Charts of the Moment

March 20th, 2016

File:Astrological Chart -- New Millennium.svg

When an event occurs or is going to occur, you can create a chart of the moment, or event chart. You use the date, time, and place as the birth data, and treat the chart similarly to a natal chart, using it as the natal chart for the event. If you have an event coming up, like a wedding, an interview for a job, a court date, a surprise party, a first date, really anything, you can create a chart for the moment of the start of the event, and glean information about the event based on what is in the chart.

A prominent Venus is good for getting along well as well as romantic events. A prominent Jupiter can show luck is on your side. A prominent Mars or Pluto can be common in events of violence. Planets in the 1st house can color the tone of the event. If the ruler of the 1st house is retrograde, you can see things change from how they began.

You can take a look at the ruler of whatever the event is in the chart, both by planet and by house, and get more information about the event. If it’s a first date, you’d take a look at Venus in the chart along with the 5th house of dating. If they’re at critical degrees, conjunct difficult fixed stars, making hard aspects to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto, or Venus or the 5th house ruler are retrograde, this would show that it probably won’t go very well. If they make easier aspects, or you have the Sun or Jupiter involved, this can show it goes better.

Not only can you look at the chart by itself, but you can also compare it to your own chart to see how it directly impact you. This is like doing synastry, comparing the charts of two people to see how they get along. A lot of the same rules apply, and you would like to see some good Venus and Jupiter, and less hard aspects. Evaluate both the aspects between your chart and the event chart, and where your natal planets fall in the houses of the event chart. You can also create a composite chart, which is used as the chart of the relationship when evaluating two people, and merges their birth information together. You can do similarly with a chart of the moment, and create a composite chart for you and the event, and get more information.

Charts of the moment can be helpful in advance so you know what to expect, and after the fact, can show you what led to what. They can also be used in advance for planning a specific moment to have an event (most often used for weddings). You can create charts for the possible dates, times, and locations you have for an event, and try to schedule it for the chart that is most auspicious. You’ll want to try to avoid a retrograde 1st house ruler and retrograde house ruler for the house ruling the type of event, and you’ll want to see a positive planetary ruler and ruling house to increase the positive energy.

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