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Right now: Moon at 5°39' Sagittarius, Sun at 3°08' Gemini

Hi, I'm Punkie. Professional astrologer.

I have been working as a professional for twenty years, and I am now arriving in the community. Thanks!

Vedic astrologer from India

Hi fellow astrologers, I am Abhi, I am from India and into astrology for 5 years. Although, I am more into vedic/sidereal astrology and am also into exploring deeper parts/branches of other types of astrology apart from vedic which I personally find intriguing.

Here for fun

I’m Anna.

I have a casual interest in astrology, mostly because I’m very curious about relational dynamics and what makes people tick, including myself.

Sometimes, it is helpful for recognizing/understanding patterns. I believe in using resources to get an edge on stuff. I like to understand things deeply. So, I figured I would check this out.

Balancing Polar Opposites

Hello! My Leo Sun in the 7th house got profoundly heartbroken by a single-mother Aquarius last year, which prompted my further exploration of astrology. After getting my birth chart read, that astrologer reccommended books to me that have set me on my current path. I started out with Benjamin Dykes; now I am dual-reading Louise Edington's kind-of-coffee-table-book and Steven Forrest's The Inner Sky, which has made a lasting impact on me.

My astrological makeup: Leo Sun at 25 degrees...

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Good to be here :)

I am relatively "new" to astrology. I've been on-and-off studying it for ten years or so, but have only had time to dabble.

My true interest is in cards, both tarot and Lenormand. Some of you may know me from the former AT and Cartomancy Forum (same username).

I hope to keep learning more about astrology here.

Thank you for having me!

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