'Will Nada be healed?' - free weekly Horary Astrology question interpreted  ·  July 1, 2015, 11:55 GMT

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Weekly Horary Astrology

"Will Nada be healed?"

Horary astrology question

This question was asked on May 6, 2005, at 8:18 CED in Beograd, Serbia. The questioner asks about another person, a woman named Nada, who has lung cancer and receives radiation therapy. So the questioner asked if Nada would be healed.

Will Nada be healed?

Nada is assigned the 7th house, therefore Saturn represents her. The turned 6th house from the 7th represents Nada's illness. The house starts at 29 Tau 45 and includes as an intercepted sign Gemini, which is the zodiacal sign which corresponds anatomically to the lungs. So we take both Venus and Mercury as the significators of the disease.

Venus is approaching the conjunction with Algol, the most malefic fixed star, which is a bad omen. Mercury is casting a square to Saturn. Either significator we use, the outcome seems unhappy.

Saturn is at the same degree as the lunar nodes, which is traditionally considered as a critical degree, indicating that Nada's condition and situation is critical. Saturn is also in inconjunction (quincunx) with retrograde Pluto, indicating this radiation tratement she undergoes (Pluto rules X-rays). Yet as Pluto is retrograde and located in the turned 12 house, it is little likely that this therapy would give good results in the long run.

The Part of Fortune in the 6th house indicates some improval in her condition. The same is suggested by the Moon applying to a conjunction to Mercury. However, the next aspect of the Moon is the square with Saturn, which not favorable.

The turned 6th house cusp at 29 Tau 45 is conjunct the Pleiades, surnamed "the weeping sisters", which when found in a horary chart gives "something to cry about".

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