Astrology of Hope & Fear

November 9th, 2016

Twixt_hope_and_fear,_by_Frederic_LeightonHope and fear can seem like polar opposites, but astrologically, they’re not actually represented by opposite signs and houses. To start with hope, this is governed by the 11th house, Aquarius, and Uranus. These rule our hopes and dreams, our idealistic sides, and our ability to hope for something better. The sign on the 11th house cusp and planets in the 11th house can show how hopeful you may be, and what you may be hopeful about. Earth and water signs may be more practical and not get as caught up in hope, while fire and air sign can be much more hopeful. Any of the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), Jupiter, Uranus, or Neptune in the 11th house can make you a more hopeful person, while Saturn or Pluto may bring some challenges for you to be hopeful. If you have any planets in Aquarius, this can show an area where you can be hopeful in your life, or a way in which you are hopeful. With the Sun, it’s a part of your nature; with the Moon, it’s how you deal emotionally; with Mercury, it’s the way you view the world; with Venus, it’s in love; with Mars, it’s with your ability to get started; with Jupiter, you can find hope at all times; and with Saturn, you may need to work through issues preventing you from being hopeful. A prominent Uranus can also make you a more hopeful person, like in the 1st house or conjunct a personal planet, and the house location of Uranus can get some hopeful energy infused into it.

When it comes to fear, this tends to fall under the rulership of the 8th house, Scorpio, and Pluto. This trio governs the dark side, and especially the parts that we don’t want to face because we’re too scared to. The sign on the 8th house cusp and planets in the 8th house can show what your greatest fears may be and how you approach fear. Fire signs may be more proactive; earth signs, more practical; air signs, more logical; and water signs, more emotional. Any planets in the 8th house can show a deeply-held fear that you have that needs to be addressed, but you don’t really want to and can avoid it as much as possible. If you have any planets in Scorpio, they can show an area where you’re more fearful in your life, or a way in which you’re scared. Don’t think that if you’re a Scorpio Sun you’re walking around terrified all of the time though; what it does point to is fear being something that you feel a close connection to, and many Scorpio Suns can run toward it, almost finding it thrilling. Scorpio can court the darkness. A prominent Pluto can increase your fears, and the house location of your Pluto can show something that you’re afraid of.

Hope and fear can be stimulated with transits and progressions, so even if you’re not an inherently hopeful or fearful person, you can become so temporarily if you have Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto touring the 8th or 11th houses or aspecting your natal Uranus or Pluto. You can also see this when a progressed planet enters Scorpio or Aquarius (though to a much lesser extent than when it’s in the natal chart), enters the natal or progressed 8th or 11th houses, or aspects the natal or progressed Uranus or Pluto.

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