the Sun and planets could receive energy from this mid-point, couldn't we humans also benefit?

The point along the Zodiac wheel where the Galactic Center is currently located is 26 degrees of Sagittarius. Those individuals who have planets and points within five degrees of this location will likely feel the energy bursts more significantly than someone whose points are not within that specific orb of influence. As Pluto aligns with the Galactic Center, this icy planet will focus and amplify the energy from the center of our galaxy, making the energy and its effects more powerful. During the coming twelve months, these energies will be most influential on three dates: December 29, 2006; July 7, 2007; and October 27, 2007 (this last being the most powerful).

Pluto is the planet of great power, determination, and transformation. It is also the planet of mass destruction on both personal and global levels. When Pluto has a predominant placement in our charts, there is simply nothing we can't overcome when we direct our energies toward our goals and desires in a positive manner. At various times in one's life, an individual may transform himself beyond recognition once he eliminates any life-condition that does not accurately represent his "self."

When Pluto's energies reveal themselves in a negative manner, controlling, manipulative, and destructive tendencies can manifest within ourselves. At times, we may also project some of that negative energy toward others. We would be served best by consciously focusing this great one's energy and power in a positive manner. In the end, it will benefit everyone.

As Pluto aligns with the Galactic center, the Universe channels its energies to Earth. Those whose natal charts receive the strongest influence from this point have the power to create a better society through the choices they make. The changes must come from within each individual first and foremost if they are to resonate out to Humanity as a whole.

We have not yet reached the first power point; however, as with all Astrological phenomena, the energies can be felt ahead of the actual event-Pluto has been hovering at this point for over a year, on and off. The June 11, 2006, Full Moon at 20 degrees of Sagittarius was conjunct Pluto at 25 degrees Sagittarius. Those of us who are sensitive to cosmic energy will have noticed the pulse of energy on or near that date. There was also a significant amount of recorded seismic activity in the month of June, which was directly related to this astrological event! If you feel this connection to the Universe, use this time wisely by making personal choices that are in accordance with what you would truly desire to create in your personal life, as well as on a global scale for all Humanity.

The chart cast for the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2006, at 8:26 AM, EDT, is rather powerful as it creates a T-square aspect in fixed signs: the Moon in Taurus, Saturn conjunct Mars in Leo, and Jupiter in Scorpio, all less than 2 degrees of exactness from each other. Square aspects and fixed signs indicate rigidity and the need to understand that effort is required in order for positive results to manifest. In other words, we must put work into something so that we can get something in return.

The Moon in the Earth sign of Taurus squared by the Saturn/Mars conjunction indicate that natural resources will be a challenge (i.e., the fuel crisis). Saturn represents natural resources; with the square from Saturn to the Moon, (the People), the public will feel the need to take action in this area so that we can overcome this situation without long term, negative effects. This is a warning that humanity must seek other means of energy that are more efficient and environmentally friendly.

There will be great concern and strain over natural resources, as well as environmental and ecological issues, in the next 12 months. Oil prices could reach an all-time high by August with no break in sight until at least sometime in 2007. We must continue the effort of developing alternative fuel sources such as ethanol. I also see a great potential for another environmental tragedy similar to that of the Exxon Valdez incident of 1989 either in September or October. This one, though, could have greater consequence.

An epidemic/pandemic during the time of August into September will make its way into the headlines. There will be a medical/health challenge presented to the medical profession and the Center for Disease Control during this times. We may see this epidemic manifest itself primarily in children. This is nature's way of showing humanity that the manner in which we conduct our healthcare methods is not necessarily serving the greater purpose. We must look to alternative and natural methods, and become preventative and proactive with matters pertaining to individual health and well being. This is another one of Nature's messages: the manner in which humanity has been conducting its healthcare is not necessarily congruent with the Human design.

For example, antibiotics do not work with the body's natural design to fight off infection. There have been many studies that show that newer strains of bacteria are mutating, becoming resistant to today's antibiotics. When antibiotics were first created, the strains of bacteria we see today were not present in society; now, stronger antibiotics must be created to combat them. These antibiotics eliminate ALL bacteria in the body, including the necessary bacteria for the body to function at optimum performance, hence creating another imbalance in the body.

I would not recommend totally abandoning your current, personal method of medicine; however, I would strongly suggest looking to alternative methods of preventive healthcare. This is one example of how nature is urging humanity to take better care of themselves.

One of the many concerns in the United States for the coming months-in particular, the hurricane season-is whether or not we can expect as active and destructive a storm season as we had during 2005. I do not see July and August as active; however, I feel the time from September to October is when the most significant activity will take place, and we can expect another Katrina-type storm. I feel Texas will experience the wrath of this event. I see September 7 through 16 as being the most vulnerable.

I not only see a significant hurricane season, but also a significant earthquake and possible tsunami occurring. During this time I suggest we visualize the world surrounded by peaceful, loving light. When we constantly worry and fear about the possibility of an event occurring, we create continuous negative thought energy that actually heightens the energy potential for the feared event to develop. Try no to "visualize" a hurricane disaster, for when we do, we feed energy into its manifestation. That which we fear the most will come upon us.

A few final points to ponder:

  • Regarding the mid-term elections, we can expect disruptions, delays in verdicts, and misinformation, as well as confusion similar to what occurred during the 2000 Presidential election.
  • The United States is moving through a time in which the potential for emotional and spiritual development is continually unfolding. However, whether or not we are conscious of this potential or eventually reach it, this potential is coming to pass. We must be alert and careful not to miss this opportunity. In my earlier predictions, I stated: "There is a strong possibility that the long-held interaction between highly-evolved beings and secret human agencies will begin to leak into reputable public forums finally allaying the general population's deep-rooted suspicions." Perhaps this is where our emotional and spiritual development will have its origins. In the news, a reputable person will talk about some type of first-person alien encounter, as did Jimmy Carter many years ago (though he only reported the sighting of an alien aircraft, so he didn't have an actual "close encounter of the third kind"). The understanding, awareness, and acceptance of our neighbors from other galaxies will continue to find its place in our society. These interactions have been taking place since the beginning of time on Earth; they will continue to work themselves into the consciousness of Humanity as the next few years unfold.
  • During the last third of 2006 (September through December), Pope Benedict will make public his plans for the future of the Catholic church. He will be a powerful instrument in how the Catholic Church transforms itself in the coming years. Though he may not be the actual Pope who brings this transformation to fruition, I do most certainly see him as being an integral part of the process. I also see some sort of "secret society" that may not be aligned with what this Pope preaches. In addition, it is possible that during 2007 he finds himself re-evaluating his conservative beliefs. It's likely that he may only reign until 2010. The powerful eclipse of June 2010 corresponds with the Pope's Uranus Return, which includes planetary afflictions to his chart that indicate his time on Earth will be exhausted.
  • Regarding President Bush, I am actually surprised that he has not been asked to step down from the presidency, especially with all the conspiratorial controversy he has been linked to that, as I predicted, caused his approval ratings to hit an all time low. From August into September, I see him accused of another abuse of power. By December, we could hear of another scandal and more allegations of questionable tactics, such as the phone-tapping incident. Ironically, these issues are only a diversion from something even greater taking place behind the scenes.
  • As mentioned earlier, transiting Neptune is conjunct the Moon in the chart of the United States. The Moon in this chart indicates the people. This transit could indicate that the people of this country are being mislead by the government, as with the Mexico/US border issues. It's likely that government officials are moving focus away from something they don't want the American people to see by making an issue out of something else. However, once this transit has passed, perhaps the truth will be made known. I have another thought regarding this Mexico/US border situation: this is just another example of how Humanity sees each individual as disconnected from one another. Yes, given Humanity's state of mind in this day and age, we find it necessary to label people "illegal aliens" and create laws that disenfranchise them; however, a highly evolved and spiritual society would not isolate certain beings and create such laws. We must continually remember, we really are all part of one another, connected in a spiritually universal way, regardless of our geographic locations.
  • Political tensions with North Korea will continue to increase through these next few months, especially in September and October. We could see upsets and rioting in North Korea, as well as an overall unsettled feeling amongst the people. In fact, we may even observe the North Korean people attempt to remake or even overthrow its government. Kim Jong-il is extremely unsettled, unbalanced, and unstable. If he chose to resolve his personal issues, especially his resentment toward his biological mother, he would lead a much happier existence and perhaps he would not release his anger onto his people and the world at large.

Blessed be.

ray sette Raymond J. Sette is a professional astrologer living in the New York area. He holds a BFA Degree in Communication Design and Technology at the New Jersey City University is a practictioner of the Silva Method of Mind Development.

He set up a website offering current forecasts and a quarterly newsletter, Astrology for Tomorrow. Visit his website: www.mr-wizard.com

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