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Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

The New Yort Times 1928
Feburary 25
page 1 column 2

colonel charles lindbergh ,his capitalist and major thomas lanphier , commander of the first pursuit group at selfridge field, michigan, met today with lester hendershot, inventor of the fuelless motor and his business associate d. bar peat.

so begins a week that is lost in history.

lester henderson invented a electric motor that in the words of major lanphier :" said to employ electromagnetism with the rotary motion of the earth" the motor produced 1800 rpm for 2000- 3000 hours before the central magnet had to be recharged
major lanphier had two weeks earlier had tested the motor at selfridge fields.although he at first thought it was "bunk" he became convinced after testing the generator(not-motor) himself and contacted lindbergh.
the motor was presently in transit to ny for furthur testing.

New York Times 1928
Feburary 26
pager 1 column 4

Feburary 27
page 19 column 3

Feburary 28
page 19 column 1

at this time in history charles linndbergh was probably the most famous american in the world as he had completed the first transatlantic flight to europe on may 20 1927.

one must keep in
mind that air travel was just becoming a world wide force.
the imagination of the nation was taken over by the ex world war 1 pilots that took to barn storming in the 20's. lindbergh was bigger than any rock star today as the nations self image was inhanced through his exploits.

early on lindbergh was mentioned in connection with business interest but very quickly put in the background because no one wanted him associated with any particular corporation for fear of bad press.

as major lanphier declared " colonel lindbergh had no connection with the groups interested in it(fuelless motor).there is only hendershot,peat,henry breckenridge and myself(lanphier).lindbergh means too much to aviation.lindbergh is aviation in america."

so from the beginning the capitalist were trying to buy this technology.
this led lester hendershot ,on feb26, to deny that any corporations had been formed a this point.

as so much speculation surrounded his generator,ranging form the idea it was "stealing" power from radio broadcast stations(soundly refuted as the generator produced constant electricity 24 hours a day,even when there were no stations on the air) to outright fraud.
the most perceptive realized it was a generator ,not a motor, but could not explain where it's power supply came from.
so lester explained in his own words:"there is nothing mysterious about the motor,it is the same force that pulls the needle of a compass."

at this time in aviation history a compass was sorely needed before air flight could become common place. compasses do not give true north as the point to the magnetic ploe not to true north. going on" all that exist currently is the magnetic induction compass that indicates north but has to be reset before each flight and is unreliable"

"i found that with a premagnetized core ,i could set up a magnetic field that would indicate the true north".

" in continuing my experiments i learned that by cutting the same lines of magnetic force north and south i had a indicator of true north and that by cutting the the field east and west i could develope a rotary motion."

his associate barr peat furthur explained,"the secret is in the method of winding a magnet in the motor so that it will rotate in the opposite direction that the sun revolves"

major lanphier had studied the motor for two weeks and had helped build the second larger model.his descriptions are very interesting.

the first model kept a 6 watt light bulb burning for 26 days and powered a sewing machine engine but burned the sewing machine engine out.

quoting hendershot lanpheir adds," it draws the energy off the magnetic energy of the earths poles."
but no more details until the patent work is complete.

lanphier continues,"the first model consistesd of a ring magnet 3 inches in diameter .around the magnet were coils rigged as only hendershot knows how to fix them.and another set of coils pass through the center of the ring."

the larger second model that lanphier helped build was a ring magnet 7 inches in outside diameter and 6 inches inside diameter.
this lite 2 100 watts lamps and as lanphier ominiously stated.."i think we have enough electricity to kill a man."

hendershot later added to a congressional commitee,"it obtains its intial impulse from the precharged magnetic core and its secondary and greatest power surge by magnetic induction from the earth"." one which produces 60 horsepower has been running for two weeks without recharging the magnetic core.

so at the end of feburary,1928, the motor is intransit to washington for furthur testing.

hendershot was given a broken radio and in earlier 1928 he used the parts of the discarded radio to make his first genertator.he used it to power a toy airplane for his son.but it would only flight when pointing took him 2 weeks to work out out the rewiring of the motor so that it would flight in any direction.

so we are not talking hi tech.we are talking making a fuelless generator from parts of 1920's era radio.

also interesting, when these articles came out ,in seattle, The Post Intelligencer published a copyrighted story about a local man,alfred m hubbard, who has evidently built a motor on the same design in 1919.his motor was used to power a 18 foot boat by connecting the generator to the electric engine of the boat.
it was said to "powered by a coil 11 inches im diameter and 14 inches long."
so this phenomenom has been noted before.

i actually saw a working motor on the johnie carson tonight show in the late 60's.
of course i had no idea what was happening,the motor itself was made of two rings on a common axis so the interior rings could spin while the outer ring served as the base.
there was a electric meter of some sort and every time the inner ring passed through the outer ring a huge spike of electricity was formed.there was a large visible flash when the two rings passed each other and this coincided with the surge of electric power.
the inventor said he did not know how much power was being generated as this electric meter was topped out each time.

but this motor had a diameter ofseveral was a large structure so if a 7 inch diameter motor had enough power to generate enough electricity to "kill a man", i can only imagine how much power a 6 ft diameter motor was producing.
this inventor also said that the central ring was magnetized and had to be replaced periodically.

a second time i read about this type of motor was in the late 80s. a man in lousiana was taking a corvette around to shows .it only moved 3-5 miles an hour and it also had a magnetized core ,i assume.but here the inventor had added a 9 volt battery,which i assume powered the central core.this seemed to be a good design improvement as one
no longer had to replace the magnet,simply replace the 9 volt battery.

critic said he was using capacitors to store up a charge.but seriously a nine volt battery pushing a 1 ton and a half auto for hours on end.

now thing become ominious.
no more articles until march 10

New York Times
march 10
page 1 column 2

at noon tuesday march 6th, lester hendershot was shocked by an estimated 2000 volts and left temporary paralyzed and unconscious until 6 in the evening.the article when on that he would be hospitalized for several weeks.but nothing more was forth coming
so a reporter called to west elizabeth,PA. to talk to lester"s mother and wife, on the 9th of march and found out they knew NOTHING about lesters condition or accident.they had not been notified of his near death and even then it was the reporter who told them.

so ends almost a lost week in history..

New York Times 1928
Novemeber 12
page 13 column 1

representaive of pennsylvania,m. clyde kelley is seeking a congressional patent for lester hendershots invention.

so the implication is that the capitalist somehow bought his patent or in somewhy controlled his ideas so that he could not get a us patent. he then had to resort to a congressional patent attempt.
i think it stretches reason to believe that hendershots "accident " was an accident. no notification of next of kin. it was in my view a murder attempt. and the aftermath shows that the captialist plan was to never produce such a motor/generator.



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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

this could be considered a isolate event,a crank invention , one that drew on theories that were unknown to science.

but the history of "free" power has as an advocate in the genius who invented the ac electrical system., nickola tesla.

form 1901 to 1905 j.p. morgan financed a electrical tower that was to provide electric to long island,through the air,no power lines.
there are many stories why, but jp morgan pulled the plug when the tower was 90% complete.
the above website sites the inability to meter the electricity and hence an inabiltiy to charge for the electricity.
jp morgan was no idiot.obviously economic came ito play.with not power lines,his copper holdings would be worthless etc.etc. etc.

but again a method of producing "free power" was known to science and the captialist shipped off the technology to the same wharehouse that the ark of the convenant in the ,indiana jones - lost ark went to.

tesla wrote an article about how modern science does not acknowledge the rotations energy of the earth rotation is not accounted for.

the earth and all planets should be tumbling in their orbits because of the tremendous centripedal forces that are created.

clearly this is not a blindspot in science but a conscious ommision so that the people of the earth have no alternative but to patronize the corrupt energy corporations as they ravage the earth in their greed.

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

major lanphier said "said to employ electromagnetism with the rotary motion of the earth"

tesla said science ignored the rotationship energy of the it makes sense that the scientists couldn't figure out where the power was coming from in lester's generator.

if you take the front tire of you bike off and hold it as you spin can hold the wheel with one hand as the wheel remains level and causes a rotation.

with a bike two hands will stablize these movements,what hands stablize the earth ? science does not explain anything.

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

the chart of the time of lester's "accident"

mercury opposed to neptune shows deciet.
moon square to satrun and the uranus/mercury midpoint conjunct the sun with uranus squasre the ascendent,so the tensions of an accident.
with orcus opposed to the vertex and psyche, there is a vibration of death and injury.

with jupiter/pluto midpoint square to the mercury/neptune oppsoition ,the deceit clearly is shown to involve the application of absolute power.this midpoint shows the "corporate" or social/financial powers against him.

with nymphe conjunct pluto and orcus opposed to psyche, there is a sense of perversity, as pleasure and pain are imposed simultaneously.

with pluto square to sedna ,there is evil intent toward the truth.these images suggest he was drawn out for the cutting.or a set up in the vernacular.

i don't have lester's bio, if anyone lives or is familar with west elizabeth Pa. i would appreciate help in finding out more about lester hendershot.

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

but lester hendershot was lucky as others have lost their life because of the rotation of the earth.
on february 19 1600 the italian monk gioradano brunp was burned alive because he believed that the earth rotates and revolves,that is he believed in the astrologer copernicus theories.

in 1615 ,cardinal bellarmine wrote that if a proof could be given that the sun rotated,the church would change its view.

but copernicus.kepler,newton,descartes,newton,hooke,ga uss,laplace, all considered experiments to prove the earth rotates ,but no one could.

the best attempts were experiments with objects falling from a height.they should land east of the perpendicular do to the earths intervenig movement.but though data tended to indicate a motion,the irregularies of the objects dropped could not be ruled out as influencing the results.

then at 2:00 am ,january 6 1851, jean bernard leon focault saw the plane of oscillation of a pendulum shift to the east,proving the earth rotates.
this motion was considered impossible by some of the greatest mathematical minds of the era,laplace,cauchy and poisson.

focault was a master technican as he had to design a pendulum that would be absolutely free to change it's axis of ossillation.

galileo had come very close to this awareness as his very first discovered physical law is known as the law of isochronism of the pendulum.
he and his understudies studied the pendulum intensively.and one of his students, the grasnd duke of tuscany,vincenzo viniani wrote in a manuscript discovered in 1841 that said "we observe that all the pendulums hanging on one thread,deviate from their intial vertical plane,an always in the same direction.

so technically, no one had to consider the force of the rotation of the earth before jan. 6 , 1851, because rotation wasn't a Proven fact.

the explanations for the pendulum have been naive incomplete and phantasmical.
ernst mach suggested"all the masses in the universe somehow establish a frame reference for the axis's oscillation". and the pendulum somehow senses the presence of all the masses in the universe. even einstien chipped in, as he was a devotee of mach.einstein coined the term "mach principle" to try to explain the stabilty of the massive centripetal forces being generated by the rotation. pure speculation

and here is stands, tenuous musings with no backing in science.
Science doesn't even look in this direction.
but not so surprising as every branch of the science has swept over contradictions at their core.

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

tesla had written simple explanations of this revolutionary motor in lectures that where presented in 1887.

at this time the label was the rotary magnetioc field motor,we call this alternating current,A.C.

he notes two interesting phenomena.
one was the iron fillings on a peice of paper formed patterns and it one furthur liftef the paper,at a certainpoint the iron filngs would jump every where chaotically.

the second had to due with the rotating magnetic created induction waves so that if one placed a thin ,hard metal disc,mounted on pivots,the disc would begin to rotated because of the magnetic field,but in a direction opposite the motors revolution.this reminded me of hendershots motor where is was said " the secret is to wire the inner magnetic so it revolves opposite the earth."
i don'y know?

tesla the man who invented the ac system said he saw electricity differently from the science of his age.
he did things then that have not been replicated.balled lightning is one.lightning can ball up in spheres up to a foot or so and roll through rooms or open windows.this has long been in folk lore but was never believed until tesla photographed himself sitting in a lab with several balls of lightning around him.

tesla died destitute in a skidrow apartment in new your in 1943 with rats eating his body when the authorities arrived,quickly the fbi took position of the scene and moved thousands of tesla tp secret documents to be studied.

tesla demise and the virulent cutural attacks on him are notorious and many books have been written about this.

to complete that suppresion of his world peace and free power ideas,he entered pop culture as the archetype of the mad evil scientist.the first appearance in comic books of this character,acrtually called the scientist tesla.

like lester he lost the legal battle and fraud directed at him.all because he was for world peace and free energy to help mankind.

so if the ring of wall street could destroy a man of tesla's renown,what chance did hendershot have against lindenburghs wall street capitalists.

tesla fate and treatment is infamous. but hendershot could have been deluded.surely such technology would be used if it was real.maybe this is just a isolated misinterpreted event.

but it is not isolated,that is the greed and larceny inside wall street does show up again.

who invented the television?
a few know it was philo farnsworth.but up intil the last decade or so,this question would stump 95% of the people.

philo's story shows the depth and greed that wracks the ring of wall street.
radio corporation of america,RCA was already usiong telsa's patents with no compensation to tesla. so when philo came around david sarnoff of rca offered a pittance for the patent rights in 1931.philo refused the offer and changed his place of employment.david sarnoff, simply kept producing television set while giving no royalitities to philo until he died.that is sarnoff and rca kept philo's claimss in court for nearly 50 years.
rca never payied a cent to philo until several years after sarnoff died in 1971.a settlement of several hundred million dollars was finally paid several years later to philo's estate.philo having died in 1971 also.
so sarnof created a heritage on fraud and theivery.
but he was inside the wallstreet ring and philo was just a farm body, who while plowing a field with mules ,realized that the back and forth rows created would work to created a image, if electronically ,a cathode ray was scaned quickly and repeatingly on a screen.

philo's life though productive as a inventor,was plagued by the continuing legal cost against sarnoff for his entire life.and when he died few knew he was the inventor of television.the sdame dynamic that crushed tesla were in action against farnsworth in the same manner.

turns out the bail out loans to wall street were paided back by monet the overnemnt gave to wall street to make loans to pichup the economy.
but what they did is pay back their loans with the money that they had be GIVEN to issue loans.

so wall street paided back the loans with money the government gave them.which the goverment said was legal.

so this corruptions is not new,it penetrates to wall street's core.

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

it seems unlikely that galileo did not discover proof of the earths rotation.
some of his signature work was with pendulums and falling objects ,especially with his experiments at the leaning tower of pisa.

galileo got into trouble , the second time he was called to rome.
after the first visit,galileo apparently thought the "enlightend pope" who had been personal friends earlier in life, had ok'd a comparison with the final edge given to the established order. so he wrote the "dialogue concerning the two chief world systems".he gave a "scientific" explanation for the copernian system. but to give the edge to the church,he used ,at the end, the energy of rotation of the earth causing the tides to swish around the meditterean sea.

this is the only other time i have read anything noting the kinetic power of the earths rotaion, besides tesla's article and a article in watch tower magazine,claiming that the axis of oscillation was held between gos' hands.funny but that hypothesis is more coherent than what Science put forth on the matter.

theh point is that for millenium peoplpe on the shores knew of the moon's affect on galileo gave an example of proof that was on it's face ridiculous to scholar anf fisherman alike.

what was expected ,either because the pope changed his view or his advisors changed his view, was a formal rejection of copernicus.

galileo got out of the inquistion with his life but he was branded a vehement suspect of heresy .

galileo must have had proof from his observation with falling objects, of the earth's rotation but if so,such confirmation would only insure he burned.

as the fact of the rotation vs fixity of the earth was not the point of contention.the contention was about the political power that the papal states had, and the popes justification to reign as "Prince" for in this historical period, the church was a master of secular matters in the papal states.

criticism of the church divine connection to truth could not be tolerated.
as this would reflect on the legititimatcy of temporal powers of the pope.

an interesting note is that galileo had 3 illitimate children .the son was legitimized in his youth but hte daughter were placed in a convent.
the younger remained in galileo life as galileo lived near the convent much of her life.a great cache of letters and note,from her to her father exist.but as as she died early and galileo was already a suspect of heresy,the mother superior burned all the letters from galileo to his daughter sister maria celeste.
having taking the name celeste was a act of respect to her father's fame in the study of the universe

by the popes edict galileo was not allowed any dignity at burial.
a small closet in chapel was his resting pl;ace for about 100 years.with a florinetine pope galileo was to be reburial in a honored tomb in the church.

when they open the closet ,the first coffin was of a disciple who wanted to be buried with galileo.
the next coffin when removed ,showed a third coffin, totally unsuspected by soon became clear the the second coffin was of a young woman who died years previous to galileo.clearly on his death galileo had been entombed with his daughter.

when you visit galileo's tomb today, maria celeste lies with him still,though no mention of her presence is made .


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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

tesla and galileo seemed to have both experienced a similar spiritual repression.

the church as a cabal/capitalist political instrument,condemned galileo to a ignoble end.
galileo ,the genius of his age and beyond.... belittle and slanders with the attempt t erase his influence.

so similar to tesla's fate, a genius of his age, broken by poverty and deflamation by the capital/cabalist of his age.

philo farnsworth escaped anonymity barely, but in his own time his genius was he is considered among the top 10 scientist of the 20th century. does not even have his birth day.
why try to bury the man who iivented television?


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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

it is said that after the papers of tesla were studied,that the naval performed an experiment on magnetic invisibility around ships.
this experiment entailed loading a ship with massive generators.
what happen was the ship dissappeared and was transported a 1000 miles away, then returned.
but with phantastic after affects.
The Philadelphia Experiment :Project Invisibilty(1979) is the book .

a central character is morris jessup

jessup had been working on leviataion engines and in the book there is a photogrph of a small protype flying in a lab setting.but it had to have a power line tethered to the disc shape model.
he seems to have discovered the principle of leviatation,but then like the other monumental scientific break throughs, he dies and this technology disappears.

so the capitalist have the fueless motor and a flying saucer that needs a power source.

it is no secret that million of people world wide have seen UFOs.president billy carter admitted he had.the government is silent and dismissive.

lester hendershot said his generator produce 1 horse power per 4 ounces of that time,1928, airpane motors produce 1 horse power per 4 pounds.
it seem possible that , some of these UFOs are in fact government or corporate vehicles which have merged the technology of hendershot and jessup.

the philadelphia experiment discloses information that cast the government in a nefarious is well worth reading, as synopsis as wikipedia are opinionated and limited.

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

the Writers of History are busy brushing up history .
wikipedia shows the rca lawsuit with farnsworth being settled in 1935.
the suits between farnsworth and rca were settled after philo's death in 1970.

then with jessup wikipedia completely ignores jessups scientific endeavors and presents him only as a "ufo" advocate which he was.

i read an interesting article in1975 about a group of representatives of the major and minor news publication. some had flown fronm the east coast,but all met and flew to northern mexico from which they under took a 10 jus ride to the Zona Silencia", silent zone.

the mexican government had brought the print media to show them the silent zone.
the silent zone is a triangular area about i kilometer per is in the northern durango desert. it was discovered by a petro geologist working for pemex, the state owned oil had the peculiar effect of being radio silent.neither in coming or out going radio waves penetrated the area.
it was an anomally soon forgottern until 1970 when the government "lost" a test missle after it was launched at white sands.testing grounds.
3 weeks later the missle was located near the silent zone in mexico.

nasa built a landing strip and research was carried out.
the fauna and flora in the zone were tinged with prple and deep blues in their coloration.none of which was a natural variation of the particuklar species.
a species of tortoise which normally had a rectangular plate pattern on it's carapace,here inside the zone, had a triangular pattern on it shell,m along with the purple/blue tinged coloration that permeaded the entire ecosphere inside the zone.
when live specimens were tsken to florida for futhur research, the the shells pattern reverted to normal rectalinear pattern.

so appparently the mexican government was going to try to set up a tourist interest, as it does seem to be a "vortex" of some sort,possibly a kin to the infamous bermuda triangle,pure speculation.

well when the band of journalist were wiyh in a hour, they were stopped and turned back by the mexican government.the government had decided something different.

so the article was about the ride to "nearly" the silent zone and back.
it was actually quite interesting as the author of the article was the publisher of high times magazine,the pot magazine.the author thought it humerous that he was the lone long haired person in a group of nip and tuck time,newsweek reporters.

here wikipedia show the broad brush of coverup the Writers of History can employ.
the wikipedia article is 80 % lies ,the affect which is to conceal the silent zone's existance.

but what would you coverup in the desert

while on a sojourn in mexico, i traveled for awhile with a covert agent of Defenza Nacional. he told me an u.s. intelligent agency/agencies were using the nasa landing strip to transport drugs,mainly cocaine since the mid 1970's.and since the aborted openess toward the silent zone, the governement had now effectively banned the mention of the silent zone in public.
as songstress lily allen said, everyones doing cocaine but no one talks about it.

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

Interesting stuff Rahu, I see the misinformation and historical lies as being a result of the age of pisces, maybe humanity can use the age of Aquarius (which I believe we are entering now) to utilize these inventions for obvious reasons. Is the "dead zone" able to be viewed on google earth at all?
Say yes to positivity!
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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

hi caprising
actually it is the silent zone not dead zone.

the exact coordinates of the zone are known.i have forgotten them but if you find an old copy of high time,(i think it was winter 74) the cordinates are given.

google funds earth blocks out politically sensitive sites such as the bush families holdies in paraguay. huge areas of land on totally blocked on google earth.

so i don't think the landing strip etc would show up.definitely something to be blocked.

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

a good example of the history writers reach is shown by the experiences of colonel david hackworth,deceased.

in feb. 1991 , i read a report, in a quarterly newsletter by the mountain astrolger, about a northern california equinox gathering.
the usual holistic and new age speaker etc. were describe.
but in the midst of this new age enclave, warrior david hackworth gave a speech.

he expalined that he had been to the golden triangle and spoke with the "lord" of the golden triangle,khun sa.

khun sa said he would emd the opium/heroin trade if the u.s. government would give him $56 million to retrain his farmers away from opium.
he also said he would give the government the na,es of all american officals who are part of the drugs trade. khun sa said th ecorruption went to the top.
the cis was off loading drugs to an off shore rig owned in part by president bush.he named the rigs as the zapata off shore drilling co.from the rigs the drugs were transpoted to the mainland by scuba personnel.

when hackworth brought back this information,the army tried to arrsted him and the media totally blocked this out.

so colonel david hackworth was touring the u.s. and speaking to american citzens where ever they gathered.rotary clubs ,kwanis club ,moose lodges.pto/pta meetings. anywhere.. so he he was telling his story to the gathering at the equinox in northern california.

it worked to a degree as a month or 2 later there was a article in the paper about the $56 million of khun sa.the official response was that the government doesn't parley wth terrorist.but there was no mention in the article about hackworth or the american officials complicity.

then about 2 months later ,in the financial section, it was reported that bush had sold his holdings in zapata offshore drilling.
coincidence.. whio know?

but when hackworth mentioned scuba divers, a light when off because beginning in the early seventies, the santa cruz campus of U. of california was inundated with industrial amounts cocaine.this so corrupted the academic,social milieu that by 1978 the regents warned UCSC that if enrollment was raised they would shut down santa cruz.

i mean residence halls were using student funds to dip into the flow for dealing.
the merchandising was througg the faculty.
in one lecture on law, a strudent looked at the professor abd said,"you and i know we could go to jail for many years for some of our actions".....
the 100 odd in the lecture nodded or shrugged as the pervasiveness of the coke was broadly accepted.
word had got out and no serious students wanted to go to UCSC,
every campus except UCSC had long waiting lists.

the influx of cocaine was being brought up from the beach ,where.... scuba divers.... were delivering it.
in those days everybody did it and talked about it.

the only change now is the silence around coke's grip on the establishment.

here the writers of history simply erased hackworths story.

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

as astrologers in spirit,thoughts or words, the censorship by the writer's of history is not new but ever continuing.

astrology is the base of wall street's presciences over captalistic systems.the legendary financier of the middle 20th century

wrote in a autobiography that the market moved in 18 year cycles.simply buy at the low of the cycle and sell at the high of the cycle.
18 years can relate to a cycadian frequency or the nodal cycle or the moon standstill cycle among a few choices
5 times the mean nodal cycle equal 74.5.the market of the great depression hit bottom in 1933 and 75 years later the greatest and final economic farce hit in 2008

wellover 1/2 of all wall street decision are made with reference to astrology.the CIA used astrology in setting up some of it's candlestine bombings in the vietnam war.nacy reagan planed president reagan schedule by astrology.the supreme court of india pronounced astrology a science.

still astrology is malaigned to keeps astrology's seminal importance hidden.

everytime the writer's of history cite a passage about ancient astronomer's,they are using subterfuge to lie.there was not such thing as an astronomer before edmond halley.halley was the first to divorce his intellect from astrology.

astrologer's used astronomic calculation for thier interpretations. but their patronage and income came from astrology, not astronomy.they were astrologers not astronomers.
galileo taught astrology at the university of padua in 1590.

all of them ,ptolemy,coperinicus ,tycho brache,kepler,galileo,newton,they were all astrologers not astronomers.a small point, but indicative of the insidious power of the writer's of history.

halley and newton were comtemparies and halley prodded the reclusive newton to publish
his work on orbits and gravity.but they locked horn's when it came to astrology and the first and still strongest rebuttal to a sceptic came from newton:"Sir,i have studied the Subject and you have not".

physicist choke on their rebuttals to the assertion that newton was a astrologer and alchemist. newton himself downplayed the importance of astrology to ease his theory of gravity into royal society.
this was the period when "enlightenment "was fashionable and the creation of a "mysterious force" was too much hocus pocus. and that is what his detractor said,they didn't believe in another occult force.
though his mathematics proved his point,yet gravity is still an occult can describe gravity but they do not know where it comes from.

though it seems i throw my net too wide,i think is the scope of the falsity that is difficult to comphrend.


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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

but the greatest brushing of history, the incident that most directly led to the current moral morass of our government happened on.............

on november 27 1978 shortly ater 11 am, i was watching television with an retired cop.

a news special broke in and announced that the mayor of san francisco ,george moscone and supervisor harvey milk had been shot.

my friend silently picked up the phone,dialed and said "they shot him"
listened a few minutes and then said "it just came on the news". more silence and then he hungup and we finished watching the price is right.

i should have known something was up.
2 weeks before i was a a CIA "safe" house or rather apartment complex on sanchez street in sf,where sanchez flattens out and overlooks dolores park.a" fair haired "activist informant told me he was being groomed to take over harvey milk"s supervisor seat.
a little strange as i wasn't aware this fellow was gay.

a few days later a drug dealer ,annie ,a self proclaimed mulatto, told me she was the last person harvey milk had talked to before he was assasinated.she said they were waiting on a shipment of cocaine from utah.

howard hughes

had set up a drug ring with mormon ,fbi agents before he died
and was distributing coke on the west coast.
i actually got some coke in venice california fron a ex wife of hughes right hand man in late 1977.

milk was the major drug connection for the gay community .

dan white was the murderer.
the defense claimed he was"addicted "to sugar and had too many twinkies that day.

everone one in the courtroom during his trial,the judge,defense and prosecutors and the gallery knew the truth, that it was cocaine he was addicted to,but said nothing.
the pulitzer prize winning gossip columist ,herb caen updated a famous converstion between f scott fitzgerald in ernest hemingway,in which fitzgerald said "the very rich are differnet from you and me." and hemingway replied "yes they have more more money"
caen in his april 9 1978 column updated hemingways reply to "yes, they buy better dope"
in another column caen commented on the changing times by noting how at high society parties both the mayor and police chief bent over the same silver tray.

a few months after the trial of dan white,i had occassion to be at a small social gathering with one one of dan whites lawyers.the question was put to him."what about the twinkie defense?"
the lawyer chuckled slightly and continued to snort his line of cocaine.

later the "fair haired" fellow later confirmed the assinations were drug hits and began toi quiz me about what i knew about the mormon connection.
i simply walked away as i had already changed my venue.



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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

george moscone had taken on body quards and had armed himself in the weeks before his death.

yes ,the jonestown suicides had taken place 9 days earlier.
and this was the fear moscone was worried about.

jefferson starship sang "we built this city on rock and roll" but the truth is san francisco from the early 70's san francisco was built on drugs dealing at the highest levels .

jonestown was a front for drug dealing thru san francisco.

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

representative leo ryan was killed in jonestown.
in the december 5th edition of the sf chronicle,ryans mother ,autumn ryan, blamed the u.s. government on her son's death.
"ryan provided u.s. authories with evidence of enslavement,brutality,viscious forms of brainwashing and information that"large sums of money were reported in and out of the commune"
"this was met by indifference,inertia and out right incompetence" by the u.s government."

the writers of history have covered this over by saying it was just a crazed cult.
but on november 20th the guyana goverment ,under fire for allowing these
" crazed cultist" to occupy jonestown,released a list of references for jim jones that included rosalyn carter,president carters wife
a little submitted by jones from rosalyn carter dated april 12 1977,said in part.
"dear jim
thank you for your letter.i enjoyed being withh you during the campaign(jimmy carters presidential campaign) and do hope you can meet ruth ) soon.

walter mondale( ) wrote,"...knowing the congregations deep involvement in major social and constitutional issues of our a great inspirations to me"

hubert humphrey wrote
"..jones is a testimony to the postive and truly christian approach in dealing with a myriad of problems confronting our society today".

the list of other favorable comments came from

senator sam ervin
senator warren magnuson
senator henry jackson
senator philip hart
senator mike gravel

philip burton
ronald dellums
don edwards
george brown
don clausen
patsy mink
jonathan bingham
bella abzug

how could a crazed cultist decieved so many government officials?
could it be drugs?
oh no...
but on november 21 1978, page 9,column3 of the san francisco chronicle an article by maxine cheshire,ladies home journalist, wrote in december issue of the magazine.
"senator joe mccarthy was a moriphime addict who had his drugs supplied by the federal bureau of narcotics, thru a druggist near the white house because the senator's addiction presented a grave threat to this country and the scandal would hurt our country,harry anslinger ,agreed to make available all the morphine necessary to maintain the congressmans habit. now cocaine and marijuana are common at washington parties.insiders suggestion that is the total extent of the drug abuse in the captial were exposed,the resulting scandal would touch every area of government ,from the hallowed halls of congress,to many chanderliered embassy,and even to the white house"

this was over 30 years ago, and it is endemic to this day.we are governed by drug addicts.we have in effect,today, a narco government with the cia providing the drugs.


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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

pertaining to white house ,maxine cheshire when on to report.."at the white house first jazz festival on the south lawn last summer,a haze of marijuana smoke hung heavy over the area."
president carter attended the musical event and one of his body quards looked uncomfortable, and feebly fanned the air around his Boss.carter pretended to notice nothing"

there was also an ap wire story in 77 that described how the d.e.a .was staking out as drug dealer in georgia.the dealer when to a bar and the dea agents were confronted by a group of secret service agents.the drug dealer was weeting with james "chip" carter the son of president jimmy carter.needless to say the dea agents back off and no arrest were made.

on november 23 page 15 column1,former press secretary to betty ford,sheila rabb weidenfeld wrote "that in july,an unnamed secret service agent told her jack ford,(president fords son) goes bananas at these rock concerts.he smokes ,he listens to the music and goes bananas"

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

lester hendershott invented a generator that uses the earths electro/magnetic field.

nickolai tesla invented the alternating electric system used today and he also saw the earth as a electro/magnet.

here are some modern free enegy generators.

immanuel velokovsky

in a letter to einstein , velokovsky stated that :
The difference in voltage—100 volts for 1 meter altitude near the ground—indicates that the Earth is charged by 450,000 coulombs, which is very little for the globe of this size. (It is calculated that the Earth must lose its charge in 8 minutes, but some unidentified mechanism replenishes the charge)."

space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center reported that Earth's magnetic field presses against the sun's magnetic field. Approximately every eight minutes, the two fields briefly merge or "reconnect," forming a portal through which particles can flow.

the earth is charged body as are all the planets.

the forces tha are ascibed to gravity are in reality the forces of the elecro magnetic interactions of the sun and the planets.

newtonian and einsteinian physics ascribe the movements of the planets to gravity and interia... no mention is made of the electromagnetic system of the solar system.yet newtonian and einsteinian can nor account for the fact that the earth 's axis is stable.the earth should be tumbling in its orbit, not fixed.

electron axis are fixed by the electical forces in the atom. yet science ignores the electrical fields of the sun and refuses to acknowledge that newton and einstein both give no reason why the earths axis is fixed.

if science accepted the truth about the actions of the magnetic field of the solar system, they would then have to disavow both the theory of gravitation and the theory of relativity.

but since these theories are at the center of modern "scientific"thought, the scientific establishment can not admitt that velokovsky was correct.
the scientific establishment still ignores the fact that the earth axis is fixed and that they have no explanation or this fact of nature.

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

Hey. I only noticed this thread today...and I see it is quite old.
I heard that it was Einsteins' incomplete Unified Field Theories from which the Gov't took the idea for what developed into the Philadelphia Experiment and then Tesla was brought in as a consultant to help figure out how to build the **** thing.
I have heard of an arranged dinner for the meeting of Albert E. and Bertrand Russell. From what I remember of it, Bertrand was very interested in E's work and inquired what else He had developed since publishing His Theory of Relativity. Einstein had become frustrated that He hadn't even come close to anything as famous as the Relativity theory... apparently Einstein was a bit of a proud and vain man... and He knew the Unified Theories would be impressive enough even though He hadn't finished them. They were incomplete equations, but apparently Albert thought this would bring him back into the glow of public acclaim and figured it would impress Bertrand as well.. From what i remember hearing is that Bertrand blew up at Einstein and berated him. He called him a **** fool [or something to that effect] for putting something so potentially powerful and inherently dangerous beyond imagination into the hands of the public [Capitalists, Military Industrialists, the U.S. Army/Navy/Etc.] as He knew they wouldn't be able to resist tinkering withthe theories to see if they couldn't figure the rest out.. ala Thomas Edison style.
This clustermindfugue resulted in the Philadelphia Experiment which literally tore a hole in the Time/Space Continuum ...the UFOs started appearing almost immediately after.

I had overheard as a real young lad from a conversation my father was having with a customer in the Hollywood area [as my dad was a contractor] that was the aunt of one of the airmen [I believe it was, or it may have been a soldier] that was involved in the 'Clean-up' at Roswell, that they were picking up dead bodies of 'humanoid looking creatures that had crashed some sort of craft and that these UFOs that people started seeing in the '40s were in fact not interstellar ships but rather 'Time Machines'...and I've also heard that they are from our own future. [or a possible alternative timeline...something along those lines.]

I do know, from a VERY reputable source that one of the Bible Codes [last I heard there were four all claiming to be 'THE real deal'] is genuine.
One of the four has the strange passage found in the Bible: "Einstein altered the present reality."

Cool thread...lots of new info here. I would've never dreamed of this Cocaine thing going on at U.C. Santa Cruz or that Moscone, Milk and White were all part of it...

...but it sure makes **** good sense.
You are a Divine Creation of the Universe...!

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor


just a few corecions to what you have gelaned from your sources.
first is tha tesla had died previous to the[philadelpia experiment. he died penniless in a new york city skidrow hotel with rats eating on his body when the auhories came.
when he died, the FBIswooped down and confiiscated boxes of his writings. almost simueltaneously ,the tesla museum in croatia was permanenetly closed.
it is belived tha the piladelephia experiment was conducted from these research papers of his. einstien was reportedly seen on the naval vessel .
these statements are from the book ,philadelphia experiment.

interesting tha youi bing thisthread up as i am curently feeling the political repecussion from this and other kindred threads.

i don't know about betarand russell and einstien's deiscussion, bu as i might as well throw gas on the flames around me i will make the 2 historical commentss about einstein.

the first is that nothing in the theory of relativity was his original thoughts. there is a book called.einstein the plagerist.
the famous equation, E=MC2 was ijn the physic literature 4 years before he claimed it.
the basic mathematical equation used i relativity are called founier equations after the man who discovered them.the paradigm called the time/space continuum was not his creaion and he a frist rejected the construct,the concept of relativity, goes backs to the greeks and galileo wrote virtually identical ideas and 18 months before einstein submitted his paper the great french mathematicain henri poincare presented the same ideas in a paper to the french academy.apologist for einstein claim that he could not have plagerise this work as i was in french...
einstien did not create the concept of delta T which shows that time is variable. he stole this directly from hendri lorentz . this was especially grevious as einstien "idolized" lorentz and corresponded with him. i could go on but nothing in einstiens theory was original .he stole virtually every concept. as to his later works.. when i was growing up i was lead to believe tha he was working on te unified field theory which he never accompllished, but the fact is einstein was working to get his orinigal equations right... he never did.
the first varification of this theory involved predicting the bending of light during a solar eclipse . the press reported he got it right but history shows that to be false his prediction did no hold up to he results,yet it was reported they did.the second time around he fudged the fiure so that the resuts did support his theory.
yo need to go to and read the letters between velokovisy and einstien.
it turns out that the correct fiure of the bending of light can be obtained fom using the electrical field of the sun to explain the bending rather an using relativity.
in fact there is no scienific way to distinuish between a bending caused by a gravitation field and the bending by relativity.if you are interested you nees to go to the velikovsky archive above.

hhmmmm really you bring this thread up a point when i am getting.........grief for these revelations.yuo must know more about my situation than you let on.


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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

I'm impressed by the depth of your studies.
It seems I was duped by what they told me in school...that's about par for that course...

I wish you good luck with having ticked off the "Hob Nail Booted Ones" , though...and I think you know of those I speak...
[need a good hide out?]
You are a Divine Creation of the Universe...!
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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

btw.... I had the book, written by Berlitz [sp?] read it through twice, actually...but that was some years ago and I have long since loaned [gave] the book away.

Political repercussions?
hmm? [the Triagrammatron: hmm]

You are from India, are you not, Sir?

...are THEY threatening to deport you?

About knowing more than I let on...
I've had my computer seized by DHS back in 2008...only they did it over the internet... shut me out of my own computer, froze my bank acct. I 'Ghosted' for about two weeks ...caused me all sorts of consternation.

With what all I've done since then, esp. with the mundane chart for the USA I've to picking last Nov-Dec. for an event to watch for [Sandyhook] ...for picking April 15 and 18th for events [Boston bombing and the imposing of near Martial Law in Boston].... I got flames licking at my feet too.

So, I just say

to myself...

F*** them.

May THEY all rot in Hades....

you wouldn't happen to know Ed Skrocki by any chance, would you?
You are a Divine Creation of the Universe...!

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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

My memory isn't bad...but it is selective.
...but I certainly remember your demeanor, at least some things remain constant in this universe.
You are a Divine Creation of the Universe...!
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Re: Lester Hendershot-inventor of fueless motor

yes yes

i wondered why you PMed me with your address and asked if i would like to visit you.

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