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Hi, I am new in this community. I love astrology and readings posts. There is a lot of informations for me. I am learning astrology about 5 years and still learning a new informations. I like synastry and I am very glad, that I find this forum. Every natal chart is unique, astrology is like a psychology for me.


I'm Deshr. I've been dabbling with astrology (aka I've done some calculations and some light reading on what it means) but I never went deeper, there's still a lot for me to learn. I'm mostly interested in traditional astrology (I recently found out there's a medieval kind!!) and that's my focus for learning. I do find modern astrology interesting but in my experience, it just doesn't resonate much with me and I can't see modern astrology in action within my life easily if at all as a...

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thank you for this forum.

Thank you for this forum. I have been studying astrology on my own for years, but I still have a lot to learn. I would love to take an astrology class, if I can find a good one that I can afford.

I had been reading the Astrodienst forum for awhile, especially the Natal Charts section. After that forum closed, I have been looking for another serious and friendly astrology forum. I looked at every astrology forum I could find, and chose this one.

I am a Vedic Astrologer from India

Hi, I am doing practice for more than twenty six years. I hope you will get all your answers in my report and you will get all the things up to date with time frame, I will suggest you precautions and I will tell you about hurdles and obstacles in your life. I need your date of birth, time of birth, place of birth with your questions. You will get an in depth, true and genuine report with several phases of life. You can ask here about any thing which is mysterious for you and you are looking...

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Hello! Im new and today is my birthdayyy

I even posted my SR chart lol
I am more experienced in natal chart astrology than predictive like Solar Returns so it'd be interesting to me to learn more and whether it's worth looking into SRs or progressions as a friend said its too complicated and misleading..
However I read online material and I was actually able to see the signs of my previous horrible SRs so I'm curious to learn more! I mostly care about being able to give advice to friends and myself about what to focus on and what...

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