Compatibility Report

Detailed analysis of your relationship.

Great introduction to understanding your relationship, by thoroughly explaining all astrological interaction between your and your partner's natal charts.

Compares the horoscopes of two people and interprets the correlations between them.

Reveals your areas of harmony and compatibility as well as your areas of tension and conflict.

Quick turnaround. Your report will be ready next day.

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Her Sun is in your 7th House This is a classic partnership combination. You recognize just how important Angelina is in your life. It is as if you and she are meant for one another. She lights up your life and shows you what relationships are all about - for better or worse.

His Sun is in your 5th House Let the good times roll. You have fun together and quickly learn how to make each other happy. You feel good in one another's company. He can unlock the doors to your creative talents and lead you on the road to self-discovery. Children may be an important aspect of your relationship.

Brad's Venus is Opposition Angelina's Ascendant 5°25' S This combination can lead to a permanent relationship or marriage. The attraction you have for each other is real and potent. There is love and intimacy between you and a deep feeling of contentment with each other.

Angelina's Moon is Trine Brad's Ascendant 1°11' A You relate well to one another emotionally and have the ability to sense each other's needs. You interact with one another effortlessly and find it easy to adapt when necessary. There is genuine love and affection between you.

Angelina's Mars is Square Brad's Moon's North Node 0°27' A You have a strong desire to cooperate with each other. However, for this to succeed you need to discourage competition between you or any inclinations one partner may have to try and dominate the other. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of teamwork.

Brad's Jupiter is Opposition Angelina's Pluto 3°19' S The challenge with this aspect is to respect and tolerate one another's personal beliefs and philosophical outlooks. If either of you tries to force your personal belief system on to the other against their will, there will be problems between you.

I didn't end up moving, but it was interesting to see the potential of each place. Thanks for the relocation report.


The report helped me understand who I am. Thanks for fixing it after I provided wrong data. Thanks!


I was surprised how detailed the report was. It took time to go through its 10 pages, and analyze the content. Thank you!


We laughed when we read our compatibility report. All areas of conflict: spot on!

Erika U.S.