'Did Mary Magdalene bare a child fathered by Jesus?' - Great Horary Questions  ·  May 30, 2015, 18:22 GMT

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Right now: Moon at 4°30' Scorpio, Sun at 9°02' Gemini

Did Mary Magdalene bare a child fathered by Jesus?

Great Horary Questions

The questioner just watched the "Da Vinci Code" and felt compelled to ask this question: "Did Mary Magdalene bare a child fathered by Jesus?".

Chart data: February 7, 2008, 12:50 pm AEDT, Bellingen, Australia.

Did Mary Magdalene bare a child fathered by Jesus?

Horary chart interpretation:

Mary Magdalene

The significators:

Mary Magdalene is signified by the 7th house ruler Mars as just some othe person inquired about. The presence of Scorpio, on the 7th house cusp is a good fit, as Mary Magdalene was exorcised (Luke 8:2).
Jesus is signified by the 9th house ruler, as he was the most influential spiritual character in the history of humankind. The presence of both benefics in the 9th house, Jupiter and Venus, reinforces the assignment, as he is considered God by the Christians.

Location by sign:

Both significators, Mars and Saturn, are in barren signs (Gemini and Virgo), as considered by the astrological tradition. This already very telling.

The aspect:

Looking for a separating aspect between the main significators, Mars and Saturn, as a testimonial of the relationship between the two ending in giving birth to a child, there is none.

But there is a hidden connection by antiscia between the two planets and this is highly relevant as we are investigating a hidden story.

Mars is in a tight separating sextile (less than a degree orb) from Saturn's antiscion at 23 Aries 28. That would point towards a past hidden connection between the two persons, meaningful in the context of the question, as a "yes". But the thing is that the aspect was never perfected as Mars, the faster moving planet, just turned direct, switching movement direction.
A classic refranation example.

The conclusion:

Mary Magdalene didn't bare a child fathered by Jesus.

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