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Karmic encounter???



Hi I'm Bublynn!
I became passionate about astrology around 2019 when I found it fleshing out my dreams to get to know a symbolic language. I didn't know there was anything that spoke in symbols before I found astrology! I think there where crumbs in my discovery of archetypes that opened my mind, but nothing quite hit me and clicked like the planets and their relationships did.
I learned from a number of different places around the internet, and at first found it so agitating! People love...

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Hello forum members from a taurus with capricorn rising

Hello everyone,
Im glad to meet you.
I have been studying astrology for a while and I thought I should join
the forum , it feels less lonely when you see other members discuss about astrology too!

New member

Hello. My name is Debbie. I am happy to find this site. I love astrology. I bought my first book on astrology when I was 10 years old at a yard sale.

Introducing Myself as an Astrloger

Hi everyone!

My name is Peter Torres, a professional Astrologer from Puerto Rico.

I've been into astrology since about a decade ago.

I trained myself using the books from the best astrologers: Liz Greene, Robert Hand, Sue Tompkings, Donna Cunningham, Steven Forrest, among several others; and by doing hundreds of free readings in different astrology groups and forums, such as Astroseek, Astrodiesnt, Ask Astrologers (Facebook), Career Astrology (Facebook), Astrocartography (Facebook), etc...

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