Astrology of Enemies

June 18th, 2016


We all have enemies at some point in our lives, so what does astrology have to say about that? Astrologically, your enemies are divided into two categories: open enemies and hidden enemies. Your open enemies are the ones that you know about and are aware of and work openly against you, while your hidden enemies are the ones that are hidden to you and work behind the scenes against you.

Your open enemies are governed by the 7th house and Venus. The 7th house and Venus actually govern all of your relationships in general, and all of the people you encounter in life in general, but specifically, open enemies is the 7th house and Venus. The sign on the cusp of the 7th house and the sign and house location of your Venus can show you where and how your open enemies come from and manifest themselves. Gemini on the 7th house cusp can show that a sibling or neighbor can be a problem for you; Venus in Virgo can show that you have open enemies at work; Venus in the 2nd house can show you have open enemies financially. Just think about the the sign and house rule, and that’s where you can find those open enemies.

Your hidden enemies are governed by the 12th house and Neptune. The 12th house and Neptune rule hidden things, hence their rulership over your hidden enemies. These enemies work toward your undoing secretly, behind the scenes, and without your notice. Since the 12th house and Neptune also rule the subconscious, sometimes, these enemies work against you without even knowing it, and something about you stirs them subconsciously to work against you. Like with the 7th house and Venus, the sign on the 12th house cusp, and sign and house location of Neptune can tell you about your hidden enemies.

Transits and progressions with your 7th house, Venus, 12th house, or Neptune can bring these enemies to your notice and make problems for you. Hard aspects – conjuncts, squares, and oppositions – are the most difficult, especially by Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto, to Venus, Neptune, the 7th or 12th house cusps, or 7th or 12th house rulers. With Saturn, it can feel like this person is holding you back, restricting you in some way, or trying to take something away from you. With Uranus, they can work in erratic ways, and seem to come out of nowhere to attack you. With Neptune, it can be difficult to ascertain where and how they’re working against you, or you have a hard time figuring out who it is. Neptune clouds your judgment, so you’re especially vulnerable to deception with hard Neptune aspects, and enemies can be difficult to avoid with bad judgment. With Pluto, they can seem especially cruel, like they’re trying to destroy your life completely, and with this planet, you have to be mindful of violence.

And how should you deal with an enemy? Astrologically, look to your Mars and 1st house. These two govern your assertive qualities, how you can best stand up for and defend yourself against people who want to take you down. Mars is the warrior planet, after all, and the 1st house is naturally ruled by Mars.

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