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Hi i am new here

hello everyone i don't know how this website work as of yet. hope i can be of help , i love astrology

I am me

A friendly Hello to all people here at that hot summerday,
I called myself Sandman in this holy room, come from Germany closed to Frankfurt, started 40 years ago with my first steps in astrology. At that time Uranus made a rest on my ascendant. In the beginning of the 90th I read some books of the german astrologer Wolfgang Döbereiner, later I started reading forums and try to learn form others. Most of the time I was a self-learner without books.I observe the movement of the stars in the...

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Hello everyone here

I'm happy that I found your site, I can't call myself a professional astrologer anymore, I'm more of an amateur ... this site reminds me a bit of the old Astro Seek, when it still had a forum and some kind of social interaction, for some reason it's no longer there....
I enjoy socializing and exchanging ideas

Hello everyone

Hello everyone
I consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to astrology but of course always hoping to learn more and connect and share with others!


My name is Ken. I have been a student of astrology for nearly forty years and now that I have time to spare I have taken especial interest in Horary and Electional Astrology. I am currently reading Frawley's book on Horary and I watch Chris Brennan's The Astrology Podcast. For many years I was overwhelmed by the wealth of information and the varied topics in Astrology. Because I wasn't a psychologist I shied away from trying to read charts. Now I feel more comfortable in my studies and...

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