'Will I get another baby?' - free weekly Horary Astrology question interpreted  ·  May 28, 2015, 9:56 GMT

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Weekly Horary Astrology

"Will I get another baby?"

Horary astrology question

The woman asking the question says she already has two children and wants to know if she'll have another one. This question was received on May 19, 2005, at 10:37:28 pm EED, in Tirgu Mures, Romania (46e34, 24e33).

Will I get another baby?

Assigning the houses and significators: the querent gets Jupiter, ruler of the 1st house, Venus, 5th house ruler, represents the children she already has, Mercury represents the next baby, being the ruler of the 5th house counted from the radical 5th house, that is the 9th house.

We see both Jupiter and the Moon in the house of the next baby, indicating a very strong interest and motivation of the querent to ask this question. Pluto retrograde in the 1st house adds even some more focus and drama to this situation and indicates some trouble or problems that led the querent to think the she might not have another baby.

The quesited house, the radical 9th or turned 5th from the 5th house is in a barren sign, Virgo, which is not good. Yet, Mercury, its ruler, is in Taurus in applying sextile to Mars, ruler of the 11th house of querent's hopes, indicating that there is still hope. The 11th house of hopes is in Scorpio a fertile sign (like all water signs) which is quite normal, since the querent hopes the she's still fertile. The 12th cusp is also in Scorpio, a fertile sign. Why is this important? Because the 12th house is the turned 4th house from the 9th which represents the expected baby, the end of the matter. As the cusp is at the 29th degree, it indicates that the matter may be performed but very late, after a long time.

More indications on fertility: the Moon (coruler) in mutual reception by triplicity with Mercury (baby). Actually Mercury is received by the Moon in its exaltation (the baby is highly regarded, is "exalted"), in its triplicity and face. Mercury is also ruler of the 7th house, the partners assisting her in this situation, that is the medical team, the doctors. As there are many receptions involved, a specialized medical treatement is mandatory and will yield good results.

The Moon rules the 8th house, Fortuna is located in the 8th house conjunct with the Part of Surgery, Mars' antiscion on the MC, all these indicate the surgery as a possible situation (even if only a C-section).

As a conclusion, there is still hope. Under a proper medical treatement and observation, she may have another baby. A fertility astrological study in order to assess the fertile days in a month (using the Jonas-Dicu method) is advisable.

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