Astrology Art - Unique artworks inspired by astrology  ·  July 6, 2015, 13:44 GMT

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Astrology Art

Powerful, inspirational art

On this page we offer you unique genuine astrology-inspired art, presenting different astrological concepts. The artist is R.M. and exposes her art exclusively on this website. holds the full copyright for these astrology artworks.

Each one is realized at the very moment when the astrological events take place, which are magical, very energetic moments, so that the artist might be totally in tune with this and the actual artwork would really embody the specific energy of that event.

You will easily notice how amazingly inspired these representations are and that you will actually feel the powerful specific energy they radiate.

At this moment (August 22, 2009), only 6 astrology artworks are available, but please know that there are ongoing efforts to complete 3 sets:

  • "The Sun in the 12 zodiacal signs" - realized at the moment the Sun enters each zodiacal sign (this set will be completed in July 2010)
  • "The Moon in the 12 zodiacal signs" - realized at the moment the Moon enters each zodiacal sign (the set will be completed by the end of September 2009)
  • "The New Moon in the 12 zodiacal signs"- realized at the moment of the Sun-Moon conjunction in all signs (the set will be completed in July 2010)

The New Moon in the 12 zodiacal signs set

New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo


The Moon in the 12 zodiacal signs set

The Moon in Virgo

Moon entering Virgo

The Moon in Libra

Moon entering Libra

The Moon in Capricorn

Moon entering Capricorn

The Moon in Pisces

Moon entering Pisces

The Moon in Taurus

Moon entering Taurus

The Moon in Cancer

Moon entering Cancer

For any suggestions, comments or questions regarding this service please don't hesitate to write a message.

For your aesthetic pleasure, we display here other works of the same artist.

Should you want to contact the artist, please do so via the contact page on this site

Other artworks

Sad Woman 1

Sad Woman 2



Flowers 1

Flowers 2

Flowers 3



Green composition

Tea leaf


Women looking to...

Grey leaf

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