Composite Ascendant in the Signs

September 22nd, 2016


The composite chart merges the charts of two people to create a brand new chart that is the chart for the relationship or partnership itself. The composite chart can explain why some people you wouldn’t think would get along do and why some people you’d think would be a perfect match are duds. The Ascendant in the composite chart shows the outer personality of the relationship and how the two of you come across together. It’s very similar to the natal Ascendant, which shows your outer self.

344px-1873_Pierre_Auguste_Cot_-_SpringComposite Ascendant in Aries:
You may seem to be constantly doing things together, always on the go, always trying this and that, full of energy and spunk together. With all of that perceived energy, you may also be seen an impulsive and brash together, and have a hard time coming together when you disagree.

Composite Ascendant in Taurus:
You can seem like you don’t rush into anything together, very practical and stable, and you may seem more secure together than apart. This can be a good placement for a lasting relationship/partnership, but you may also let things get stale easily.

Composite Ascendant in Gemini:
You may seem to be able to communicate with one another about anything and everything, and you appear to stimulate one another mentally. You can be seen as flexible and intellectual together, but you may also be anxious and lack outward passion.

Composite Ascendant in Cancer:
You can seem to have emotional understanding of one another and of the people you come into contact with together. Your emotional connection can help keep you together but also make you appear to be emotionally unstable at times.

Composite Ascendant in Leo:
You may seem to be more fun together and like you know how to have a good time with one another. You may appear to be gregarious and flashy together, but pride and jealousy can get in the way and create issues.

Composite Ascendant in Virgo:
You can seem like you’re not all that connected on the outside, and if this is a romantic relationship, may not be affectionate at all publicly. You may appear to be quieter together and more responsible. You need to avoid picking each other apart and pointing out your flaws.

Composite Ascendant in Libra:
You may seem like you get along great and treat one another as equals. You can be charming and graceful together, and you can enjoy being sociable together. You may have a hard time making decisions together.

Composite Ascendant in Scorpio:
You can seem like a very intense relationship or partnership, like you can’t let anything go together and are very formidable. You can project strength together that makes you seem unstoppable, but you can also have issues of jealousy, possessiveness, and obsession.

Composite Ascendant in Sagittarius:
You may seem like you’re always having an adventure together, always up for something fun and daring, and like you don’t take the relationship or partnership too seriously. You can appear to give each other a lot of space and freedom, but it may be too much.

Composite Ascendant in Capricorn:
You can seem like you’re quite steady together, responsible and mature, reliable and serious. You can appear to work hard together, and you can focus on your goals together, but may need to work on showing more affection.

Composite Ascendant in Aquarius:
You may seem like you’re always open to everyone together, and you can expand your networks together in ways you can’t alone. You may appear to be more open and unconventional together, and more accepting of changes but also perhaps more unstable.

Composite Ascendant in Pisces:
You can seem like you have a great deal of compassion and understanding together. While you may come across as unfocused and easily deceived at times together, you can also appear to see the best in one another and help other people together.

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