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Old 04-18-2012, 10:35 AM
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Fracking - Uranus square Pluto

This is about Fracking, a method of drilling a well into the ground and pumping high speed water into this well to release gas. It has caused at least two earthquakes in the UK.

In the UK, we are already having a drought and a report into fracking suggests there is
"significant risk of ground and surface water contamination", noting the UK's situation was further complicated by its high population density, meaning any wells associated with shale gas extraction will be relatively close to population centres.
from Wiki

The two earthquakes were in Lancashire and of 2.3 and 1.5 magnitude, but an earthquake is an earthquake. And in the UK, there isn't any reason for earthquakes to naturally occur - these are manmade earthquakes. The Earth is definitely complaining about this money making scheme, fueled by fear.

The method has already caused water contamination in the USA. Yet, our government in the UK has given it the thumbs up with 'strict conditions'. 'Strict conditions', lol.

article about Fracking


The government-appointed panel believes there will probably be more quakes but that they will be too small to do structural damage above ground
from BBC News

Well, that's alright then, if the earthquakes are only small. What kind of out of touch people are allowing this to happen?

This makes me think of the Uranus square Pluto which exacts for the first time this summer. It is very structural, Pluto relates to the powers, perhaps the government giving this the go ahead with the need to maintain and hold onto their power. Uranus in Aries, could be the Earthquakes and Gaia's natural way of complaining about the drilling. The first square with Uranus at 8 Aries is on star Algenib "Ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, bad judgment. Wingtip of Pegasus (the Winged Horse)" and Pluto will be at Facies 8 Capricorn "Blindness, violent death, sickness, accidents, broken limbs; leadership, war, coldness, detachment, perfectionism; earthquakes; pure combative energies; adventure, risk-taking, glamour; fulfilment through charitable works" from this website

It doesn't sound too good to me. Knowing this government, they will do what they want, which so far has not done alot of good for the average person. I don't think they will take account of the effect this project has on nature, and is ignoring the effect its had so far. Only time will tell what happens...

This fracking has been given thumbs up by our government, even if there is the odd earthquake here and there.

transits: transit uranus square natal sun / transit square natal


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Re: Fracking - Uranus square Pluto

Fracking has caused earthquakes in the USA as well. Geologist say it is avoidable with proper technique. In fact, most of the environmental issues are cause by greedy ignorance of the drillers trying to make maximum profit. It seems they answer to no one. Land owners are making a huge profit so they don't care either. The only people opposed to fracking are the people that are not directly profiting from it.
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Old 04-18-2012, 08:58 PM
Neptune Rising Neptune Rising is offline
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Re: Fracking - Uranus square Pluto

That sounds awful, but the USA has more seismic fault lines than the UK, as far as I am aware. Surely that puts alot more danger into the fracking method. It seems to me, power gone mad, this last ditch attempt to gather as much natural resources that they can from the earth, while the other fossil fuels start to run out. Perhaps it is an effect of the Pluto/Capricorn transit on the powers that be in control of our countries. Though, Pluto has a way of bringing us down to earth in a very matter of fact way, one way or another. If those in control try to hold on too much, as I read somewhere else that I cannot remember - with Pluto, the person that holds on too much gets zapped, as in two people playing tug of war with a rubber band. There is too much corruption in governments, with those holding the biggest wallets getting to influence various policies, to their advantages. Perhaps Pluto will bring those people down to earth during this transit, time will tell.
transits: transit uranus square natal sun / transit square natal

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fracking, pluto, square, uranus

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