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Right now: Moon at 20°27' Capricorn, Sun at 2°28' Cancer

Hi everyone!

I'm a chinese astrologer.
I'm good at the system called ZIWEi.


Hey all. I'm Lori-Ann and I don't actually have a professional background in astrology, it's just a serious hobby of mine.

Hi everybody!

I'm a hobbyist astrologer here to learn. No formal training, I just find it fascinating and am looking to grow my knowledge.

Hi Everyone!

Novice astologer, here! I've been dabbling for the last 8 years or so. I had been posting on reddit but the communities aren't very responsive or helpful for new learners. I found this forum through queries about horary rules, which is what is currently the focus of my attention.

A little about my.. in my 40s, always fascinated by divination and the occult. I'm a Gemini rising and moon with an Aries sun, mercury, venus and mars. I like art, learning, hanging out with family and friends...

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On & Off Astrology Lass 50+ years ~ Looking for good discussions

Hi all! Many moons in and out of love with astrology. I've had hideous readings & magical readings. Not so great teachers & fantastic teachers. Sailed with the muses, sometimes at odds with the muses. Play Irish mandolin to balance muse drama.
Kind of a refugee from both humanistic & hardcore traditional astrology, but use trad rulerships peppered with modern influences. Not team Vedic. Respect the precessions, but stick with the tropical seasons.
My long time face to face teacher...

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