Forecast Report

Astrological trends affecting your life over a period of one year.

Major transits and progressions to your natal chart.

Describes planetary influences defining major periods and events in your life.

The duration of each trend is indicated by a starting date, an ending date and strongest influence date.

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19 May 2009 Transiting Uranus is entering your 2nd House For the duration of this transit your financial affairs will be anything but steady. Expect fluctuations in personal wealth, ranging from sudden gains to sudden losses.

13 Jun 2009 Progressed Moon is Opposition your Natal Uranus During this period you may be susceptible to sudden and uncharacteristic behavior. You are likely to feel restless and desirous of change.

7 Jul 2009 Progressed Sun is Sextile your Natal Midheaven During this period you have a sense of purpose and seem to know where you're going and how to get there. An influential person could be good for you professionally now.

13 Aug 2009 Transiting Uranus is entering your 1st House For the duration of this transit you will be motivated to act freely and independently. You require a lot of change and variety in your life now. Physically, you may alter your appearance in some way.

19 Sep 2009 Transiting Jupiter is entering your 12th House This is a period in which your attention will tend to be turned inward and you will be quite content with the simple pleasures of life. You will be inclined to spend extended periods of time alone or in seclusion, or if there is someone important in your life, you will appreciate quiet times together. You are more empathetic to the needs of those whose lives are more of a struggle than your own.

20 Sep 2009 Transiting Saturn is Trine your Natal Saturn Unless there are other stronger transits occurring now, this can be an excellent period for sorting out your priorities and making your life as stable and secure as possible. Long-term objectives, which mature over time, can be started during this period and any projects that require patience and perseverance will succeed now.

I didn't end up moving, but it was interesting to see the potential of each place. Thanks for the relocation report.


The report helped me understand who I am. Thanks for fixing it after I provided wrong data. Thanks!


I was surprised how detailed the report was. It took time to go through its 10 pages, and analyze the content. Thank you!


We laughed when we read our compatibility report. All areas of conflict: spot on!

Erika U.S.