The Missing Signs of T-squares

July 24th, 2016


Puzzle_black-white_missingA t-square occurs when two planets oppose one another and both square a third planet. The third planet that is square both opposing planets is the apex planet, the focal point planet, and is where all of the energy of the t-square is directed. The two opposing planets thrust all of their energy at the squared planet, and the squared planet is superficially engorged. The energy of that planet expands, multiplies, grows and grows. In transit, the sign the planet is in also grows; in the natal chart, both the sign and the house grow.

There is a missing point in a t-square, and that’s the point that is opposite the squared planet. When there is a planet is that spot, it’s a grand square or grand cross, which is more stabilizing than a t-square. That missing sign (and house, in the natal chart) is largely ignored because all of the focus and energy is on the squared planet. But the way out of the problems and difficulties created by the t-square is through that missing part, so ignoring it actually does us a world of bad. We need to focus on the missing piece, yet we continue to obsess over the squared planet. The missing point is the solution to the problem.

When the sign missing is Aries, we need to take charge and be assertive instead of focusing so much on others and waiting for someone else to take over (Libra, the opposite sign). When the missing sign is Taurus, we need to take things slowly and calm down instead of being intense and obsessive (Scorpio, the opposite sign). When the missing sign is Gemini, we need to ask questions and think about things instead of buying into empty promises and false prophets (Sagittarius, the opposing sign). When the missing sign is Cancer, we need to channel our emotions and turn internal instead of focusing on the external and being tragically ambitious (Capricorn, the opposite sign). When the missing sign is in Leo, we need to be playful and loving instead of aloof and robotic (Aquarius, the opposite sign). When the missing sign is in Virgo, we need to be practical and realistic instead of delusional and easily deceived (Pisces, the opposite sign). When the missing sign is in Libra, we need to be compromising and strive for peace instead of being aggressive and opting for war (Aries). When the missing sign is Scorpio, we need to do research and transform instead of being lazy and stubborn (Taurus). When the missing sign is Sagittarius, we need to be optimistic and see the big picture instead of getting lost in small worlds and endless questions (Gemini). When the missing sign is Capricorn, we need to be responsible and disciplined instead of moody and subjective (Cancer). When the missing sign is Aquarius, we need to be intelligent and reach out instead of selfish and dramatic (Leo). When the missing sign is Pisces, we need to be compassionate and imaginative instead of demanding perfection and order (Virgo).

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