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HI! I am very interested in horary astrology. A very fascinating sector. I come from traditional astrology but horary astrology intrigued me a lot. From your forum I learn new and enlightening things

New here

Hi everyone!
I have just started learning about astrology and found this amazing forum!
Looking fwd to get to get to know you all 😊

Hi! 😀

New here, and new in astrology, real beginner but have so much interest, hope to learn here more especially in horary astrology.

Hello everyone

Good Afternoon,

Astrology beginner joining today - Cancer Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Libra - hope to get to know you and myself better on these forums.


Tiaracat 🐱

Hello everyone

Hi ! I'm Blanche, sun in Aries and gemini AS. Looking foward to learn more !! This forum is great!

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