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Sun trine Moon

Sun trine Moon - astrological aspect

Astrology aspects - Sun trine Moon This indicates that there can be a positive harmony of conscious will and your instinctual, emotional, and habitual response patterns to life; fewer inner conflicts between your feeling reactions and the application of your purpose should occur. You are likely to feel self-confident and optimistic about fulfilling your potential, aims and ambitions, and you may discover that doors open for you at the right times, or people offer support and help which enable you to move forward; luck may be a factor in your life.

Your early life experiences, parental relationships and childhood social conditioning are likely to have been generally favourable, and little negativity has made any deleterious mark on your development. There may be benefits from hereditary influences, possibly in natural talents and gifts, and some of your habitual pattern tendencies may be family traits, although the likelihood is that they are essentially positive and constructive. In your adult life, you will try to maintain good family relationships, both with your parents and with any family that you are responsible for creating. You tend to relate well with young children, who enjoy your sincere concern, care, understanding and attention.

You ensure that you learn from all experiences so that lessons do not need to be painfully repeated. One area where extra prompting may be needed is in application. As your basic temperament is relaxed and laid-back, generating sufficient momentum towards achieving aims can sometimes seem to be too much hard work to bother. You may be unwilling to stretch and really challenge yourself to develop, and thus may fail to realise the depth of latent potential that you actually possess. In fact, you should have considerable natural talents waiting to be exploited, and you should become alert to any opportunities that offer the prospect of growth and unfoldment, so that your creative drives and ability to unite feelings and will are successfully released in your environment.

Self-assertion may need a concentrated focus for you to progress in a career; although the potential is there for good advancement to be made, there may be a question mark against your level of commitment and desire actually to enter senior positions. Your sensitive good nature may be less of an asset in such positions, however, where harsh impersonal decision may be required for business viability. Yet you could effectively serve in an authoritative role, especially in spheres of interpersonal contact and communication, where your assets of friendliness, sincerity, persuasiveness and understanding people's motivations can make you a very good mediator between levels of employees.

Feeling right with yourself is important, and you recognise that is a key to good personal health and enjoyment of life. The free-flowing nature of this Sun-Moon contact helps you to appreciate your strong physical vitality, stamina and ability to recover easily from any temporary illness.

In social situations, you tend to act as a 'bridge' between people, being able to understand and empathise with different types, and throgh that reconciling aspect of your nature can help people to join together more easily. You can be sexually attractive, and this can lead you into successful relationship experiences. The main issue is to use this aspect's positive and constructive nature as fully as possible, and not just allow that stable, tranquil and contented nature to cast a soporific spell over you. You need to awaken your solar nature and qualities, in addition to expressing your lunar qualities comfortable, because that will become your path of self-development.

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