Forecast Report

Major transits and progressions of your natal chart that are relevant to you on a day by day basis.

Day by day astrological influences to your natal chart for the next 3 months.

Describes planetary influences defining major periods and events in your life.

The duration of each trend is indicated by a starting date, an ending date and strongest influence date.

Quick turnaround. Your report will be ready next day.

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10 Sep 2009 Transiting Venus is entering your 7th House This is a time when your social life becomes a bit of a whirl. Others are attracted to you and seek your company. This can be an excellent time for bringing harmony into your relationship

15 Sep 2009 Transiting Mercury is Sextile your Natal Mercury This is an excellent time for all types of communication. You can present your ideas or arguments well now. Business decisions and short distance travel are well-aspecte

22 Sep 2009 Transiting Mercury is Trine your Natal Saturn This is a good time for attending to practical matters. You are able to plan well and to make arrangements. Your thinking is considered and realistic.

23 Sep 2009 Transiting Sun is Trine your Natal Jupiter Influential people in important positions can be accessible to you at the moment. Travel, too, under this transit can be successful and enjoyable. A good day for business or legal affairs.

26 Sep 2009 Transiting Venus is Conjunct your Natal Pluto Passions are intensified over this period and any hidden feelings or problems in love are likely to come out into the open now. Emotional intensity is obvious and you can become fixated on achieving personal desires. Transformation in love is likely.

26 Sep 2009 Transiting Sun is Trine your Natal Moon A general feeling of well-being and inner harmony exists now. Your relationship with the opposite sex and family is likely to be good at the moment. A good time for socializing at home with family or friends.

I didn't end up moving, but it was interesting to see the potential of each place. Thanks for the relocation report.


The report helped me understand who I am. Thanks for fixing it after I provided wrong data. Thanks!


I was surprised how detailed the report was. It took time to go through its 10 pages, and analyze the content. Thank you!


We laughed when we read our compatibility report. All areas of conflict: spot on!

Erika U.S.