Natal Chart Report

Detailed analysis of your natal chart.

Great introduction to understanding of your astrological potential.

Thorough explanation of all astrological elements in your chart, and their meanings.

Insights into your character and personal life potentials. The strengths you have and the challenges you experience in life.

It covers your primary motivation in life, your identity, emotions, love, spirituality and career potentials.

Quick turnaround. Your report will be ready next day.

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First slide

Venus in Virgo. You tend to be shy and reserved socially and find it difficult to make contacts. An overly critical attitude can make for missed opportunities in love. You have a practical approach to love, which is fine, but it can spoil spontaneity if taken too far.

Moon's North Node in Aries. You have a need to associate and to assume leadership positions over others. There is a tendency to dominate in relationships or to initiate and organize activities between people. You tend to be direct and competitive with others.

Midheaven in Aries. Your aim in life is to become self-reliant and independent. This can be achieved through being resourceful and taking risks. It is also to your advantage to pursue and accept leadership roles. Self-realization comes through your own efforts and actions.

Neptune in 5th House You tend to have a dreamy and idealistic view on love matters and is inclined to expect more than is possible of a lover; which can lead to let downs or disappointments in love. You are prone to romantic longings and seducing influences, or even secret love affairs.

4th House Cusp in Libra You desire peace and harmony in the home and among your family members. You often find yourself playing the role of the mediator and go-between in the family. You like an attractive home and will go to great lengths to make it pleasing to look at and be in. You enjoy entertaining at home and being the attentive host.

Pluto Sextile Ascendant (5z57' S) You have the ability to lead others and to subtly get people to do as you wish, usually through gentle but firm persuasion. Other people are attracted to you because you have an irresistible magnetism. You will win friends and influence people because you respect power and know not to abuse it.

I didn't end up moving, but it was interesting to see the potential of each place. Thanks for the relocation report.


The report helped me understand who I am. Thanks for fixing it after I provided wrong data. Thanks!


I was surprised how detailed the report was. It took time to go through its 10 pages, and analyze the content. Thank you!


We laughed when we read our compatibility report. All areas of conflict: spot on!

Erika U.S.