Sign Taurus of Zodiac and Artistic Wealth

December 14th, 2012

Sign Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac connected with acquisition of wealth. This may not only be monetary but even artistic, literary and the like.  It is one of the earthly signs, denoting practical nature and down-to-earth approach.  It is a fixed sign suggesting determination, permanency and lack of flexibility.

Since the sign is a feminine one wherein the Moon gets exalted, those ruled by it have abundance of beauty, imagination, and as some would say: ‘ a thing of beauty is a joy for over’.  It is as such because sign Taurus is owned by Venus which is a planet of beauty and love.  People having Taurus in the ascendant possess inclination towards art, music, cinema, drama and dramatization.  Since the sign happens to be feminine as well, the aforesaid aspects of life blossom very well.  Those in Bollywood  and Hollywood have much to do with the sign Taurus.

    A peculiar aspect of the sign Taurus is that signs Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are in angle to it.  The owners of these three signs are the Sun, Mars and Saturn.  There is some kind of hardness in these signs as their owners the Sun, Mars and Saturn have been categorized as natural malefic planets in Vedic astrology.  As a result, whatever the achievements of people having Taurus as ruling sign in the ascendant or the Moon –  it is with an element of hardness or struggle.

I am referring to the  horoscope of worldwide known literary figure, George Bernard  Shaw.  He is said to have been born on 26 July, 1856 A.D. at about midnight (Lat. 530 2’ N, Longitude  60 16’ W).  The horoscope of George Bernard Shaw has been analysed by Dr B.V. Raman, the celebrated editor of astrological magazine from Bangalore, India, in his book “Notable Horoscopes”.  The sign rising as per sidereal zodiac in the ascendant comes to Taurus in the horoscope of George Bernard Shaw.  Admittedly, it is not the ruling sign in the ascendant alone which is capable of influencing whole life pattern of a person because there are planets which matter more.  But the point here is that the ruling sign is central and it does influence one’s life significantly.

    Coming to the ruling sign of George Bernard Shaw, we can learn from his life history that he had to encounter hardness early.  He tried hard to make a living with his writings until rise in his fortune began.  And he rose to worldwide popularity through height of his literary contribution.  Herein lies the significance of the ruling sign Taurus, which denotes wealth:  literary, scientific, political or spiritual.  The ruling sign is the trendsetter in a horoscope which will achieve greatness if supported well by its ruler and other planets.

One Response to “Sign Taurus of Zodiac and Artistic Wealth”

  1. Rajarshi on December 17, 2012 6:53 am

    Taurus is the only sign where both Saturn and Sun act as benefic planets.

    Saturn is the owner of 9th & 10th house and Yogakaraka ( Can do immense good alone unless Saturn is situated in evil houses/evil constellation) planet for Taurus.

    Malefic planet becomes benefic planet if it owns Kendra ( Angular House) with some exceptions.

    Sun being 4th lord is a benefic planet for Taurus.

    Therefore, Taurus is a fortunate sign who can get severe enemy like Saturn & Sun as benefic.

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