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Remarkable definition of Predictive Astrology !

Predictive Astrology

The truth about Predictive Astrology

"Astrology is humanity's oldest and most precise mindmap. It cannot, however, accurately predict events. The planets hold half of the cards; you hold the rest. Choices you make within the astrological environment determine what actually happens to you.

We are free. No rigid, fatalistic prediction can bind us. There is no astrological event so baleful that creativity, intelligence, and honest self-appraisal cannot turn it to constructive uses - and there is no configuration so glorious that selfishness and laziness cannot sour it.

The purpose of modern predictive astrology is to help people make better choices, to clarify the nature of psychological terrain through which they are passing, and to serve as their ally in the endless, unpredictable task of creating the future."

quote from Steven Forrest - The Changing Sky
(You Already Hold the Key to the Stars - A Practical Guide to the New Predictive Astrology)

Steven Forrest's birth data: January 6, 1949, 3:30 AM, Mt. Vernon, NY - as given on the back cover of the book

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