Fixed Stars - current position for Jan 1, 2011  ·  October 22, 2019, 11:19 GMT
Right now: Moon at 10°52' Leo, Sun at 28°46' Libra

Fixed Stars

Fixed Stars - current position for Jan 1, 2011

Although named "fixed", the stars on the sky move at a rate of one degree in 72 years.

Name of the fixed starLongitudeNature
Achernar (Alpha Eridanus)15Pis28Jupiter
Acrux (Alpha Crux)12Sco01Jupiter
Acubens (Alpha Cancer)13Leo47Mercury Saturn
Aculeus (Scorpius)25Sag53Moon Mars
Acumen (Scorpius)28Sag52Moon Mars
Adhafera (Zeta Leo)27Leo43Mercury Saturn
Agena (Beta Centaurus)23Sco56Venus Jupiter
Ain (Epsilon Taurus)8Gem37Venus Moon
Al Hecka (Zeta Taurus)24Gem56Mars
Al Jabhah (Eta Leo)28Leo03Mercury Saturn
Alamak (Gamma Andromeda)14Tau22Venus
Albireo (Beta Cygnus)1Aqu24Mercury Venus
Alcyone (Eta Taurus)0Gem08Moon Jupiter
Aldebaran (Alpha Taurus)9Gem56Mars
Algenib (Gamma Pegasus)9Ari18Mars Mercury
Algenubi (Epsilon Leo)20Leo51Mars Saturn
Algol (Beta Perseus)26Tau19Saturn Mars
Algorab (Delta Corvus)13Lib36Saturn Mars
Alhena (Gamma Gemini)9Can15Venus Jupiter
Alioth (Epsilon Ursa Major)9Vir05Mars
Alkaid (Eta Ursa Major)27Vir05Mars
Alnilam (Epsilon Orion)23Gem37Jupiter Saturn
Alphard (Alpha Hydra)27Leo25Saturn Venus
Alphecca (Alpha Corona Borealis)12Sco27Venus Mercury
Alpheratz (Alpha Andromeda)14Ari27Venus
Alpherg (Eta Pisces)26Ari58Jupiter Saturn
Alrisha (Alpha Pisces)29Ari31Mercury Mars
Altair (Alpha Aquila)1Aqu55Mars Jupiter
Alterf (Lambda Leo)18Leo01Mercury Saturn
Antares (Alpha Scorpius)9Sag54Mars Jupiter
Arcturus (Alpha Bootes)24Lib23Mars Jupiter
Armus (Eta Capricornus)12Aqu53Mercury Mars
Arneb (Alpha Lepus)21Gem32Mercury Saturn
Ascella (Zeta Sagittarius)13Cap47Mercury Jupiter
Asellus Australis (Delta Cancer)8Leo52Sun Mars
Asellus Borealis (Gamma Cancer)7Leo41Sun Mars
Baten Kaitos (Zeta Cetus)22Ari06Saturn
Bellatrix (Gamma Orion)21Gem06Mars Mercury
Betelgeuse (Alpha Orion)28Gem54Mars Mercury
Bos (Rho Capricornus)5Aqu19Venus Saturn
Botein (Delta Aries)21Tau00Venus
Canopus (Alpha Carina)15Can06Saturn Jupiter
Capella (Alpha Auriga)22Gem00Moon Mercury
Caphir (Gamma Virgo)10Lib17Mercury Venus
Capulus (Perseus)24Tau21Mercury Mars
Castor (Alpha Gemini)20Can23Mercury
Castra (Epsilon Capricornus)20Aqu21Jupiter Saturn
Copula (Canes Venatici)10Sco19Moon Venus
Dabih (Beta Capricornus)4Aqu12Venus Saturn
Deneb (Zeta Aquila)19Cap56Mars Jupiter
Deneb Adige (Alpha Cygnus)5Pis28Venus Mercury
Deneb Algedi (Delta Capricornus)23Aqu41Saturn Jupiter
Denebola (Beta Leo)21Vir46Saturn Venus
Difda (Beta Cetus)2Ari44Saturn
Dirah (Mu Gemini)5Can27Mercury Venus
Dorsum (Theta Capricornus)13Aqu59Jupiter Saturn
Dschubba (Delta Scorpius)2Sag43Mars Saturn
Dubhe (Alpha Ursa Major)15Leo21Mars
El Nath (Beta Taurus)22Gem43Mars
Eltanin (Gamma Draco)28Sag07Saturn Jupiter Mars
Facies (Sagittarius)8Cap28Sun Mars
Fomalhaut (Alpha Piscis Austrinus)4Pis00Venus Mercury
Foramen (Eta Carina)22Lib18Jupiter Saturn
Gacrux (Gamma Crux)6Sco53Jupiter
Giedi a1 (Alpha Capricornus)3Aqu55Venus Mars
Giedi a2 (Alpha Capricornus)4Aqu00Venus Mars
Graffias (Beta Scorpius)3Sag20Mars Saturn
Hamal (Alpha Aries)7Tau48Mars Saturn
Han (Zeta Ophiuchus)9Sag23Venus Saturn
Hyades (Delta Taurus)7Gem01Mars
Kaus Borealis (Lambda Sagittarius)6Cap28Mars Jupiter
Khambalia (Lambda Virgo)7Sco06Mercury Mars
Kochab (Beta Ursa Minor)13Leo28Venus Saturn
Labrum (Delta Crater)26Vir50Mercury Venus
Lesath (Upsilon Scorpius)24Sag09Mars Mercury
Manubrium (Omicron Sagittarius)15Cap08Sun Mars
Markab (Alpha Pegasus)23Pis38Mars Mercury
Markeb (Kappa Vela)29Vir02Jupiter Saturn
Meissa (Lambda Orion)23Gem51Jupiter Saturn
Menkalinan (Beta Auriga)0Can03Mars Mercury
Menkar (Alpha Cetus)14Tau28Saturn
Merak (Beta Ursa Major)19Leo35Mars
Mesarthim (Gamma Aries)3Tau20Mars Saturn
Mimosa (Beta Crux)11Sco47Jupiter
Mintaka (Delta Orion)22Gem30Jupiter Saturn
Mira (Omicron Cetus)1Tau40Saturn
Mirach (Beta Andromeda)0Tau33Venus
Mirfak (Alpha Perseus)2Gem14Jupiter Saturn
Mizar (Zeta Ursa Major)15Vir51Mars
Nashira (Gamma Capricornus)21Aqu56Jupiter Saturn
Nunki (Sigma Sagittarius)12Cap32Mercury Jupiter
Oculus (Pi Capricornus)4Aqu52Venus Saturn
Phakt (Alpha Columba)22Gem19Mercury Venus
Phecda (Gamma Ursa Major)0Vir37Mars
Polaris (Alpha Ursa Minor)28Gem43Saturn Venus
Polis (Mu Sagittarius)3Cap22Mars Jupiter
Pollux (Beta Gemini)23Can22Mars
Praesepe (Cancer)7Leo21Moon Mars
Prima Hyadum (Gamma Taurus)5Gem57Mercury Saturn
Princeps (Delta Bootes)3Sco18Mercury Saturn
Procyon (Alpha Canis Minor)25Can56Mercury Mars
Ras Algethi (Alpha Hercules)16Sag18Mars
Ras Alhague (Alpha Ophiuchus)22Sag36Saturn Venus
Rastaban (Beta Draco)12Sag07Mars Jupiter Saturn
Regulus (Alpha Leo)29Leo58Mars Jupiter
Rigel (Beta Orion)16Gem59Jupiter Saturn
Rigel Kentaurus (Alpha Centaurus)29Sco37Venus Jupiter
Sabik (Eta Ophiuchus)18Sag07Venus Saturn
Sadalmelik (Alpha Aquarius)3Pis30Mercury Saturn
Sadalsuud (Beta Aquarius)23Aqu32Mercury Saturn
Scheat (Beta Pegasus)29Pis31Mercury Mars
Schedar (Alpha Cassiopeia)7Tau56Saturn Venus
Seginus (Gamma Bootes)17Lib49Mercury Saturn
Sheratan (Beta Aries)4Tau07Mars Saturn
Sinistra (Nu Ophiuchus)29Sag54Venus Saturn
Sirius (Alpha Canis Major)14Can13Jupiter Mars
Skat (Delta Aquarius)9Pis01Mercury Saturn
Spica (Alpha Virgo)23Lib59Venus Mars
Spiculum (Sagittarius)0Cap59Moon Mars
Syrma (Iota Virgo)3Sco57Mercury Mars
Tejat (Eta Gemini)3Can35Mercury Venus
Terebellium (Omega Sagittarius)26Cap00Venus Saturn
Thuban (Alpha Draco)7Vir36Mars Saturn
Unukalhai (Alpha Serpens (Caput))22Sco13Saturn Mars
Vega (Alpha Lyra)15Cap28Venus Mercury
Vertex (Andromeda)28Ari00Venus
Vindemiatrix (Epsilon Virgo)10Lib05Saturn Mercury
Wasat (Delta Gemini)18Can40Saturn
Yed Prior (Delta Ophiuchus)2Sag27Venus Saturn
Zaniah (Eta Virgo)4Lib59Mercury Venus
Zavijava (Beta Virgo)27Vir19Mercury Mars

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