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Right now: Moon at 21°37' Pisces, Sun at 21°28' Leo

Hi, Cancer Moon Here!

I Googled "clingy" beside the term Cancer Moon, and found this site. This was my attempt at discovering how destined I am to make any more boneheaded errors than I just did today, with regard to repelling others with my clingyness or neediness.

I angered one of the regulars at a bar/restaurant I usually frequent , since it's so close to where I live. He was angry, because I was using him (unwittingly) as my personal therapist, I guess, because I liked him, and didn't know too many others...

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Hi! 11th H Cancer sun, moon, and mercury here..

Hi guys! I'm a troubled ego and a honest soul. I've got some questions and hope to learn a bit..

Turkish girl who is interested at sports astrology

Hi all,

I desire to meet vedic astrologers around the world. But not western, please only vedic astrologers. namaskar!

Hi, Leo Sun, Taurus Moon here!

Just got back into astrology after break. looking forward to chatting to like-minded folks.


Hi, I am a capricorn ascending Taurus.

I've Always been interested in astrology, magic, energies, above all in birth charts.
Never went too deep into It but I would like to know more.
Above all the psychological aspects of the signs.

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